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$ Rhizoids of female gametophyte of selaginella are multicellular.
! Selaginella is homosporous.


Text Solution

If both As and R are correct and R is correct explanation of As
If both As and R are correct but R is not correct explanation of As
If As is correct, R is wrong
If both As and R are wrong.
The correct Answer is D


hello Surendra today's question is another reason question so other options is price of female gametophyte of selaginella are multicellular and reasons a cell is homosporous so we have given four options and with this option we have to select any one option which correctly so the question to answer this question first we have to do with the assertion is right and reason is right and we we have to say whether reason is the correct explanation of addition so let's start what does a person says rise of female gametophyte of selaginella are multi is this correct it is wrong because selaginella plant doesn't have rise Rise of the structure which help to absorb the water from the root it will present the root has it is also called as root as so but selection Allah International Army cant find this structure can find rise of
force ryzo force so it doesn't have the structure is already wrong and Rises The Other unicellular and multicellular so already strong selaginella has rise of course and it doesn't have Riser so that others wrong and what the reason se sellers in Alaska homosporous selaginella is heterospory so it is also wrong because selection Allah hit is heterosporous because it it releases to types of force that one is called as megaspore megaspores another another folder microspores this knowledge we are going to answer the question then is both assertion and reason reason is correct explanation of addition no it's not right because National reason are wrong so it's not right and BC is both are the stand is it is also not drive and sir had of
these additional others is also wrong so it is not the right answer option disease if both assertion and it right reason are wrong so option d is right answer because assertion rise of female gametophyte dermatophyte of selaginella aur multi sala sala sala have rise of force rice force it doesn't have rice also it is not long answer and regions is a large in Alaska MOSFET as it is not homosporous is heterosporous we can divide into megaspores and microscope so option t both as additional reason or wrong is a right and optionally is a right answer thank you


Step by step video solution for $ Rhizoids of female gametophyte of selaginella are multicellular. ! Selaginella is homosporous. by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.

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