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An aqueous fo diabasic acid (molecular mass = 118) containing 35.4g of acid per litre of the solution has density 1.0077gmL1.
Express the concentration in as many ways as you can?

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The correct Answer is:0.3 M, 0.6 N, 0.31 m, x (solute)=0.0055, x (solvent) = 0.9945

Molarity =35.4118mol L1=0.3M, Noramality =35.4118/2g eq L1=0.6N
1000cm3 solution =1000×1.0077g=1007.7g
Solvent (water) =1007.735.4=972.3g=0.9723kg
Molality =35.4/118 mol0.9723 kg=0.30850.31,x2=n2n1+n2=35.4/118972.3/18+35.4/118=0.0055

Updated on:21/07/2023

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