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What are the steps involved in the extraction of aluminium from bauxite?

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Aluminium is usually extracted from bauxite, Al2O3,2H2O.
The extraction involves the following steps:
(1) Purification (or concentration) of bauxite ore :
(a) Baeyer's process : Red variety of bauxite containing iron oxide as the main impurity is purified by Baeyer's process.
(b) Hall's process (Dry process) : Red bauxite is purified also by this method.
(c) Serpeck's process : Bauxite ore containing silica as the chief impurity is purified by this process.
Generally Hall's process is widely used for the purification of bauxite by fusing at high temperature with Na2CO3 in the presence of little lime, wvhen alumina, Al2,O3 dissolve forming solube sodium aluminate NaAlO2 .The filtrate of NaAlO2 is heated to 323-373k and a stram of CO2 is passed when Al(OH3) is precipitated.
Al(OH3) pprecipitated is filtered, washed and ignited at 1473 K to obtain pure alumina, Al2O3.
2Al(OH)31473kAl2O3pure alumina+3H2O
(2) Electrolysis of fused alumina (Hall and Heroult's process) :
Purified alumina is dissolved in molten synthetic cryolite, Na3AlF6, and fused mixture is electrolysed with carbon electrodes.
The molten electrolyte is covered with a layer of powdered coke to prevent the oxidation and loss of heat by radiation.
(3) Reactions of electrolysis :
At cathode :Al3++3eAl (reduce)
At anode FF+e (2FF2(g))
Liberated F2 reacts with alumina and forms AIF3 .
The liberated oxygen reacts with carbon of anode forming CO and CO2
Molten aluminium collected at the bottom of the cell is priodically removed.
(4) Refining of aluminium : Aluminium is further purified by Hoop's electrolytic process.
The lowest layer is of impur aluminium and with carbon lining it forms an anode . The middle layer consist of a mixture of cryolite, and NaF and server as an electrolyt. The top layer is fo pure molten aluminium having carbon electrodes dipping in it which act as cathode.
During electrolysis Al3+ ions form middle layer pass into top layer and get reduced at cathode of forming pure aluminium. At the same time, an equivlant amount of Al3 ions form the lowest layer pass into middle layer but impurities are left in the lowest layer.
Thus, pure aluminium proudced , is periodically romoved form the top .

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