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Question :

For NEET purposes should we consider poriferans as diploblasts or no germ layer as they dont form any tissue?

Answer :

No we can not consider Poriferans as DiploblastA germ layer is a group of cells in an embryo that interact with each other as the embryo develops and contribute to the formation of all organs and tissues. All animals except perhaps sponges form two or three germ layers. The germ layers develop early in embryonic life through the process of gastrulation. During gastrulation a hollow cluster of cells called a blastula reorganizes into two primary germ layers: an inner layer called endoderm and an outer layer called ectoderm. Diploblastic organisms have only the two primary germ layers; these organisms characteristically have multiple symmetrical body axes radial symmetry as is true of jellyfish sea anemones and the rest of the phylum Cnidaria. All other animals are triploblastic as endoderm and ectoderm interact to produce a third germ layer called mesoderm. Together the three germ layers will give rise to every organ in the body from skin and hair to the digestive tract.

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Animals with two germ layers are called diploblastic and those with three germ layers are called …………… which means they have an additional germ layer called………………. .


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