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A cylindrical wooden block of cross-section 15.0 cm2 and mass 230g is floated over water with an extra weight of 50 g attached to its bottom. The cylinder floats vertically. From the state of equilibrium, it is slightly depressed and released. If the specific gravity of wood is 0.30 and g=9.8ms2 deduce the frequency of the block, A=15.0cm2=15×104m2

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The correct Answer is:1.15

Area of cross -section of the block
Total mass of the block
Density of water
Density of wood
Let the cylinder the depressed through a small distance y . Then
Restoring force = weight of water displaced
or F=Ayσg
Force constant ,
Frequency v=12πKm=12π14.70.28
=744×52.5=1.15 Hz

Updated on:21/07/2023

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