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Give an account on the role of Jasminum ans in perfuming.Solution in Tamil

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The correct Answer is:Jasminum:

The essentail oil is present in the epidermal cells of the inner and outer surfaces of both the sepals and petals. One ton of Jasmine blossom yields about 2.5 to 3 kg of essentail oil .
Jasmine flowers have been used since ancient times om India for worship, ceremonial purpose incense and furmigants, as well as for making perfumed hair oils , cosmetics and soaps.
jasmine oil is an essentail oil is valued for its soothing , relaxing , antiderpressant qualities.
Jasmine blends well with other ferfumes. It is much used in nedren perfumery and cosmetics and has become popular in air freshners , anti - perspirants , talcum powders, shampoos and deodorants.
Rose :
Rose oil is one of the oldest and most expensive of perfume oils . The oil is concentrated in the epidermal cells on the inner surface of the petals.
Rose is largely used in perfunes , sceting soaps, flavouring soft drinks, liqueurs and certain typed of tobacco, particularly snuff of chewing tobacco.
Rose water ( panneer) containing much of Phenylethl alcohol and other compounds in dissolved confectioneries syrups and soft drinks.
In India , the water is much used in eye lotions and eye - washes . In addition , it is sprinkled on guests as a ceremonial welcome.

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