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निम्न अभिक्रिया में `H_(3)C-overset(CH_(3))overset(|)underset(CH_3)underset(|)C-CH=CH_(2) overset(H_2O//H^+) rarr overset(A)"प्रमुख उत्पाद" + overset(B) "गौण उत्पाद"` <br> प्रमुख उत्पाद है

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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लिखित उत्तर

`CH_2 = overset(CH_3 ) overset(|) C- CH_2 -CH_3` और ` CH_3 - underset(Br) underset(|) overset(CH_3) overset(|)C-CH_2 -CH_3``CH_2 = overset(CH_3 ) overset(|) C - CH_2 -CH_3 ` और ` underset(Br ) underset(|) CH_2 - overset(CH_3) overset(|)CH-CH_2 -CH_3``CH_3 - overset(CH_3 ) overset(|) C - CH -CH_3 ` और `CH_3 - underset(Br) underset(|) overset(CH_3)overset(|)C-CH_2 -CH_3``CH_3 - overset( CH_3 ) overset(|) c= CH-CH_3 ` और ` CH_3 - overset(CH_3 ) overset(|) CH - underset(Br) underset(|) CH-CH_3`

Answer :
Solution :
`CH_3 - overset(CH_3) overset(।) CH-underset(OH) underset(।) CH - CH_3 underset(Delta) overset( h^(o+))to underset("मुख्य उत्पाद" (A))(CH_3 - overset(CH_3) overset(। ) C =CH -CH_3 ) - underset("नगण्य उत्पाद "(B))(CH_3 ) overset(। ) CH-CH =CH_2 ) underset(" मुख्य उत्पाद (A)") (H_3 C- overset( CH_3) overset (। ) C=CH =CH_3 overset( HBr "अधेरा ")to underset("(C) मुख्य उत्पाद ") (CH_3 - underset( Br) underset(। ) overset(CH_3) overset(। )C-CH -CH_3 )+underset("(D) नगण्य उत्पाद ")(CH_3 - underset(H) underset(। )overset(CH_3) overset(। ) C- underset(Br ) underset(। ) CH -CH_3)`


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