Class 8


Coal And Petroleum

Fibres And Plastics




Chemical Changes

Basic Constituents Of Matter

Properties Of Matter

Electrical Conductivity Of Liquids

Combustion, Fuels And Flame

Metals And Non -metals

Synthetic Fibres And Plastics

Metals And Non - Metals

Synthetic Fibres And Plastics

Pollution Of Air And Water

Manmade Materials

Chemical Change And Chemical Bond

Introduction To Acid & Base


Metals And Nonmetals

Composition Of Matter

Inside The Atom

Acids And Bases

Combustion And Flame

Chemical Reactions

Footsteps Towards (Jee Main)

Footsteps Towards (Neet)

Footsteps Towards(cbse Board)

Atoms, Molecules And Atomic Structure

Matter : Elements Compounds And Mixtures

Materials : Metals And Non-metals

Atomic Structure

Carbon And Its Compounds

Chemical Effects Of Electric Current

Materials: Metals And Non-metals


Metals And Non Metals

Combustions And Flame

Synthetic Fibers And Plastic

Air And Oxygen

Language Of Chemistry And Transformation Of Substances

Some Natural Phenomena

Metals And Non-metals

Scholarship Test

Question Paper 2022

Question Paper 2021

Question Paper 2024

Question Paper 2020

Synthetic Fibers And Plastics

Mock Test

Some Important Elements And Their Compounds

Water, Solution, Solubility And Hydrogen

Classification Of Matter

Combustion: Fuels And Flame

Coal And Petrolium

Sythetic Fibers And Plastics

Carbon & Its Compounds

Combustion , Fuels And Flame

Synthetic Fiberes And Plastics

Physical And Chemical Changes


Language Of Chemistry

Elements, Compounds & Mixtures

Physical & Chemical Changes

Test Paper-2 (Chapter 6 To 9 )

Test Paper 1 (Chapters 1 To 5)

Elements , Compounds And Mixtures

Elements, Compounds And Mixtures

Occurrence Of Carbon And Its Compounds In Nature

Know About Some Common Gases (Oxygen And Hydrogen)

Matter (Chemical Effects Of Electricity)

Matter(chemical Reactions)

Matter (Structure Of Matter)

Matter (Nature Of Matter)

Combustion And Flames

Materials: Metals And Non- Metals

Changes Around Us

Structure Of Atom

Some Basic Concepts Of Chemistry

The Solid State


Classification Of Elements And Periodicity In Properties

Language Of Chemistry And Transformation Of Suubstances

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