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You have read how Wanda was passionate about her talent and pursued it in spite of so many hurdles. Wangari Maathai, the Nobel Prize winner, is another person who fought a battle to save the environment. She had a humble start but she dreamt big and succeeded.
Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:
When people work together, they put in their combined efforts to succeed. This idea of collaborative working creates life long bonding for the people. Read the following passage and find out how people in remote areas of Odisha get together to show their gratitude to nature by observing 'bijun parab' (beej parba) and strengthen their life cycle. There will always be a seed for everyone. In the early summer month of April, the forests' people also depend on the foods harvested earlier on in the year - millets, pulses, tubers, dried fruits, roots and tubers. All these seeds have been safeguarded, some saved to be grown in the next season, while others have been stored to be eaten in months such as these. It is in this month that various 'Khond communities organise the Bijun Parab or seed festival. The festival begins with the mud walls of the home painted, the mud and cow dung floors swept and freshened, and, most importantly, the selecting of seeds. Women gather in the courtyard, cleaning the seeds from the husks, chatting with each other, shooing away the children who mill about, witnessing and participating in the seasonal celebration. Saving seeds over all these months and seasons has taken much effort - guarding the seeds from insects, animals and moisture as well as one's own greed. Each one has a different technique, whether grinding up neem leaves and mixing it with the seeds as an insecticide or layering the seed basket with cow dung as disinfectant. Some women have managed to save more seeds, some just a little and there are some houses where pests and insects managed to get the best of the seeds and these families have not saved any. Nonetheless, everyone participates in this festival.
Answer the following questions:
Which are the seeds preserved by the Khonds?

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The Khonds preserve the seeds of millets, pulses, tubers, dried fruits, and roots.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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