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A man of mass 80 kg pushes a box of mass 20 kg horizontally. The man moves the box with a constant acceleration of 2m/s2 but his foot does not slip on the groung. There is no fricion between the box and t ground, whereas there is sufficent friction between the man's foot and ground to prevent him from slipping
Statement I : Pulling a lawn roller is easier than pushing it.
Statement II : Pushing incerease the apparent weight and hence the force of friction.

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The correct Answer is:A

The F is resolved into 2 components Fh, which helps the roller to move forward and Fv, acting downwards adds to the weight. Thus weight is increased. But in the case of a pull Fx is opposite to its weight. Thus weight is reduced. So pulling is easier than pushing the lawn roller.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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