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Explain the three steps of Hershey and Chase experiment that helped them to prove that DNA is the hereditary material. What were the interpretations of their experiment?

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The three steps in Hershey and Chase experiment were as follows:
Infection - Bacteriophages with the P/radioactive phosphorus labelled DNA and Bacteriophages with 35S / radioactive sulphur labelled protein coat were allowed to infect E. coli
• Blending - The viral coats in both the cases were removed from the bacteria by agitating them in a blender
• Centrifugation - The virus particles were separated from the bacteria by spinning them in a centrifuge
• Bacteria infected with viruses having radioactive DNA were radioactive, whereas bacteria infected with viruses having radioactive proteins were not radioactive, this indicates that viral DNA entered the bacterium and not viral protein

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