Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Entrance Exam Solved Paper 2021

Practice Set 03

Practice Set-2

Practice Set -1

Solar System (Stars And Constellations)

Natural Phenomena (Lighting And Earthquakes)

Cell Structure And Functions

Micro-organisms And Food Preservation

Crop Production And Management

Improvement In Food Resources

Human Health And Diseases

Diversity In Living World- Animals

Diversity In Living World - Plants



Cell - Fundamental Unit Of Life

Adolescence-reaching The Age Of Adolescence

Asexual And Sexual Reproduction

Conservation Of Plants And Animals (Biosphere Reserves, National Parks And Wildlife Sancturaies)

All India Sainik Schools Entrance Examination : 2020 (Set B)

All India Sainik Schools Entrance Examination : 2020 (Set A)

All India Sainik Schools Entrance Examination: 2020 (Set-c)

All India Sainik Schools Entrance Examination : 2018

All India Sainik Schools Entrance Examination : 2019

Entrance Examination: 2016

Paper I - Mathematics And Science

Class-ix Entrance Examination : 2013 (Paper 1 - Mathematics Ano Science )

Entrance Examination: 2014

Bio Geo Chemical Cycles

Adaptations In Dirrerent Ecosystems

Challenges In Improving Agricultural Products

Animal Behaviour

Sense Organs

Plant Tissues

Animal Tissues

Cell Its Structure And Functions

Biogeochemical Cycles

Soil Pollution

Adaptations In Different Ecosystems

Challenges In Improving Agricultural Production

Transportation Through Plasma Membrane

Diversity In Living Organisms

Cell-structure And Functions

Model Paper - I

Movement Of Materials Across The Cell Membrane

Animal Tissue

Heredity And Variation

Introduction To Biotechnology

Environmental Management

Life Processes In Living Organisms

Classification Of Plants

Animal Kingdom

Introduction Of Biotechnology

Environment Management

Useful And Harmful Microbes

Energy Flow In An Ecosystem

Improvements In Food Resources

Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Natural Resources

The Fundamental Unit Of Life

Why Do We Fall Ill

Question Paper 2020

Question Paper 2021

Life Proceses In Living Organisms

Energy Flow In An Ecosysytem

Environment And Its Components

Animal Husbandry

Improvement In Food Resources : Plants

Health, Hygiene, And Diseases

Food : Spoilage , Preservation , And Adulteration

Food And Its Components

World Of Microbes

Classification Of Animals : Vertebrates

Classification Of Animals : Invertebrates

Biological Classification

Cell Cycle And Cell Division

Cel: The Basic Unit Of Life

Cell: The Basic Unit Of Life

Footsteps Towards Neet

Footsteps Towards Cbse Board

Why Do We Fall Ill?

Cell-the Fundamental Unit Of Life

Scholarship Test

Annual Evaluation

Division For Growth And Reproduction

The Biology Of Movement

Excretion To Maintain Homeostasis

Breathing For Energy

Simple Nutrients Into Cells

Food Through Digestive Tract

Protectors Of Biosphere

Bio-gio-chemical Cycle

Adaptations In Different Ecosystem

Plasma Membrane

Cell Its Structure And Function

Biogiochemical Cycle

Challenges In Improving Agriculture

Adaptations Indifferent Ecosystem

Sense Organ

Waste Generation And Management

Aids To Health

Diseases : Cause And Control

Hygiene-[a Key To Healthy Life]

The Respiratory System

Skin-''the Jacks Of All Trades "

Digestive System

Health Organisations

Skeleton : Movement And Locomotion


Economic Importance Of Bacteria And Fungi

Respiration In Plants

Seeds - Structure And Germination

Pollination And Fertilization

The Flower

Tissues - Plant And Animal Tissues

Cell:the Unit Of Life

Basic Biology

Icse Examination Paper, 2020

Respiratory System

Structure And Function Of Skin

Nutrition [nutrition In General]

Tissues: Plant And Animal Tissues

Cell: The Unit Of Life

Introducing Biology [scope And Branches]

Bio Geochemical Cycles

Summative Assessment

Model Paper 3

Model Paper 2

Model Paper 1

Environmental Managmant


The Fundamental Unit Of Life

Question Paper 01

Improvement Infood Resources

Diversity In The Living Organisms

Exam Revision Series

Computer - An Introduction

Parts Of Computer

Environmental Science

Economic Blology

Nutrition And Health

Organ Systems In Animals

Plant Physiology

Organization Of Tissues

Model Question Paper -3

Model Question Paper-2

Model Question Paper -1

Why Do We Fall Ill ?

Weekly Test Questions

Environment And Its Resources

Biology And Human Welfare

Levels Of Organization Of Life

Life And Its Diversity

Food Resources: Animals

Food Resources : Plants

Health And Disease

Diversity In The Living World



Food Resources : Animals

Food Resources Plants

Natural Resources : Our Environment

Health And Diseases

Model Test Paper 5

Model Test Paper 4

Model Test Paper 2

The Fundamental Unit Of Life: Cell

Diversity In Living Organism

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