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क्षैतिज समतल में, एक ऊर्ध्वाधर...

क्षैतिज समतल में, एक ऊर्ध्वाधर मीनार के ऊपर एक झण्डा लगा है। मीनार के पाद से 9 मीटर दूर किसी बिन्दु से झण्डे के शीर्ष और पाद के उन्नयन कोण क्रमश: 60^(@) और 30^(@) हैं। मीनार की ऊँचाई और झण्डे को ऊँचाई ज्ञात कीजिए। (sqrt3=1.732 का प्रयोग करे)



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FAQs on त्रिकोणमिति के कुछ अनुप्रयोग

Application of trignometry in real life.

Explain the angle of elevation & depression with the help of diagram.

A circus artist is climbing a 20 m long rope ; which is tightly stretched and tied from the top of a vertical pole to the ground . Find the height of the pole if the angle made by the rope with the ground level is `30^@`

From the top of the hill; the angle of depressions of two consecutive kilometre stones due east are found to be `30^@` and `45^@` . Find the height of the hill.

The shadow of a flag staff is 3 times as long as shadow of the flag-staff when the sunrays meet the ground at an angle of `60^@`. Find the angle between the sun rays and the ground at the time of longer shadow.

The angle of elevation of a cloud from a point 60m above a lake is `30^@` and the angle of depression of the reflection of cloud in the lake is `60^@`. Find the height of the cloud.

From the top of a building 15m high the angle of elevation of the top of tower is found to be `30^@`. From the bottom of same building ; the angle of elevation of the top of the tower is found to be `60^@`. Find the height of the tower and the distance between tower and building .

A man on a cliff observes a boat at an angle of depression of `30^@` which is approaching the shore to the point immediately beneath the observer with a uniform speed . Six minutes later ; the angle of depressions of the boat is found to be `60^@`. Find the time taken by boat to reach the shore.

The elevation of a tower at a Station A due north of it is `alpha` and at a station B due west of A is `beta`. Prove that the height of the tower is `(ABsinalphasinbeta)/sqrt(sin^alpha-sin^beta)`

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