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Write the chemical formula and name of the compound which is the active ingredient of
all alcoholic drinks. List its two uses. Write chemical equation and name of the product
formed when this compound reacts with-
(i) sodium metal
(ii) hot concentrated sulphuric acid

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C2H5OH, Ethanol/Ethyl alcohol
Good solvent ,used in medicines (any other)
(i) 2C2H5OH+2Na2C2H5ONaSodiumethoxide+H2
(ii) C2H5OHHot ConcH2SO4−−−−−−−−443KCH2Ethene=CH2+H2O
Details Answer : Ethanol with chemical formula : CH2CH2OH is an active ingredient of all alcoholic drinks.
Two uses are :
(a) It used in the manufacture of paints and varnishes.
(b) It is used medical swabs and hand sanitizers.
Chemical reactions of ethanol:
(i) With sodium metal :
(ii) With hot cencentrated sulphuric acid :

Updated on:21/07/2023

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