Tenses Victory Three

10 Olympiad

Tenses Victory Two

Tenses Victory One

The Necklace Victory Two

The Necklace Victory

Conditional Sentences L2

The Proposal Lecture Nine

Proposal Lecture Seven

Proposal Lecture Six

Victory Proposal

Proposal Lecture Five

Proposal Lecture Three

The Proposal Lecture One

Narration Lecture Seven


Narrations Lecture Six

Narrations 5


Narrations 3

Narrations Lecture Twoo

Tbol 2



Word Formation Lecture Three

Model Question Set-3

Annual Examination - 2012

Model Question Set-1

Model Question Set-2

Hindustan Olympiad 2018

The Book That Saved The Earth L4

The Book That Saved The Earth

The Tale Of Custard The Dragon

Prepositional Phrases L2


Synthesis Lecture Three

Book That Saved The Earth Lecture One

Noun Phrases

Determiners Lecture Four

Synthesis L2

Bholi Lecture Four


Synthesis L1

Tenses L12

Bholi L2

Syntax 3


The Ghat Of The Only World


The Hack Driver

Annual Examination-2011

Model Paper 2022

Hack Driver L-2

Determiners Lecture Two Grammar

Hack Driver Lecture Two

Prepositionalphrase 2

The Necklace_vod

The Necklace

Conjunctions Lecture One

Prepositional Phrases


Annual Examination -2016

Auxiliaries And Modals

The Happy Prince_1

Thenecklace 2


Annual Examination - 2013

Auxilariesandmodals 3

Thenecklace 1

Essay And Article Writing

Modals Lecture Two English Grammar

Modals Lecture Two


Themakingofscientist 3


The Making Of A Scientist

Auxilariesandmodals 1

Annual Examination -2017

Solved Question - 2015 (Annual)

Theparticiple 2

Ishwaran The Storyteller L3


Annual Examination 2019


The Participle L1

Footprintswithoutfeet 3


Thegiftofmagi 3

Footprints Without Feet Lecture One

Footprints Without Feett

The Gift Of Magi L2

Gerund Lecture One

Solved Question Paper - 2018 (Annual)

Annual Examination Solved Questions - 2014

Annual Solved Examination Paper -2012

Question Of Trust Lecture Three

Theinfinitve 3

Mothers Day Lecture Five

The Gift Of The Maggi Vod-1

Theinfinitive 2


Aquestionoftrust 2

Theoldmandsea 1

Infinitive L1

Verb Phrase

Apv L8

Annual Examination-2020

Verb Phrase L2

Conversations 5

Theheightofridiculous 1

Aquestionoftrust 1

Apv L7

Conversation L4

Worldheritage 2

The Midnight Visitor

Narration 4



Thief Story

Conversation L 3

Humour Lecture One

Conversation L 8

Conversation L 7

Conversation L 6

Conversation L 5

Conversation L 4

Around The World In Eighty Days

Active Passive Voice

Conversations 2

Narrationsdirectindirect 1

Active Passive

Active And Passive Voice L12

Worldheritage 1

Modals L4

Adventures Of Ibn Batutta L4

Thenightvisitors 2

Practice Of Comprehension

The Luncheon L1

Modals L3


Active And Passive Voice_vod

The Midnight Visitor Vod-1

A Midsummer Night's L1

Active And Passive Voice (Class 10)

Athiefstory 3

Onewordsubstitution 3

Active And Passive Voice L9

Active And Passive Voice L8

Onewordsubstitution 2

Onewordsubstitution 1

Activeandpassive 7

Active Passive Lecture Six


Active And Passive Voice Lecture Five

Active And Passive Voice

Voice Lecture Two

Phrase And Idiom _vod Doubts 1

Active And Passive Voice Lecture Four

Phrase And Idiom _vod Doubts

Active Andd Passive Voice

Unseen Passage

30 Tense

A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever

Active And Passive Voicee

Homophones 2

Verbs 5

Preposition Vod-2

Thetheifstory 2

Verbs L4


The Thiefs Story

Small Towns And River Vod

The Thief's Story

The Concert Vod

Clauses And Phrases L7

Question Tags L1

Clauses And Phrases L6


Nelson Mandela

Fillers Vod-1

Clauses And Phrases L5

Ssc Preposition Vod-3

Preposition Vod-3


Ssc Preposition Lecture Two

Verbss Lecture Three

Clausesandphrases 4

Concert Lecture Two

Verbs Vod-2

Clauses And Phrases Lecture Three

A Triumph Of Surgery 2

A Triumph Of Surgery

Modals (New)

Modals Vod-2

Past &present

The Concert

Verbs Vod One

Verbs L1

Clauses And Phrases L2

Parts Of Speech_ibpc_clerk New

Modals _ Vod Doubts

Chapter 1 Bharat Is My Home

Clauses And Phrases L1

Parts Of Speech Ibps Clerk _. Vod Doubts

Parts Of Speech Ibps Clerk

Past Cont

Ball Poem L2

Tenses Vod-16

Modals Vod- 2

Modals Vod-1


Ball Poem Revision


Chapter - Modals


Subject Verb Agreement

Preposition Vod-5

Prepositons L3

Tenses 14

Tenses L13



Unbeatable Super Mom-mary Kom L2

Subject Verb Agreement Vod-1

Use Of "it" And "let" Vod-2

For Anne Gregory L2

E-mail Writing (Vod Doubts)

Have You Earned Your Future (Vod Doubt)

Useofitandlet Vod-1

Notice Writing One

Notice Writing Vod-1

Tenses Lecture Twelve

Unbeatablemommarykom 1



Present Perfect

Specialcases 2

Invisible Man


Special Case Vod-1

Special Cases L1

Special Cases L 1


Adverbs 1

Tense Quiz

L-1 Adverb

L-1 Adverbs

Determiners 4

Essay Writing L-2

Thewilltowin 1

Tenses L7

For Anne Gregory

The Sermon At Benares

Essay Writing L1

Essay Wriring L1

Stephen Hawking L2

Ode To Autumn L1

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening L1

The Sermon At Benares L3

Tenses Vod-6

Determiners L-3

Advertisement Vod-1


Determiners 2

Intellectual Rubbish L1


Indian Weavers

An Elementary School Classroom In A Sluml1

The Planner L1

Determiners 1

Pronouns L2

Application Writing L-1

Stephen Hawkingl1

Stephen Hawking L1

Animals L1

Rangas Marriage L1

Pronouns L1

Interjections L1

Story Writing Vod-1

Thesermonatbenares 2


The Sermon At Benares L1

Conjunctions Grammar L-3

Thenightimeteinstein Vod-2

Poster Making Vod-1


Articles 3

Articless L-2

Articless L-1

Conjuctions L-1


Parts Of Speech - Interjection L1

Preposition L1

Conjunctions 2

The Night I Met Einstein L1

Thetaleofcustarddragon 3

Report Writing Vod-2

Adverbs 2

Adverb L1

Parts Of Speech - Conjunction L1

Parts Of Speech - Conjunction L2

Night Of The Scorpion L2

Report Writing Vod-1

Love Defield L2

Thetaleofcustarddragon 2

A Triumph

Sentences L5

Parts Of Speech - Preposition L4

Causative Verb Vod-2

Prepositions Vod-3

One Word Substitution L2

One Word Substitution

Preposition L-2

Causativeverb Vod-1

Nouns L2

Sentences Vod-5

Parts Of Speech - Preposition L1

Love Defiled L1

Night Of The Scorpion L1

Verb L2

Adverbs L2

Thetaleofcustardthedragon L1

Paragraph Writing Vod-2

Journey To The End Of Earthl1

Madam Rides The Bus L6

Two Horizons L3

Science Andspirituality L 3

Paragraph Writing Vod-1

Parts Of Speech - Adverb Vod-1

Verb L4






The Bond Of Love L1

The Address L1

Verb L3

The Enemy L11

Adjective L3


Adjective L2

Parts Of Speech - Verb L1

Sentences L4

Voices L3

Spoken English -adjective L1

Scienceandspirituality 2

Adjective L1

Parts Of Speech - Adjective L4

Two Horizons L2

Madamridesthebus 5

Essay Writing Vod-1

The Summer Of The Beautiful White Horse L5

Pronoun L3

Science And Spirituality L1

Two Horizons 1

Parts Of Speech - Adjective Vod-3

Madamridesbus 4

Hdii Last

Adjectives L2

Parts Of Speech - Adjective L1


Pronouns Lecture Three

Pronoun L1

Parts Of Speech - Pronoun L2

Empty Hearts L1

Letter Writing- Vod-3


Sun Vod-4


Madamrides 3

Parts Of Speech - Pronoun L1


Let's March L4

Noun L3

Letter Writing- Vod-2

Anim Vod-1

Madamridesbus 2

Parts Of Speech - Noun Vod-5

Sun And Moon Vod-3


Parts Of Speech - Noun L4

Ssc Gdsep


Parts Of Speech - Noun L3

Noun L2

Parts Of Speech - Noun L2

Noun L1

Sentences Vod-2

Part Of Speech - Noun L1


The Sentences L5

Lets's March L2


Madamridesthebus Vod-1

Preposition Phrases Vod-2

Sun And Moon Vod-2


Mrs. Adis L2

Mrs. Adis L2

The Hundred Dresses - II L4

Fog L1

Sun And Moon Vod-1


Preposition Phrases L1

Letsmarch Vod-1

Sentence l4


The Hundred Dresses L1

Preposition l4

The Sentence l2

The Sentences Vod-1


Sentences Vod-1

Gillu L2

The Pulley L1

Mijbil The Otter L6

Quality Vod-5




The Hundred Dresses - II L2

Quality L4

Con Vod-2

Preposition Vod-1

Mijbiltheotter Vod-5

Me And The Ecology Bit L1

From The Diary Of Anne Frank Quizie





From The Diary Of Anne Frank Quizz

The Sentence L1

Articles Vod-3

From The Diary Of Anne Frank Quiz

Articles Vod-2

Adolesence L1

Connecting The Dots L1

Quality L3

Conne1ting The Dots L1

Mijbiltheotter Vod-4

Articles Vod-1

Thre Vod-5

Mijbil The Otter L3

Mijbil The Otter L2

Quality Vod-2

Black Aeroplane

Two Stories About Flying Quiz

Use Of There L-1

Animals In Prison Quiz

Packing L5

Pronunciation Of Letters L4

Tattoosatribalheritage Vod-1

Me And Ecology Bit Quiz

Notice L1

His First Flight Quiz



Threequestions Vod-2

The Pace For Living Quiz

Pronunciation Of Letters

Nda Scholarship

Three Questions


Rain On The Roof

Maj Vod-1

The Bet Vod-5

Mainpat Vod-5

Main Vod-5

Pronunciation Of Letters Vod-1

Tenses Vod-9

The Trees vod-2

Adventureofibnbatutta Vod-4

Wh Family And Subject -verb Agreement Vod-3

Bet Vod-4

We Reach The Top L3

Alchemy Of Nature-l2

Wh Family And Subject -verb Agreement L2

Bet Vod-3

The Be Vod-3

The Bet Vod-3

The Trees Vod-1

Adventureofibnbattuta Vod-3

Wh Family And Subject -verb Agreement Vod-1

Sentences Vod-4

Tenses L-8

Sentence L3

Glimpses Of India Vod-9

Adventures Of Ibn Battuta Vod-2

Alchemy Of Nature L1

The Bet L2

Adventures Of Ibn Batutta

Joan Of Arc L3

Glimpses Of India Vod-8

Thebet Vod-1

Amanda L2

From The Diary Of Anne Frank L1

How To Tell Wild Animals L2

Spokenenglish Vod-5

Tenses Vod-5

Tenses L-7

Glimpses Of India L-7

Amanda Vod-2

Allergy Vod-3

Sumba's Adventure L3

Joan Of Arc L2

The Hundred Dresses -1 Vod-3

The Hundred Dresses -1 Vod-2

Spoken L6

Spoken L4

How To Tell Wild Animals L1

Two Stories About Flying L6

Amanda Vod-1

Spoken L5

Spoken L3

Twostoriesaboutflying Vod-5

Sumba's Adventure L2

Joan Of Arc Vod-1

Allergy Lec-2

Glimpses L6

Greetings And Manners L2

Glimpses Of India L5

Glimpses Of India L1

Twostoriesaboutflying Vod-4

Sumba's Adventure L1

All The World's A Stage Vod-2

Allergy Vod-1

Two Stories About Flying Vod-3

Greetings L1

Annefrank Vod-4

The January Nights L6

On Saying "please" L4

Swissfamilyrobinson Vod-4

Glimpses Of India Vod-4

Twostoriesaboutflying Vod-2

Anne Frank Vod-3

On The Wings Of Courage L3

Glimpses Of India L3

Swissfamilyrobinson L-3

Nelson Mandela Quiz Vod-2

The January Nights L5

Twostoriesaboutflying L1

Twostoriesaboutflying Vod-1

Anne Frank Vod-2

The January Nights L4

Glimpses Of India L2

The Eyes Have It L2

On Wings Of Courage L2

Swissfamily Vod-2

Swissfamilyrobinson Vod-2

Tenses Vod-4

Swiss Robinson Vod--1

Glimpses Of India L1

On Wings Of Courage Vod-1

January Nights Vod-3

Daddy Enduring Script Vod-4

Januarynights Vod-2

The Thief's Story L3

Animals Vod-2

A Letter To God L3

Tenses Vod-3

A Letter To God Part-2

Daddy Enduring Script Vod-3

Thethiefstory Vod -2

Animals Lecture-1

Animals Vod-1

January Nights Vod-1

Thethiefstory Vod -1

Daddy Enduring Script Vod-2

Martha L3

A Letter To God Part-1

Hundred Dresses-2 Vod-5

Daddy Enduring Script Vod-1

Martha L2

Wherethemindwithoutfear, L-2

The Hundred Dresses- 2 Vod-4

Where The Mind Is Without Fear Vod-1

About Me Vod-3

The Hundred Dresses Vod-3

Martha L1

Tenses Vod-1

Aboutme, L-3

Sleeping Porter Vod-2

About Me Vod-2

The Hundred Dresses-2 Vod-2

The Sleeping Porter L1

About Me Vod-1

The Hundred Dresses-2 Vod-1

Swami Is Expelled From School L4

Koel, L-2

Ball Poem Vod-2

Pace For Living L4

A Letter To God Lecture-4

A Letter To God

Koel L1

The Ball Poem Vod-1

Swami Is Expelled From School L3

Swami Is Expelled From School L2

Theenmptyheart, Vod-2

The Hundred Dresses -1 Vod-5

Swami Expelled From School Vod-1

Theemptyheart, Vod-1

Hundred Dresses-1 Vod-4

An Open Letter To The Teacher From A Child With Autism L3

Hundred Dresses-1 Vod-3

Thinnerthanacresent, Vod-2

An Open Letter To The Teacher From A Child With Autism L2

The Hundred Dresses Vod-2

Thinnerthanacresent, Vod-1

Hundred Dresses Vod-1

Nelson Mandela, L-3

Polythene Bag Vod-1

The Sneeze L6

Nelsom Mandela, L-2

Ode On Solitude Vod-2

Amanda L1

The Sneeze, L-5

Ode On Solitude L1

Ten Natural Laws L-6

Nelson Mandela, L-1

Sneeze L-4

God Made The Country, L-2

From The Diary Of Anne Frank Vod-5

From The Diary Of Anne Frank Vod-4

Sneeze L-3

God Made The Country Vod-1

A Letter To God L-4

A Letter To God L4

Sneeze L-2

Little Girls Wiser Than Men L2

From The Diary Of Anne Frank Vod-3

The Rattrap L-5

Indigo L-1

Letter To God L-3

The Rule Of The Road Vod-1

Indigo L4

Little Girl Vod-1

Little Girls Wiser Than Men Lecture- 1

Little Girls Wiser Than Men Lecture- 5

Little Girls Wiser Than Men Lecture- 6

Little Girls Wiser Than Men Lecture- 2

Little Girls Wiser Than Men Lecture- 4

Little Girls Wiser Than Men Lecture- 3

An Open Letter To The Teacher From A Child With Autism

Sneeze L-1

Anne Frank L-2

10 30 04

10 30 Aprl

9 29 Aprl

10 26 Aprl

10 24 Aprl

10 Class 23 Aprl

10 Class 22 Aprl

10 Class 17 Aprl

10 Mp 17 - 04-21

10 Cbse 17 - 04-21

10 Cbse 16 - 04-21

10 Class 16 - 04-21

Uncle L1

10 Class 15-04-21

10 Cbse 15-04-21

10 Mp 15-04-21

10 Mp 14-04-21

10 Cbse 14-04-21

10 Cbse 13 Aprl

10 Mp 13aprl

10 Mp 13-04-21

10mp 13-04-21

10 Mp 12-04-21

10 Cbse 12-04-21

The Hill- Top Temple

Two Stories About Flying

Salutation Vod L6

Excuse L2


Bishnoi L2

Speech Vod L1

Fly Vod

Tale L1

Excusec Lv1

Tiger Lv1

Salutation Vod


Film Lv4

Film L4

Salutation L2

Health 5

Film L3

Tiger In The Zoo L1

Tiger L1

Excuse L1

Analytical Paragraph

Mp 10th Questions

Note Making

Invitation And Replies

Mp 10

The Lotus(revision)

Salutation L1

Health L4

Nest L3

Film 2

Nest 2


Film L1

Mandela L5

Health L3

Model Paper - 1

Power L6

Model Paper - 2

High School Examination,( 2019 )

High School Examination ,2018 English

High School Examination 2017

High School Examniation, 2016

English (2015)

High School Examination, 2014 English (Only Paper)

High School Examination ,(2012)

High School Examination, 2013

High School English Examination 2011

Health L2

Power L5

Nest L1

Gillu L3

Mandela L4

Revision Literature

Health Lv1

Determination L4

Great Lv2

Great L2

Health L1

Mandela L 3

Determination Lo

Voilence L2

Gillu L1

Mandela L2

A Great L2

A Great L1

Eco L3

On Voilence L2

Determination L2

Nelson L1

Modals (Practice)


Dharam Juddha L1

Ecology Lv2

Ecology L2

Fly L3

On Voilence L1

Fire And Ice Lv1

Fire And Ice L1


Dust Of Snow Lv1

Dust Of Snow L1

How The Little Kite Learned To Fly? Vod1l

How The Little Kite learned To Fly? Vod1l1

How The Little Kite learned To Fly? Vod1

How The Little Kite learned To Fly? Lv1

Me And The Ecology Bit L1v1

The Book That Saved The Earth Vod L5

How The Little Kite learned To Fly? L2

Kite L1

How The Little Kite learned To Fly? L1

The Book That Saved The Earth, L4

The Book That Saved The earth Vod L For

The Book That Saved The earth Vod L Four

The Book That Saved The earth Vod L 04

The Book That Saved The earth Vod L 4

Imp And Peasant's Bread(revision)

Imp And Peasant's Bread (Revision)

Inspiration Vod L 3

A Letter To God Vod L 3

Light The Lamp Of Thy Love Vod L 3

The Pace For Living Vod L3

The Pace For Living Vod L4

The Pace For Living Vod L2

The Book That Saved The Earth Vod L2

Patriotism Vod L2

Old Man At The Bridge (Revision)

Old Man At The Bridge(revision)

Uttanka's Gurudakshina (Revision)

Uttanka's Gurudakshina(revision)

The Book That Saved Earth(vod)

The Tribute_(revision)

The Book That Saved Earth

The Thief's Story(revision)

What Is Amiss With Us(revision)


How I Pass The Delhi Test

The Tale Of Bishnois(revision)


Risks (Revision)


My Good Right Hand(revision)

The Tribute(revision)


Feast Of The Dead

A Feast Of The Dead

A Feast Of The Dead'


Imp And Peasant's Bread

How Free Is The Press




Salutation To The Nation

Madam Rides The Bus

Teach Me To Listen Lord

Uttanka's Gurudakshina

The Power Of Determination

Footprints Without Feet

Light The Lamp Of Thy Love

The English Language

Old Man At The Bridge

A Man's True Son

Torch Bearer

Torch Bearers

The Tribute

Guitar Player And Svayamwara

Glimpses Of India

Tea From Assam


The Red Rice Granary

My Good Right Hand

A Baker From Goa

The Lotus


A Discourse On Prayer

The Value Of Man

English -2015 (A )

English 2011 (A)

In Memoriam

A Discourse On Prayer

What Is Amiss With Us?

What Is Amiss With Us

English (Jharkhand Secondary Exam )

Jharkhand Secondary Exam 2018(a)

Jharkhand Secondary Exam 2019(a)

बोर्ड परीक्षा 2019 (S ) में पूछे गए प्रश्न एवं उनके उत्तर

English -(2019 A)

2019 (A) English

English -(2014 A)

English 2013

English -(2012 A)


Maharana Pratap

The Tale Of The Bishnois

The Tales Of The Bishnois

Good Words

Triumph Of

Hundred Dresses Two Quiz One

One Step Ahead

An Elementary Home

Hundred Dresses Two Home Two

Book That Saved The Earth

Indigo Home Four

Hundred Quiz Three

New Player Home Three

The Book Home Two

Hundred Home Three

Hundred Quiz One

New Player Home Two

Hundred Home Two

The New Player Home

Hundred Home One

The Book Home

Anne Frank Home One

Past Continu Mp

Salutation Homework Two

Salautation Homework Two

Amanda Home Two

Salutation Home

Amanda Homework

The Ball Poem Quiz Two

Speech Writing

The Ball Poem

Annual Examination - 2020

Annual Examination (2018)

Annual Examination-2017

Annual Examination 2016

Annual Examination 2015

Annual Examination 2014

Annual Examination 2013

Annual Examination - 2011

Children Home

The Black Ahome

The Black Aeroplane Quiztwo

Future Continuous

Past Continuous

Simple Past Home

Power Of Determin Quiz

The Black Aeroplane Homework

The Black Aero Quiz


Power Of

First Flight Homework

His First

Simple Present

Seagull : First Flight

A Tiger In The Zoo Quiz

Nelson Mandela Lecture Four Homework

A Tiger In The Zoo


Nelson Mandela Homework

Past Perfet Conti Homeowrk

Tcherviakoff Homework

Tcherviakoff Quiz

Nelson Home

Fire And Ice Quiz


The Sneeze

Fire And Ice


Dust Of Snow Homework

Dust Of Snow Quiz

A Pinch Of Snuff



Lencho To God

Letter To God?

A Letter To God-one

Preposition Exerc

Light The

A Letter To God- Home

Past Contin

Light The Lamp

Trans- Pres Cont



Set Prepositions -seven

Translations- Simple Future

Adjective- Order


Set Prepo

Psat Trans


Simple Past - Trans

Hyphen Dash

Prepositions Nine

Set Prep

The Ganga

Translation- Simple





Comma Test

Nda 2nd Class Prepositions Questions




Future Perfect Continuous

Mega Active Passive Voice

Thr Ques

Passive Voice


Mega Activep

Mega Active

Mega Activ

The Pace For Living

Past Perfect Ten


Tenses =- Eng

Passive Hin

Past Tense

Passive Hindi


Active Pa Eng

Active Pas Eng


Our Up

Tenses- All


Narrations Imperative And Exclamatory

Letter- In


The Ailing Planet: The Green Movements Role

The Rattrap

Part Of A Sentence

Letter Of Order, Enquiry

The Hundred Dresses

Letter- Wr

God Letter

The Encahnted Pool

Deep Water

The Ailing Planet:green Movements Role

Best Christmas

Phrases And Clause

Future Tense

The Song Of The Free

Letter Writing

Dust Of Snow

Megaquiz Character


Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

Vocab For Charac

Charcater Sk

Character Sketch Part-3

Aunt Jennifer's Tiger


Landscape Of The Soul

Character Sketch-1

The Enchanted Pool


The Passing Arthur

Character Sketch

Discovering Tut:the Saga Continues


Articles Maha

My Greatest Olympic Prize

La Belle Dame Sans Merci

Article- Part-4

Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues


Article- Part-3

Article- Part-2

The Judgement-seat Of Vikramaditya


The Inventor Who Kept His Promise


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