Sample Paper 5

Sample Paper 4

Chemical Reactions And Equations

Chemical Reactions And Equations

Chemical Reactions And Equations

Structure Of Atom

New Chapters And Questions Based On Latest Typologies Introduced By Cbse For 2021-22 Examination

Acids, Bases And Salts

Acids, Bases And Salts

Carbon And Its Compounds

Carbon And Its Compounds

Principles Of Metallurgy

Classification Of Elements - The Periodic Table

Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen Atom

Empirical And Molecular Formula

Thermodynamics And Thermochemistry

Chemical Reactions

Periodic Classification Of Elements

Carbon Compounds

Carbon Compounds

Metals And Non - Metals

Diksha Questions


Metals And Non-metals


Atoms And Molecules

Sample Paper 2022

Carbon And Its Compounds

Types Of Chemical Reactions

Acid, Bases And Salts

Metals And Non Metals

Chemical Bonding

Periodic Classification

Footsteps Towards (Jee Main)

Footsteps Towards (Neet)

Footsteps Towards Cbse Board

Chemical Equilibrium

Atomic Structure

Mole Concept, Stoichiometry And Behaviour Of Gases

Acids , Bases And Salts

Organohalogen Compounds


Nomenclature Of Organic Compounds

Introduction To Organic Chemistry


Reaction Kinetics And Chemical Equilibrium

Scholarship Test

Classification Of Elements The Periodic Table

Acids,bases And Salts

Chemical Equations

March 2020 Paper

Chemical Reactions Of Organic Compounds

Nomenclature Of Organic Compounds And Isomerism

Compounds Of Non-metals

Production Of Metals

Reactivity Series And Electrochemistry

Gas Laws And Mole Concept

Pepiodic Table And Electronic Configuration

Acid , Bases And Salt

Value-based Questions

Practical Based Questions

Chemical Name Of Organic Compounds

Compounds Of Non -metals

Periodic Table And Electronic Configuration

Structure Of Atom

Observing 4 `r` S

Carbon And Its Compound

Fossil Fuels

Classification Of Elements-the Periodic Tables

Question Bank 2021

Model Question Paper 01


Mole Concept And Stoichiometry

Mole Concept And Stoichiometry

Self Assessment Paper 05

Self Assessment Paper 4


Chemistry 2014


Chemistry 2012

Chemistry 2011

Physical And Chemical Properties Of Matter

Chemical Calculation

Behavious Of Gases

Sample Question Paper -4

Human Eyee And Colourful World

Acids,basesand Salts

Chemical Equation

Summative Assessment

Sample Paper 2019

Sample Paper 2020

Sample Paper 2018

Sample Paper 2017

Sample Paper 2016

Sample Question Paper 5

Sample Question Paper 03

Sample Question Paper 02

Self Assessment Paper 3

Self Assessment Paper 2

Self Assessment Paper 1

Study Of Sulphuric Acid `(h_2so_4)`

Study Of Nitric Acid `(hno_3)`

Study Of Ammonia `(nh_3)`

Study Of Compounds - Study Of Hydrogen Chloride (Hcl)

Analytical Chemistry

Study Of Compounds - Ammonia

Study Of Compounds - Hydrogen Chloride

Analytical Chemistry-use Of Ammonium & Sodium Hydroxide

Periodic Properties Of Elements

Organic Chemistry

Study Of Compounds - Sulphuric Acid

Study Of Compounds - Nitric Acid

Sulphuric Acid

Practical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry- Use Of Ammonium Hydroxide And Sodium Hydroxide

Study Of Acids, Bases And Salts

Model Paper-2

Model Paper -1

Study Of Compounds Of Nitrogen - Nitric Acid

Study Of Compounds Of Nitrogen- Ammonia

Study Of Compounds Of Chlorine - Hydrogen Chloride

Periodic Properties And Variations Of Properties (Physical And Chemical)

Periodic Table (Periodic Properties And Variation Of Properties)

Model Paper1

Question Paper March 2020

Question Paper March 2019

Question Paper Feb 2020

Physical And Chemical Properties Of Matter Potassium Chlorate, Barium Per Oxide Magnesium

Thermal Phenomena

Chemical Calculations

Bheaviour Of Gases

Miscellaneous Questions

Selected Bank Of Questions

Acids , Bases And Salts


Periodic Classifications Of Elements

Periodic Classification Of Elkhoents

Chkhoical Reactions And Equations

Solved Paper Sslc Karnataka April 2019

Cbse Examination Paper 2020 (Solved)

Question Paper-2 (March,2020 - Board's Questions Paper)

X Boards

Exam Revision Series

Metals And Non- Metals


Periodic Properties

Structure Of Atoms

Chemical Reactions And Equations

Sslc Karnataka June 2020 Class -x

Chemical Reactions And Equations

Acids, Bases And Salts

Chemical Reactions And Equations

Acids, Bases And Salts

Acids, Bases, And Salts


Sample Question Paper 2020-21 (Science)

Practice Question Paper -12

March - 2019 Question Paper - 10

Most Likely Question Paper - 9

Most Likely Question Paper- 8

Most Likely Question Paper- 7

Cpc Model Question Paper 6

Cpc Model Question Paper-4

Departmental Model Question Paper - 2

Cpc Model Question Paper -3

Departmental Model Question Paper - 1

Chemical Reactions Adn Equations

Half Yearly Model Question Paper

Atomic Nucleus

Behaviour Of Gases

Concerns About Our Environment

Redox Reactions

Chemical Thermodynamics

Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure

Classification Of Elements And Periodicity In Properties

Some Basic Concepts Of Chemistry

Weekly Test Questions



Nuclear Physics

Types Of Chemical Reactons

What Is Inside The Atom ?

Is Matter Pure


Conservation And Management Of Natural Resources

Compounds Of Common Use

Metals And Nonmetals

Elementary Idea Of Bonding


Balanced Chemical Equations



Chemical Kinetics And Equilibrium

Periodic Table

Test Paper 4

Test Paper 3

Test Paper 2

Test Paper 1

Acids, Bases And Salts

Acids, Bases And Salts

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