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NEET 2023 | हिंदी माध्यम | UDAAN Batch
Hindi Medium
Course ID #1711
India's Top & Experienced Teachers for NEET Exam
Daily Live Classes
Teachers Slides & Homework
Chapter Tests
Teacher Notes
Doubt Solving Facility
Complete Recorded Chemistry Lecture by Vipin Choubisa sir
NEET 2023 हिंदी माध्यम UDAAN Batch Validity - 210 days
Learn More about this course
Why take a course from Doubtnut?
This is a special course for prepartion of Your class School Exams
How to clear doubts in class?
If you do not understand anything during class, you can ask your doubts by commenting. Assistant Teachers will answer the doubts related to your class only in the comments section. If you watch at a time other than the class schedule, you can understand your doubts from the 'Doubts' section asked by other kids.
In which language will the classes for this course be?
Both Hindi and English language will be used in this class.
How to know more about the course?
For more details about the course call on 01247158250 or mail to
Can I watch some course videos before taking the course?
Yes, you can watch in 1 video demo lectures for all subjects.
How to download lecture videos?
Shortly after the class is over, a video download button appears near him. You can download and keep videos and watch them without internet from the My Downloads section ('My Downloads').
How to watch old and missed video lectures?
After class you can see all the video details in "All Classes (Recorded)". If you want to see the class of a specific subject, then you can choose the subject and watch its old video.
Can I watch lectures on laptop or computer?
Yes, you can watch these lectures on laptop or computer apart from Doubtnut Android app - by login to Keep in mind that you can only watch videos on a laptop or computer. Comments, Homework, Notes, Tests and all other features will be available on Doubtnut Android app only.
Will there be any printed material available in it?
No, but you will get all the content as PDF. And you will get this complete study material 24 x 7 on Doubtnut app till the validity of the course.
Can you talk to the teachers?
No, you cannot talk to the teacher. If you do not understand something, you can ask the teacher by commenting. Assistant Teachers will reply to your comments during class time so that all your doubts related to the class will be cleared.
How to understand if you do not understand in class?
If the solution is not found, you can understand the topic by looking at the class again or you can write your #doubt and ask your doubts in the comment, on which the teacher will answer you in the comment itself.
Payment done but course not activated? Or showing locked even after payment!
If the course is not activated even after payment, you will get your amount back within the next 72 hours. For more details call on 01247158250 or mail at
How to get money back if you do not understand the course?
Before joining the course you can watch 1 video demo lecture of all subjects. There will be no refund after joining.
How can I buy the course?
You can buy the course by clicking on the "Get Admission" button - by paying through different payment techniques.
Our Teachers
पार्थ खुंगर सर
B.Tech & M.Tech (Biotech), B.Ed. (Life Scienc | 8 yrs Experience in BIOLOGY
Mentored 1 Lakh+ Students
कामेश जांगिड सर
M.Sc | 5 yrs Experience in CHEMISTRY
Mentored 1 Lakh+ Students
मनीष गोदारा सर
B.TECH | 7 yrs Experience in CHEMISTRY
Mentored 1 Lakh+ Students
विक्रम सिंह सर
M.Sc Chemistry | 22 yrs Experience in CHEMISTRY
Mentored 1 Lakh+ Students
विपिन सिंह सर
B.Sc & M.Sc Physics | 2 yrs Experience in PHYSICS
Mentored 1 Lakh+ Students
शुभम पालीवाल सर
B.Tech & M.Tech in Automobile Engineering | 5 yrs Experience in PHYSICS
Mentored 1 Lakh+ Students
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