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For a reaction ,
AB,d[A]dt=5×104[B]4×103[A]Mmin1 Starting with only A at 0.1 M concentration calculate concentration of B after time t=9200sec.
[Given:In 2=0.69]









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The correct Answer is:B

Updated on:21/07/2023

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  • Question 1 - Select One

    For a zero order reaction : A 2B, initial rate of a reaction is 101M min1. If concentration of 'A' is 0.1 after 120 sec then what would be concentration of B after 60 sec.

    A0.2 M
    B0.1 M
    C0.05 M
    D0.15 M
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    The rate constant of the reaction A B is 0.6×103 mol L1s1. If the concentration of A is 5 M, then concentration of B after 20 minutes is

    A3.60 M
    B0.36 M
    C0.72 M
    D1.08 M
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    For a reaction Akr=0.6M1min−−−−−−−2B
    starting with 1 M of 'A' only, concentration of B (in M) after 100 sec. and 200 sec. is respectively?

    A2 and 4
    B1 and 2
    C2 and 3
    DNone of these