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…. And ………can flow.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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  • Question 1 - Select One

    Which of the following statements is/are incorrect about the electrical synapse ?
    (i)At electrical synapses, the membranes of pre and post synaptic neurons are in very close proximity.
    (ii)Electricity current can flow directly from one neuron into the other across the synapses.
    (iii)Transmission of an inpulse across electrical synapses is very similar to impulse conduction along single axon.
    (iv)Electrical synapses pass electrical signal between cells with the use of Ach.
    (v)Electrical synapses are fast.
    (vi)Electrical synapses are rare in our system.

    A(ii),(iv) and (v)
    B(i) and (iii)
    C(iv) only
    D(i),(v) and (vi)