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NCERT Class 6 Maths Solutions Chapter 3 Playing with Numbers

The NCERT books cover the topics as per the CBSE curriculum. It is however seen that students fail to clear their doubts while learning from the NCERT books. This happens when they find it very problematic in solving the tricky questions that are asked in the examinations. So, finding the best reference books prove to be quite important in order to get hold of the best knowledge. Concepts should always be cleared and lots of practices are also important when it comes to Math. If the students are unable to practice Math regularly, it would only make them stay ignorant. Also, their dream of scoring good marks in the subject would never prove to be a reality at all.

Doubtnut has provided the study material for students of Class 6 Maths in video format and pdf format. The NCERT solutions are prepared by expert teachers, the concepts of the different topics and sub-topics are clearly explained. So, students do not find any sort of problem in coming out with the perfect solutions of different exercises. They also do not get confused as the study materials are prepared in accordance with the NCERT book. Also, they find that the process of teaching is quite helpful to them where online solutions provide them with the ultimate knowledge in the right manner.

The study material provided by Doubtnut proves to be quite helpful for exam preparation. It covers all the NCERT solutions that are useful in the preparation of the examination. With the best and most useful Class 6 Maths NCERT Solutions provided by Doubtnut, students get all their queries solved in the perfect manner in the best way. Therefore, by taking the ultimate steps by the students to follow the right techniques and guides, it truly helps to come out with the perfect solutions.

NCERT Chapter 3 of Class 6 Maths focuses on Playing with Numbers where topics like simplification of brackets, prime factorization, HCF, LCM, etc are explained. This helps the students to get the perfect idea of how to work on it in the best way. With lots of examples and exercises provided by Doubtnut, it surely helps a lot in finding the right solutions without any difficulty at all. It also never proves to be difficult at all for the students to get the ultimate idea about it. So, getting good marks in Math can be expected by the students who opt for Doubtnut study material.

Topics Included in NCERT Class 6 Maths Solutions Chapter 3 Playing with Numbers


Here, Doubtnut has introduced the concepts of divisors and factors to the students so that they can get a clear idea about it. The course materials prepared by the expert teachers can truly help them to clear all their confusion. Therefore, finding all the doubts cleared by opting for the right video study materials by Doubtnut can make it possible to score good marks in the exams.

Multiples and factors

In this chapter, students are provided with the idea of how to come up with the perfect solution with the use of multiples and factors. This definitely provides with the best idea on how to work on the different problems without any problem at all. Therefore, Playing with Numbers becomes easy for the students where they can get the perfect idea about it.

Prime and Composite Numbers

Understanding the concept of Prime and Composite Numbers is also quite important without which it would not be easy at all to get the right result. As per CBSE guidelines, the video study materials which are prepared by the expert teachers of Doubtnut does not lead to any sort of confusion in the minds of the students. Therefore, getting all good and important details from Doubtnut can truly help to tackle tricky questions in the examinations.

Tests for Divisibility of Numbers

Here, the students get important guidance of tests for Divisibility of Numbers. They also get lots of exercises as well as examples where it helps them to clear their confusions in the right way. Therefore, choosing to opt for the perfect study materials provided by Doubt can boost the confidence in the minds of the students.

Common Factors and Common Multiples

The experts of Doubtnut have also made it possible to provide graphical representation so as to make things much easier for the students. Students get the right idea of the patterns of the questions that come in the exams. In this chapter, the concepts of Common Factors and Common Multiples have been discussed in the best and clear manner by the experts of Doubtnut.

Some More Divisibility Rules

There are also some other divisibility rules that are explained so as to provide the perfect idea on how to work on it. Once the students work on different problems, it becomes possible for them to master them in the best way. Chapter 3 Playing with Numbers also covers the following topics:

    • Prime Factorization:
    • Highest Common Factor:
    • Lowest Common Multiple:
    • Some problems on HCF and LCM:

Importance of Doubtnut for Class 6 Math Students

Let’s have a look at how Doubtnut can prove to be quite important for Class 6 Math students.  Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • Concepts explained with examples:  Doubtnut has explained all the concepts along with Class 6 Maths NCERT Solutions with proper examples. So, students do not find any problem in getting the perfect idea about it. With the right selection made by them to follow the techniques, it truly helps in gaining a good level of confidence out of it. Therefore, by getting all the concepts cleared with the help of the right study materials provided by Doubtnut, it can surely help to find the maximum good result in the perfect manner.

  • Lessons prepared by expert teachers: Doubtnut’s video study materials prove to be the ultimate choice for students who wish to be successful in academics. It is possible to get a perfect understanding of the subject as it has been explained in the simplest manner.

  • Best support provided:  It is possible to get perfect support online from the best video study material. Doubtnut never lets the students stay in a confused state of mind. With the perfect and useful lessons, it can help a lot to make the students secure maximum marks in the subject. So, becoming successful by coming out with the perfect result is possible from Doubtnut’s study material.

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