If I Were You Lecture Onee

Victory Lecture Two If I Were You

If I Were You Lecture One Victory

Transformation Of Sentences Lecture One


Beggar Lecture Two

Thebeggar 1

Reach For The Top Victory

Theaccidentaltourist 2

Theaccidentaltourist 1

Ahouseisnotahome 2

Tbol 2

A House Is Not A Home Lecture Onee

Collocation L2



The Last Leaf

Last Leaf Lecture Onee

Collocation Lecture Onee

Weathering The Storm In Ersama

Word Formation L5

Nmaf Quiz

Weathering Storm Of Ersama L1

Word Formation Lecture Four

Determinerss Lecture Three

Word Formation

Determinerss Lecture Two

Word Formation Lecture One

Hindustan Olympiad 2018

Punctuation 3


Punctuation 1

Questionformation 1


Dialogue Completion

Revision Mq

Curriculum Vitae

Happy Prince Lecture Three

Happy Prince Lecture-2

In The Kingdom Of Fools 2

Articles Lecture One Class Ninth


Kingdome Of Fools Lecture Two

Sentences 2

In The Kingdom Of Fools

Verb Phrase

Ishwaran The Storyteller L1

Modals Lecture Four

Iswaranthestoryteller 2

Modal Verbs L3

Iswaran The Story Teller L 1

The Adventures Of Totoo

Modalsverbs 2

Adventure Of Toto Lecture One

Report 1

Modal Verbs Lecture One

Lost Child L3

Thelostchild 2

Thelostchild 1

Subject Verb Agreement L2s

Packing Lectureee Fivee

Taot L3

Taot L2

Subject Verb Agreement L1

Taot L1

Paragraph Writing L1

Voice 3

Tlc L3


Tlc L2


Tlc 1

Story Writing Vod-1

Paragraph And Article Writing



Descriptive Paragraph Vod-2



Windddd L1

My Financial Career

The Road L1

Descriptive Paragraph Vod-1

Maria Shara L2

Letterwriting 3

The Financial Career L1

The Financial Career L1t

Ms L1

Preposition Lecturee Three

Letter Writing Vod-2

Intellectual Rubbish

Mega Quiz Rft


Letter Writing L1

Rft L2


Simple Present

Reach For The Top L1

Preposition Vod-2

Present Tnse

Tsom Quiz

Bharathipura L2

Notice Writing Vod-1

The Storyteller L3

Bharathipura L1

Tfth Mq

Nl Mg

Packinggg L5

Preposition Vod-1

Stor Vod-2

Pg L4

Kathmandu L1

Saint Ravidas L-2

Mega Quiz Interjections



Saint Ravidas L-1

Saint Kabir L-1

The Storyteller L1

The Snake Trying L1

Packingg L3




Eo L4

Packing L2

Eo L3

Please Listen L1

Traveltourism Vod- 1

The Bond Of Love L3

The Accidental Tourist Vod-2

Packing L1

Awareness About Health

The Bond Of Love L-2

Howthefirstletterwaswritten Vod- 4

Accidental Tourist L-1


Eo L2

Editing & Omitting L1

My Childhood L4

Vocab L9

How The First Letter Was Written L3

Sports Vod-1

The Bond Of Love L1

Ismat Chughtai : A Lady With A Difference Vod-3

My Chilhood L3

Vocab L8

Howthwfirstletterwaswritten L2

On Killing A Tree Vod-2

Ismat Chughtai : A Lady With A Difference Vod-2

Environemt L1

Job L2

My Childhood L2




Job Application


Vocab L6

Vocab L5

Vocab L4

My Childhood L1

Vocab L3

Hamaguchi 4

How The First Letter Was Written L1

Killi Vod-1

Ismat Chughtai : A Lady With A Difference Vod-1

Vocab L2

Eyes Are Not Here Vod-4

The Snake And The Mirror L3

Readingworksofart 2

Hamaguchi 3

The Snake And The Mirror L2

Vocab L1

The Shehnai Of Bismillah Khan L2.2

The Shehnai Of Bismillah Khan L2

Pronouns L4

The Shehnai Of Bismillah Khan L1

The Snake And The Mirror L1

Reading Works Of Art L1

Reachonthetop 4

The Eyes Are Not Here Vod-3

Ham Vod-2

A Truly Beautiful Mind L5

A Truly Beautiful Mind L4.2

A Truly Beautiful Mind L4.1

Reach For The Top L3

Reach For The Top L2

Hamaguchi L1

Silver Vod-1

The Eyes Are Not Here Vod-2

Echos And Narcissus L1

Too Many People Too Few Trees L3

Too Many People Too Few Trees L2

Sentence l1

A Truly Beautiful Mind L3

Autumn L1

Eye Vod-1

Con Vod-2

A Truly Beautiful Mind L2

Namaste Vod-1

Reach On The Top L1

Saintkabir Vod-4

A Truly Beautiful Mind L1

Too Many People Too Few Trees L1

A Silent Revolution L2

Geography Lesson

A Silent Revolution L1

The Little Girl L3

Tatt Vod-4

The Saint Kabir L3

Theduckandkangaroo Vod-2

The Little Girl L2

प्रश्न पत्र 2020

प्रश्न पत्र 2021

The Fall Of Troy-l2


Theduckandthekangaroo Vod-1

Tattoos: A Tribal Heritage L3

Saint Kabir Vod-2

The Little Girl L1

Yayati L2

Yayati L1

Dharam Juddha

The Sound Of Music L2


The Sound Of Music L1

Tattoos – A Tribal Heritage L2

The Fall Of Troy L1

Saint Kabir Vod-1

Scaling Great Heights Vod-3

Somebody's Mother L1

Packing L5

Tattoosatribalheritage Vod-1

The Fun They Had Quiz

A True Story Of Sea Turtles Vod-2

Scalinggreatheights Vod-2

Packing L4

प्रश्न पत्र 2009

Wh Family L4

Rain On The Roof

Packing L3

A True Story Of Sea Turtles L1

Mainpat Vod-3

Scaling Great Heights Vod-1

प्रश्न-पत्र 2017

प्रश्न-पत्र 2016

प्रश्न पत्र 2014

प्रश्न-पत्र 2015

प्रश्न पत्र 2013

प्रश्न-पत्र 2012

Mainpat Vod-2

Packing Vod-2

Iamgoingtodance Vod-4

The Necklace L4

The Necklace L3

Mainpat L-1

Iamgoingtodance Vod-3

Tenses L7

Articles Mq

The Necklace Vod-2

The Muddle Head Vod-4

I Am Going To Dance Again Vod-2

No Men Are Foreign L2

The Muddle Head L3

No Men Are Foreign L1

The Necklace Vod-1

Iamgoingtodanceagain Vod-1

Ap 17july

Modals Mq

Thelittlegirl Vod-4

Thelittlegirl Vod-3

Truly Beautiful Mind L1

Rain On The Roof L2

Rain On The Roof L1

Case 16july

Thelittlegirl Vod-2

Thelittlegirl Vod-1

Annual Examination -2020

The Beggar

The Accidental Tourist

A House Is Not A Home

The Last Leaf

The Happy Prince

The Kingdom Of Fools

Lswaran The Story Teller

The Adventures Of Toto

The Lost Child

If Were You

A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal


The Snake Trying

The Bond Of Love

Maria Sharapova

On Killing A Tree

Reach For The Top


The Duck And The Kangaroo

My Childhood

No Men Are Foreign

The Lake Isle Of Innisfree

The Little Girl

Truly Beautiful Mind

The Shehnai Of Bismillha Khan


The Sound Of Music

Model Set

The Fun They Had

The Road Not Taken

Wind Vod-2

Invictus Vod-1

Abrahamlincoln Vod-3

The Muddle Head Vod-2

My Childhood Vod-4

Wind L1

The Muddle Head Vod-1

Have You Ever Seen? Vod-1

My Childhood Vod-3

Abrahamlincoln Vod-2


Vocabulary Vod-1

Verbs Vod-3

Sound Of Music L7

Verb Vod-2

Childhood Vod-2

Theeyeshaveit Vod-4

A Synopsis: The Swiss Family Robinson L3

Verbs Vod-1

My Childhood Lecture-1

Eyes Have It L3

My Childhood Vod-1

Iamlikegrass L-2

A Synopsis: The Swiss Family Robinson L2



Pos Mega

Sound Of Music Lect-6

Sound Of Music Lecture-6


Sound Of Music Lecture-5

Iamlikegrass Vod-1

Abrahanlincolnletter Vod-1

The Eyes Have It L2

A Legend Of Northland Vod-2

A Synopsis: The Swiss Family Robinson L1

Life L1

Eyes Have It L1

Selfintroduction Vod-2

A Legend Of Northland Vod-1

Sentence-types Mega


Snake And Mirror Vod-4

Ayurveda L6

Selfintroduction Vod-1

Poster Making

Ayurveda L5

Sound Vod-2

Snake And Mirror Vod-3

Formal Letter

Ayurveda L4

Sound Vod-1

Snake And Mirror Vod-2


Ayurveda L3

Snake And Mirror Vod-1


Tenses Vod-2

Present Perfect

Conjunctions Mega Quiz

Where The Mind Is Without Fear Vod-1




Ayurveda L2

The Lake Of Innisfree Lecture-3

Todaffodils, L-1

Ayurveda L1

Blowblowwinterwind, L-2

The Lake Of Innisfree Lecture-2

The Lake Of Innisfree Vod-2

Figures Of Speech


Lake Isle Of Innisfree Vod-1

Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind Vod-1

Dentist And The Crocodile L3

Tenses L1

A Truly Beautiful Mind Vod-8

The Dentist And The Crocodile L2

On His Blindness L3

The Dentist And The Crocodile L1

On His Blindness L2

A Truly Beautiful Mind Vod-7

Voice Mega

On His Blindness L1

India's Battle To Ban Chewing Tabacoo Vod-4

A Truly Beautiful Mind Vod-6

A Truly Beautiful Mind Vod-5

Mega Quiz Adjectives

India's Battle To Ban Chewing Tobacco L3

A Truly Beautiful Mind L4

The Grandmother Vod-1

India's Battle To Ban Chewing Tobacco L2

The Scietific Point Of View L7

India's Battle To Ban Chewing Tobacco L1

The Gift Of The Magi L4

Ashok Rathod Football Vod-3

The Gift Of Magi L3

A Truly Beautiful Mind Vod- 2

Gift Of Magi Vod-2

A Truly Beautiful Mind Vod-1


Simple Future

Preposition - Revision

Past Tense

Past Tense Mega Quiz

Rain On The Roof Vod-2

The Gift Of Magi Vod-1

Past Perfect Continuous

My Childhood, L-3

Rain On The Roof L-1


Past Perfect Tense

Past Perfect

The Little Girl Vod-4


My Childhood Vod-2

Past Continuous


Simple Past

Present Tense - Revision

Present Perfect Continuous

Nouns - Revision

Kathmandu, Lecture-2

Present Continuous

The Little Girl L-3

Informal Letter

Sentence - Revision

Narration - Revision

Phrases & Clauses

9 28 Aprl



9 27 Aprl

9 Class 26 Aprl

26 Aprl

9 26 Aprl

Paper-i : Language I & Language Ii-2020

Paper-i : Language I & Language Ii-2019

Question Bank

9 Class 21 Aprl

11 Class 20 Aprl

9 Class 20 Aprl

Sub-verb Revision

Subject-verb Agreement -revision

Subject-verb Agreement- Revision

Subject-verb Agreement

9 Class 19 Aprl

Subject-verb Agreement - Revision

9 Class 14-04-21

Too Many People L 2

The Sound Of Music Part 2 L2

The Race L2

The Race L1

The Sound Of Music –part 2 L1

The Gift Of Chappals


Saalumarada Thimmakka L3

A Sound Of Music L3

Relovution Vod L3


Glimpses Of The Past

Message Writing -revision

Saalumarada Thimmakkal-2

Sound L2

Silent Revolution L2

Sound Of Music L1

Notice Writing-revision

Saalumarada Thimmakka L1

Revolution L1

Fun L4

Planet L3

Yayti L3

The Squirrel

Notice Writing -revision

The Tsunami

Three Questions

English Examination, 2020


Notice Writing

Fun L3

Yayti L2

Blue L2



A Short Monsoon Diary

Fun L2

Yayti Lv1

Yayti L1

Jamun L3

Fun L1

Juddha Lv3

The Story Of Cricket

Juddha Lv2

Juddha L2

The Road Not Taken L2

The Jamun Tree L2

The Jamun Tree L1

The Road Not Taken L1

Dharam Juddha L1

The Ant & The Cricket

Garden Snake

The Best Christmas Present In The World

Preposition -revision

A Bicycle In Good Repair

Active Passive Voice

Meadow Surprises

The Great Stone

Fire: Friend & Foe

The Great Stone Face -2

The Last Lesson

Dad And The Cat And The Tree

On The Grasshopper And Cricket

The Invention Of Vita Wonk

Blow Blow



A Silent Resolution

On His Blindness

Paragraph Writing


Mystery Of The Talking Fan

When I Sat Out For Lyonnesse

How I Pass The Delhi Test

Expert Detectives


A Visit To Cambridge


Diary Entry

Duck And The Kangaroo


Message Writing

The Rule Of The Road


Sentence Revision

This Is Jody's Fawn


Determiners Mega Quiz


The School Boy

E-mail Writing


The Summit Within

The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom

The Shed

The Last Bargain

Gopal & The Hilsa Fish

If I Were You

Bepin Choudhury's Lapse Of Memory

Future Tense Mega Quiz

Sentence Mega Quiz

The Rebel

Future Perfect Continuous


The Bond Of Love

Future Perfect

Cce In English Language

Future Continuous

Strategies Of Remedial Teaching

Remedial Teaching

Macavity: The Mystery Cat

The Lost Child

Teaching Learning Material

Language Skills

Role Of Teaching (Diverse Classroom)

Narration Mega Quiz

Tenses Mega Quiz

Role Of Grammar

Functions Of Language

Principles Of Language

Language Learning & Acquisition

Sub-verb Mega Quiz

Sub-verb Agreement

Adverb Clause

Active Passive Fp

Adjective Clause

Active Passive Voice (Simple Future)

Active Passive

Noun Clause

When I Sat Out Of Lyonnesse

Mega Quiz Expert Detectives

A Visit To Cambridge






Subject Verb Agreement

Story Writing

Active And Passive Voice

Verbs As Adjective

Spot The Error

Ashes That Made The Trees Bloom

Noun As Adjective

Article Writing


Report Writing


Job Letter




Tenses Present




Parts Of Speech


Bepin Babu

Tom Sawyer


The Sentence Type

The Sentence Type

Home Coming

Subject And Predicate

Vocab-spelling Test

Vocab-cloze Test


The Snake Trying

Vocab-fill In The Blanks

Vocab- Fill In The Banks



Adjective Phrase

The Rocking-horse Winner

Vocab- Synonyms

Noun Phrase

A Bond Of Love

The Proposal

Narrations Imperative And Exclamatory

A Pair Of Mustachios

On Killing A Trees



The Lament

Mega Quiz Phrases And Clauses

Reach On The Top



Compound-complex Sentence

Mega Quiz Noun

Noun Case


Reach On The Tp



No Men Are Foreign

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