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NCERT Class 6 Maths Solutions Chapter 2 Whole Numbers

CBSE curriculum follows NCERT books for classes right from middle school or even before. For students, it becomes quite difficult to get the right concepts cleared by simply referring to the NCERT books. So, during exams, they find that they are not able to attempt the tricky questions.  The next step that they take is to look forward to the different reference books in the market. Still, they cannot find the right solutions that lead them to stay in a doubtful situation. Moreover, when it comes to subjects like Math unless clear concepts are learned, it becomes quite difficult to score good marks. It also requires a lot of practice and if the student fails to get the right idea on how to solve it, finding the right result would be next to impossible. Therefore, even if they feel the need for a good guide or a reference book, they should be quite choosy for it.  This is because failing to find the right reference book would only lead to staying in a confused state of mind regarding the solutions provided by Doubtnut.

In order to make the students get the perfect and clear understanding of the subject, Doubtnut provides the study material in the video format that make it possible for the students to get cleared of all their queries. It needs to be mentioned that the entire course materials have been prepared by the expert teachers where all attempts are made to make it easy for the students to understand. Thus, all the difficult concepts become quite easier where the students begin to feel interested in Math. This, in turn, helps them to crack their exams in the best manner.

The solved numerical problems, as well as the unsolved ones for practice, help a lot for the students to get the perfect idea about it. Students are also provided with step-by-step solutions that help to get a clear idea on how to attempt the different questions. Therefore, students opting for the perfect study materials by Doubt have the best chances of passing their exams with flying colours. The complex problems would get solved in the best way that would prove to be quite useful to the students.

NCERT Class 6 Math chapter 2 deals with the concept of Whole Numbers. The experts of Doubtnut have left no stones unturned in providing with the best concept so that the students do not find any sort of problem in learning it in the best way. All the topics and sub-topics are loaded with the best examples and exercises that prove to be an added advantage to the students aiming for success in the examination.

Topics included in NCERT Class 6 Maths Solutions Chapter 2 Whole Numbers


Here, Doubtnut has provided with all the right concepts to the students so that do not feel confused about getting the right idea about it.  By providing with the best and accurate solutions with respect to CBSE syllabus, students get the perfect idea without any worry at all. With all important formulas, it makes it possible for the students to find that it has been possible to get the perfect solution in the right manner.

Whole numbers 

In this chapter, students are provided with all important ideas on Whole numbers. Doubtnut study material do not let the students get confused at all.  This is because all the lessons are written in simple language so that the students are able to get clear information on how to deal with complex issues. With lots of exercises and examples, the students can truly get the perfect solutions without having to look forward to any other reference books or guides.

The Number Line

Here, the lessons prepared by the expert teachers make it possible to provide with the right concept on the Number Line. This helps a lot to provide with the ultimate solution where the students can come up with the best idea on how to work on it in the best way. In other words, getting the best concept on the Number Line becomes easy for the students.

Properties of Whole Numbers

In this chapter, Doubtnut has tried to provide the students with all clear information on the properties of Whole numbers. Students can find it much easier to get the ultimate idea on how to work on the different problems in the perfect manner. So, it helps a lot for the students to get in-depth understanding of the concept without any problem at all.

Patterns in Whole Numbers

Getting to know all the patterns in Whole numbers is possible when students opt for the ultimate study material provided by Doubtnut. So, by following the procedures in the best manner, it helps to develop an interest in the field of Math. With the best Class 6 Maths NCERT Solutions, it does not let the students find them in any sort of doubts at all.

The Role played by Doubtnut for the Class 6 Math Students

  • Helps to get the concepts cleared easily: NCERT books become very difficult to understand the basic concepts and so Doubtnut has made the best effort to let the students get the right lessons. So, here it does not lead to stay ignorant where the students are able to get the perfect idea on how to get the perfect solutions to the different complex problems without fail. The expert teachers know the mentality of the students and so they prepare the video study materials in the best and simplest manner. So, there does not arise any sort of confusions while dealing with a particular numerical problem related to Chapter 2 Whole Numbers.
  • Provides online solutions: Doubtnut also provides with the perfect online solutions where the students are able to get the right assistance. This really proves to be an added advantage where the students find it much easier to solve the different problems in the best manner. They get the perfect solutions to the problems which prove to be much easier as well. So, finding all the right solutions are possible when students opt for the study materials provided by Doubtnut. 
  • Saves time and money:  Students do not need to buy several reference books to get NCERT solutions, once they opt for the Doubtnut study material the student will get all the NCERT solutions in pdf format and video format. So, this helps a lot in saving both precious time and money as well. With the presence of different and useful exercises and examples, it really leads to comprehensive understanding of the mathematical concept. So, even if any tricky questions are asked in the examinations, they would be able to attempt it with full confidence.

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