Learn And Fun Class 12

Lost Springg Class- 12

Lost Springg

Learn And Fun Lost Spring

Learn And Fun-12

Class 12englishboard


Indian Civilization

12 Olympiad

Intermediate Examination , 2019

Spelling Correction One

Spelling Correction

The Proposal Lecture Two

Sentence Improvement Lecture One

Transformationofsentence 2

Report Writing Lecture One

Olympiad-2019 (Class 12)

Storyofenglishdrama 2

Memories Of Childhood Lecture Three

Story Of English Drama Lecture One

Memories Of Childhood Lecture Two

Story Of English Literature

Memories Of Childhood

Storyofenglishlit 2

Evans Lecture Six

Storyofenglishliterature 1

Evans Tries An O-level

Sign Of Four Lecture Eight

Storyofenglish 6

Thesignoffour 7

Storyofenglish 5

Evans Tries An O-levell


Evans Tries An O-level L 3

Signoffour 6

Storyofenglish 4

Evans Tries An O-level L2

Signoffour 5

Storyofenglish 3


Evanss One

Signoffour 4

Storyofenglish 2

Storyofenglish 1

On The Face Of It Lecture Four

Signoffour 3

Grandmothershouse 2

On The Face Of It L3

Signoffour 2

Narration Lecture Five

Thesignoffour 1

Grandmother House Lecture One

On The Face Of It L2

Snake 2

Onthefaceofit 1

Should Wizard Hit Mommy Vod- 3

Notes Making (Class 12)


Should Wizard Hit Mommy Vod-2

Fire Hymn Lecture Two

Should Wizard Hit Mommyy

Time And Tenses L1

Summary Writing L1

The Fire Hymn L1

A Roadside Stand

Sentencecorrectionandimprovement 1

Roadside Stand Lecture One

Keepingquiet 2

Macavity Lecture Two

Aunt Jennifer’s Tiger

She Walks In Beauty L1

Macavity : The Mystery Cat Vod-1

Fill In The Blanks Nda

Comprehension Lecture Three

Comprehension Lecture Two

Ssc Preposition Lecture Two

Unseen Passage Vod-1

Nda Comprehnsionn

A Triumph Of Surgery Lecture Two


An Elementary School Classroom In A Slum-2

An Elementary School Classroom In A Slum

The Soldier Vod-2

Aunt Jennifers Tiger L1

Father Returning Home Vod-1


Father Returning Home Vod-3

Father Returning Home Vod-7

Father Returning Home Vod-4

Father Returning Home Vod-5

Father Returning Home Vod-2

Father Returning Home Vod-6

A Thing Of Beauty

The Soldier

Vocab Lecture One

मॉडल सॉल्वड पेपर 2020

सॉल्वड पेपर 2015

Sentence Rearrangement

Cloze Test

Idioms And Phrases

One Word Substitution

Spelling Rules

Synonyms And Antonyms

Common Errors

Invitations And Replies Vod-3

Errors Spot Lecture Five


Journeytotheendtoearth Vod-4

Anepitah 1

Errors Spot Lecture Four

Errors Spot Lecture Three

The Inchcape Rock

Jouney End Lecture Three

Keeping Quiet Vod-2

Errors Spot Lecture Two

Odetoautumn Vod-2

Invitations And Replies L2

Inchcape Rock Lecture One

The Inchcape Rock L1

Journeytotheearth 2

Keeping Quiet L1

Indian Weavers

Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast L1

Songoftheraod Vod-1

An Elementary School Classroom In A Slum Vod-1

Articles 3


Voyage Excellence L-4

Articless L-2

The Enemmy L-10

The Enemy L10

Song Of Myself L-2

Journeytotheendofearth Vod-4

Invitations And Replies Vod-1

Errors Spot

Voyaging Towards Excellence L3

Journey To The End Of Earth L3

Song Of Myself Vod-1

Question Tag Two


Voyaging Towards Excellence L2

Please Listen L1

Question Tag One

Jouney To The End Of The Earth L-2

Sweetest Love L-2

Sentence Completion

Parts Of Speech - Preposition L1

Article Writing L2

Errors Four

Voye Vod-1

Sweetest Love I Do Vod-1

Errors Three

Why We Travel L5

Errors Two

Mare Vod-6

Errors One

Article Writing Vod-1

Prepositions Two


Why Vod-1


Why We Travel Vod-3

Theenemy 9



Marriage Proposallll

Marriage Proposalllll




Why We Travel L2

A Marriage Proposal L3



Inter Vod-2

Theenemy 8

Keeping Quiet

Why We Travel L1

Theenemy Vod-7

Subject Verb

A Marriage Proposal Vod-2

Third Direct Indirect Speech


Report Writing L2


Voices L1


Direct Indirect Speech

Into The Wild L4

My Grandmother's House L1

The Enemy L6


A Marriage Proposal Vod-1



Intothewild Vod-3

India Through Traveller's Eye Vod-7

Theenemy Vod-5

Narration Lecture One


Voices Lecture Two

Report Writing L1

Tenses L12

Indian Civilization And Culture L1

One Word First Lecture

Into The Wild L2

India Through Traveller's Eye Vod-6

Vocab Thirteen Lecture

Theenemy Vod-4

Indian Civilization And Cultures Quiz

Deep Water Quizzz

Deep Water Quiz 000

Into The Wild L1

Voices First Lecture

Pillars Of Democracy L1

India Through Traveller's Eye Vod-5

Enemy Vod-3

Theenemy Vod-3


Theenemt Vod-3

Deep Water Quiz

Tense Eight Lecture

Eight Lecture

Tenses Eight Lecture

Notice Writing L2

Tenses Vod-11


The New Dress L5


Theenemy Vod-2

India Through Traveller's Eye Vod-4

Idioms Second Lecture

Idioms First Lecture

Deep Water Class 12 Quiz L2

Deep Water Class 12 Quiz L5

Deep Water Class 12 Quiz L3

Deep Water Class 12 Quiz L4

Tenses Seven Lecture

Tenses Five Lecture

Tenses Seventh Lecture

The New Dress L4

The Enemy L1

India Through Traveller's Eye Vod-3

Tenses Fifth Lecture

Tenses L10

My Mother At 66 Quiz

Vocabulary Vod-1

Tenses Tenth Lecture

Indian Civilization And Culture Quiz

India Through Traveller's Eye Vod-2

Thenewdress Vod-3

Tenses Ninth Lecture

The Tiger King L7

The Tiger King L2

Dolly At The Dentist Vod-2

The New Dress

Thetigerking Vod-6

Indiathroughtraveller L-1

Indiathroughtraveller'seye Vod-1

Indiathroughtraveller'seye Vod-3

Indiathroughtraveller'seye Vod-5

Indiathroughtraveller'seye Vod-2

Indiathroughtraveller'seye Vod-6

Indiathroughtraveller'seye Vod-4

Tenses Four Lecture

Tenses Fourth Lecture

Vocab Eight Lecture

Quiz 1

Tenses Vod-9

Letter Writing L9

Nda 2012(ii)

Nda 2011(i)

Nda 2010(ii)

Nda 2009(ii)

On The Summit -we Reach The Top L4

On The Summit -we Reach The Top L7

On The Summit -we Reach The Top L8

On The Summit -we Reach The Top L3

The New Dress L1

The Tiger King Vod-5

The Third Level Vod-6

The Earth L9

Tiger King Vod-4

The Earth L-8

Big Data-big Insights L3

Tiger King L-4

Tense Third Lecture

Tense L-3

Tense Second Lecture

Tenses L-2

Letter To Editor L8

Tenses Vod-8

Vocab Six Lecture

Nda 2014 (I)

The Earth L-7

Tiger King L-3

Bigdatabiginsights Vod-2

Vocab L-5

The Earth Lec-6

Tiger King Lec-2

Tiger King Vod-2

Bigdatabiginsight Vod-1

Tenses Lec-1

Verb L-5

Tenses Vod-7

Letter Writing L7

Indigo L-3

Indigo L-2

Vocab L-4

Poet And Pancakes Lect-3

Poet And Pancakes Le-2

Poet And Pancakes Le-1

Indigo Vod-5

Indigo Vod-4

Rattrap Le-8

Rattrap Vod-8

Rattrap Vod-3

The Cop And The Anthem Vod-3

Allergy Vod-2

Tiger King Vod-1

Vocab Vod-3

Rattrap Vod-2

The Cop And The Anthem Vod-2

A Photograph Vod-2

Rattrap Vod-7

Third Level L6

Verbs Vod-4

Artice L1

Tenses Vod-6

Informal Letter Vod-2

Vocabulary Vod-2


Allergy Vod-1

Rattrap Vod-6

The Earthh Lec-3

Indigo Vod-1

Rattrap Vod-1

Cop And Anthem Vod-1

All Worlds Of A Stage Vod-1

Vocabulary Lecture-1

Third Level Vod-5

Glimpses Of India Vod-4

Theearth Vod-4


Letter Writing

Letter Writing Vod-1

Letter Writing Quiz

Notice Writing Quiz

On Saying "please" L4

Rattrap Vod-5

The Earth Vod-3

Thirdlevel Vod-4

Letter Writing L6

Lost Spring Quizz

Tenses Vod-5

Letter Writing L5

Rattrap Lec-4

On Saying Please L3

Thirdlevel Vod-3

The Earth Vod-2

On Saying "please" L2

Thirdlevel Vod-2

The Earth Lecture-1

The Earth Vod-1

Tenses L4

Letter Writing L4


Thirdlevel Vod-1

Howfreeisthepress Vod-10

On Saying "please" L1


Howfreeisthepress Vod-9

Going Places L7

An Astrologer's Day L4

Last Lesson Quiz 1

Letter Writing L3

Tenses L3

Going Places L6

Howfreeisthepress Vod-8

An Astrologer's Day L3


An Astrologer's Day L2

Going Places L5

Howfreeisthepress Vod-7

An Astrologer's Day L1

Going Places L4

Howfreeisthepress, L-6

Going Places L3

Howfreeisthepress, L-5

Letter Writing L2

Letter Writing L1

Going Places L2

Howfreethepress, L-4

How Free Is The Press L3

Going Places Vod-1

Modal Verbs

The Interview L4

How Free Is The Press L2

How Free Is The Press L1

The Interview L3

The Interview L2

A Child Is Born L5

A Child Is Born L4

The Interview L1

Scientific Point Of View L6

Achildisborn, V0d-3

Poets And Pancakes L7

Poet And Pancakes, Vod-1 Hm

Poets And Pancakes L6

A Child Is Born, Vod-2

A A Child Is Born, L-2

A Child Is Born, L-2

A Child Is Born, L-1

Ten Natural Laws Vod-7

Poets And Pancakes L5

Indigo L5

Indigo L4

The Artist L4

Poet And Pancakes Vod-4

The Last Lesson Vod-3

Artist Vod-3

Indigo Vod-3

Poet And Pancakes Vod-3

Ten Natural Laws L-5

The Last Lesson, L-2

Poet And Pancakes Vod-2

The Artist Vodd-2

The Artist L-2

The Artist Vod-2

Ten Natural Laws Of Success L-4

Sneeze L-4

Indigo L2

Ten Natural Laws Of Success L-3

Poet And Pancakes Vod-1

Last Lesson L1

Ten Natural Laws Vod-2

Idea That Have Helped Mankind L4

Idea That Have Helped Mankind L5

Indigo Vod L5

Ten Natural Laws L-1

Ideas That Have Helped L3

Trouble In Bohemia L-2

Rattrap L7

12 29 Aprl

27 Aprl 12

12 27 Aprl

12 24 Aprl

Question Bank 2

Question Bank 1

12 Class 22 Aprl

12 - 20 Aprl

12 Class 20 Aprl

12 Class 17-04-21

12 Mp 17 - 04-21

English 2013

12 Mp 15-04-21

12 Class 15-04-21

12 Mp 14-04-21

A Fathers Letter L4

A Fathers Letter L3

Drought L5

12 Mp 13apr

12 Mp 13aprl

The Rattrap Vod

The Rattrap

12mp 12-04-21

Deep Water L4

Pinch Of Snuff L5

Two Stories About Flying

A Pinch Of Snuff L-4

Drought L-4

The Rattrap L-1

Deep Waterl-3

Writing Section

A Father's Letter L-3

One Step Ahead

Ends And Means

Pinch Of Snuff L-3

Drought L-3

Deep Watervod2

A Father’s Letter L-2

Deep Waterl4

A Pinch Of Snuff L-2

Deep Water L1

Deep Water L-3

Drought L-2

A Father’s Letter L-1

Article Writing

Poster Making

Drought L-1

Deep Water L-2

A Friend Who Came From The Sky L-7

The Lost Spring L-5

Pinch Of Snuff L-1

Intermidate Examination , 2012


Health L3

Notice Writing

Intermediate Examination, 2020

Intermediate Examination,(2017)

Intermediate Examination, 2018

Intermediate Examination, 2016

Intermediate Examination 2015

Intermediate Examination , 2014

The Guitar Player And Svayamvara Vod 3

The Guitar Player And svayamvara L3

The Guitar Player And svayamvara L-3

Afriend Who Came From Sky L6

Bhoomika Pd Hw 1

Bharat Is My Home L4

The Lost Spring L4

Footprints Without Feet

Bhoomika Pd Hw

Bhoomika Paid Hw

Bharat Is My Home L-3

The Lost Spring L-4

The Guitar Player And Svayamvara Vod L2

The Guitar Player And svayamvara Vod L-2

The Guitar Player And svayamvara L-2

The Guitar Player And svayamvara L2

A Friend Who Came From The Sky L-5

The Lost Spring L-2

The Lost Spring L-3

Bharat Is My Home L-2

A Friend Who Came From The Sky Vod L-4

A Friend Who Came From The Sky L-4

The Guitar Player And Svayamvaral-1

The Lost Springl-2

The Lost Springgl-1

Bharat Is My Home L-1

Portrait Of A Lady L-d3

The Portrait Of A Lady Vodd3

A Friend Who Came From The Sky3vvv

A Friend Who came From the Sky3vv

A Friend Who came From the Skyvod

A Friend Who came From the Skyvod L3

A Friend Who came From the Sky3

A Friend Who came From the Skyl-3

Afriend Who Came From Sky L-2

Indian Civilization And Culturel-7

The Lost Springl-3

The Portrait Of A Ladyl-3

Mother At 66l-2

Duck L-1

Indian Civilization And Culture L-6

My Mother At 66 L-1,bhumika

My Mother At 66 L-2

The Portrait Of A Ladyl-2

My Mother At Sixty Sixl-1

My Mother At Sixty Six ,l-1

The Portrait Of A Lady,l-1

The Lost Spring,l-1

Indian Civilization And Culture,vod L-5

The Lost Spring ,vod L-1

The Portrait Of A Lady Vod L-1

Teach Me To Listen, Lord,vod L-5

The Last Lesson Vod L-5

The Last Lesson Vod L-4

Teach Me To Listen, Lord Vod L-4

Indian Civilization And Culture Vod L-4

The Tiger King Vod L4

The Last Lesson Vod L4

The Last Lesson Vod L3

Indian Civilization And Culture Vod

Old Man At The Bridge (Revision)

The Last Lesson Vod

Guitar Player (Revision)

A Letter To God Vod


The Tiger King Vod

The Pace For Living

The Tiger King

The Last Lesson


Indian Civilization And Culture

Teach Me To Listen L3


Indigo (Revision)

All Of The Above



None Of The Above

Deep Water(revision)

Deep Water (Revision)


The Hope (Revision)

A Walk Through The Fire(revision)


The Noble Nature(revision)

Seven Ages Of Man(revision)



A Feast Of The Dead

A Walk Through The Fire

English (Compulsory)

Love Across The Salt Desert


The Third Level

A Friend Who Came From The Sky

Lost Spring


Finite And Non Finite Verbs

Report Writing

Teach Me To Listen Lord

Informal Letter

The English Language


The Sleeping Portar

Formal Invitations

The Hope

Phrases And Clauses

The Eyess Are Not Here

Trouble In Bohemia

The Eyes Are Not Here

Guitar Player And Svayamwara

Guitar Player And Swayamvara

On Reading In Relation To Literature

Reading In Relation To Literature

India Vision 2021

India Vision 2020

Forest And River

A Portrait Of A Lady

The Portrait Of A Lady

A Baker From Goa

The Red Rice Granary

The Value Of Man

Noble Nature

Should Wizard Hit Mommy?

Deep Water

Pot Of Gold

Glimpses Of India

Should Wizard Hit The Mommy?

The Enemy

English 2020

English - 2019

English -2018

English ( 2017)

English (2016)

English Questions Paper 2015

English Questions Banks 2014

English Question Paper (2013)


English Question Paper 2010

English (2009)

Indian's Gifts To The World

Ends Homework

Elementary Homework Three

Room Ten Homework

Thinner Than A Cresent

The Chimney Sweeper

A Room Quiz Two

A Room Home Two

Elementary Homework

An Elementary Quiz

An Elementary Home

The Last Bargain

Indigo Six

A Room

Too Many People Too Few Trees

Indigo Home Four

I Have A Dream

Active And Passive Voice

Thinner Than A Cresant

Indigo Home Three

Indigo Quiz Two

Indigo Quiz One

The Book Home Two

Polythene Bag

The Marriage Of True Minds

Line Explanation

Indigo Home Two

Indigo Home

Animals Home

Ten Natural Home

My Mother Home

Blow Blow Thou Winter Winds

Ten Home

Rattrap Seven

A Silent Revolution

Song Of Myself

Anne Frank Home One

Rattrap Five

Nalanda Ancient Seat Of Learning

What Is Wrong With Indian Film

Rattrap Homework Four

Wonderful World Homework

The Rattrap Three Homework

Father Letter Quiz Two


A Father's Letter Home Two

The Rattrap Homework Two

The Rattrap Quiz Two

The Ball Poem Home

Speech Writing

A Father's Letter

The Rattrap Homework One

A Father's Letter Quiz One

The Rattrap Quiz One

English Elective

English Core

On His Blindness

Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe


Deep Water Homework Part Three

Deep Quiz Three

Socialism In Europe And The Russian Revolution

Where The Mind Is Without Fear

Ode On Solitude

Deep Homework

Deep Water Quiz Two

Parajumb Quiz

A Fellow Traveller


Friend Who Came From The Sky Homework Two

Lost Spring Homework Part Two

Lost Spring- Part Two

Conditional Sentence Quiz

A Pinch Of Snuff

The Grand Mother

A Friend Who Came


Lost Spring, Quiz Part One

Lost Spring, Part One

Home Coming

A Friend

Lost Spring Homework


Animals In Prison

God Made The Country

Last Homework

Common Error- Prep

Last Lesson-homework

Last Lesson-quiz


Trans- Pp


Last Less

Present Perfect Tense


Bepin Babu

Ordering Of Words

Homework Teach


Teach Me To Listen Quiz



Vocabulary And Pronunciation

Teach Me


Jumbled Sentenecs

Teach Me To Listen

Teach Me To Listen, Lord

Preposition Exerc

Vocabulary And Pronounciation

Peep- Toward

Present Continu- Interr

Adj Kinds


Gift Of Chappals


Dharam Juddha

Bharat Is My Home


Glimpses Of The Past

A Gift Of Chappals


The Home Coming

Special Cases Of Making Sentences

Me And The Ecology Bit

Spot Error

A Letter To God


The Laburnum Top

Forms Of Verb And Articles

How To Introduce Yourself

Adverb Phrases

One Word Substitution

A Girl With A Basket

Parts Of The Sentence

The Browning Version

Antonyms And Synonyms

The Ailing Planet: The Green Movements Role

The Enchanted Pool

Past Tense




The True Beauty

The Inventor Who Kept His Promise

Character Of A Happy Life

Nda 2018 (Ii)

Nda 2018 (I)

Nda 2017 (Ii)

Check Your Comprehension Skill

Jumbled Sentences And Paragraphs

Sentence Improvement


Spotting The Errors


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