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Why is entrepreneurship regarded as a creative activity?

Answer :

Entrepreneurship is a process of setting up ones own business by an individual. Entrepreneurship is regarded as a highly creative activity as it is said that entrepreneurship adds or creates ‘value’. An entrepreneur creates a link between the raw materials and the products produced as per the needs of the society. Such process adds to the income and wealth. Even if new creation destroys the existing industries for instance new laptops are replacing the old desktop computers it is termed as creative destruction. Entrepreneurship is also regarded as creative in the sense that it involves introduction of new products and technology. Even if new products or technology are not discovered rather adopted from existing ones they are no less than innovation. This is because to use old techniques in a new way requires creativity. For instance the creator of laptops used the old technique of table computers in a new way and thereby created laptops. Thus creativity can be called as essence of entrepreneurship.

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