Estimate the dimensions of a hydrogen atom in the nonexcited state, regarding it as an oscillator and assuming the zero-point energy of oscillations to be equal to the kinetic energy of the electron on the first orbit.

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The kinetic energy of an orbiting electron is `K=1/2m_(e)v^(2)=1/2m_(e)omega^(2)r^(2)`, the zero-point energy is `epsi_(0)=homega//2`. The natural frequency is `omega=sqrt(k_(el)//m_(e))=sqrt(F//m_(e)A)`, where F is a quasi-elastic force and A the amplitude of the oscillator. Assuming the quasi-elastic <br> <img src="https://doubtnut-static.s.llnwi.net/static/physics_images/ARG_AAP_PIP_PHY_C46_E01_012_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> force to be of the Coulomb type and the amplitude to be equal to the radius, we obtain <br> `omega=sqrt(e^(2)/(4piepsi_(0)m_(e)r^(3)))` <br> Putting `K=epsi_(0)` and substituting the circular frequency, we obtain after some simple transformations <br> `r=(4piepsi_(0)h)/(e^(2)m_(e))` <br> Despite certain arbitrary assumptions, we have obtained a correct expression for the first Bohr radius.

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