Our Environment And Its Management

Heredity And Evolution

Reproduction In Organisms

Life Processes

Sample Paper 4 (Class 10)


Sample Paper 2022 Term II

Nso Question Paper 2017 Set B

Nso Question Paper 2016 Set A

Genetics : Mendel's Law Of Inheritance

Question Paper 2021

Model Paper 2021

Question Paper 2022 Term 1

Sample Paper 3

Sample Paper 2 (Biology)

Question Paper 2022 Term 1 Set 2

Question Paper 2022 Term1



Absorption By Roots

Sample Paper - 5 (Biology)

Sample Paper - 4 (Biology)

Structure Of Chromosomes , Cell Cycle And Cell Division

Sample Paper 1

Specimen Question Paper (Biology)

Health And Diseases

Environmental Management


Reproduction In Plants And Animals

Plant And Animal Hormones

Nervous System

Plant Anatomy And Plant Physiology

Model Paper 3

Model Paper 2

Model Paper 1

Question Paper-2020

Question Paper 2019

Question Paper 2018

Olympiad 2019 - 20

Ntse 2019 - 20


Sample Paper 10

Sample Paper 2



Control And Coordination

Reproduction In Human Beings

Life Processes In Human Beings - II (Respiratory And Cirulatory Systems)

Life Processes In Human Being-i (Digestive And Excretory Systems)

Reproduction In Lower Organisms And Plants

Life Processes In Plants

Cell Division And Cell Cycle

Cell-the Basic Unit Of Life

Sample Paper 5

Sample Paper 4

Excretion - The Wastage Disposing System

Transportation-the Circulatory System

Respiration - The Energy Releasing System

Cell Biology And Biotechnology

Towards Green Energy

Enviromental Management

New Chapters And Questions Based On Latest Typologies Introduced By Cbse For 2021-22 Examination

Our Environment

Our Environment - Our Concern

Natural Resources

Heredity - From Parent To Progeny

Coordination In Life Processes

Reproduction - The Generating System

Co Ordination - The Linking System

Nutrition -food Supplying System

Transportation- The Circulatory System

Respiration-the Energy Producing System

Nutrition-food Supplying System

Management Of Natural Resources

Diksha Questions

Disaster Management

Social Health

Introduction To Microbiology

Animal Classification

Life Processes In Living Organisms Part - 2

Life Processes In Living Organisms Part-1

Sample Paper 2022

Breeding And Biotechnology

Origin And Evolution Of Life

Plants And Animal Hormones

Transportation In Plants

Structural Organisation Of Animals

How Do Organisms Reproduce

Human Eye And Colourful World

Light - Reflection And Refraction

The Human Eye And The Colourful World

Sustainable Management Of Natural Resources

How Do Organisms Reproduce ?

Our Environment

Heredity & Evolution

How Do Organism Reproduce

Environmental Issues


Chromosomal Theory Of Inheritance And Genetic Disorders

Mendelian Inheritance

Co-ordination Through Hormones : Endrocrince System

Nervous System And Sense Organs : Control And Co-ordination

Response And Co-ordination In Plants

Excretion In Plants And Animals

Transpiration In Plants

Respiration In Plants And Animals

Nutrition In Plants And Animals

Board's Sheet Activity March 2020

Life Processes In Living Organisms: Part-2

Life Processes In Living Organisms: Part-1

Heridity And Evolution

Managkhoent Of Natural Resources

How Do Organisms Reproduce?

Life Prcocess (Nutrient, Respiration, Transpiration And Excertion

Scholarship Test

Question Paper June 2020

Question Paper Apr 2019

Raniganj Coronation School Paper

Hindu School Paper

Model Paper 2020

Coordinations In Life Processes

Reproduction- The Generating System

Coordination The Linking System

Excretion-the Wastage Disposing System

Transportation - The Circulatory System

Respiration - The Energy Producing System

Nutrition Food Supplying System

Soldiers Of Defense

Sensations And Responses

Life Processes In  living Organisms Part -2

Life Processes In Living Organisms - Part I

The Paths Traversed By Life

Genetics Of The Future

Unravelling Genetic Mysteries

Keeping Diseases Away

Chemical Messages For Homeostasis

Windows Of Knowledge






Self Assessment Paper 5

Self Assessment Paper 4

Self Assessment Paper 3

Self Assessment Paper 2

Oue Environment

Objective Type Question


The Plight Of Rag- Pickers

Nature Is A Sacred Place

Awareness About Common Ailments

Depletion And Degradationof Natural Resources

Water Bodies In The Neighbourhood

Healthy Domestic Environment

Water Harvesting

Education For All

Pollination - An Interaction Of Plants And Insects

Do We Need Zoos?

Impact Of Low Cost Imports In Our Economy And Environment

Observing The 3 R's

Employment In Semi Rural Areas

Optimum Use Of Ground Water

Lots Of Water Yet No Water

Landscape, Culture , People And Their Relationships

Use Solar Energy Save Electricity

Global Warming

Saviours Of Our Environment

Mosquitoes Woes

Vaccination - A Shield

Fossil Fuel Is Not Forever

Estimation Of Particular Pollutant In Air

Model Question Paper 01


Suggestion Or Madhyamik Parisksha

Ramesh Mitter Girls School Paper

Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya Paper

Rishra Girls' School Paper

Purba Khehyrberi Paper

Model Paper 2019

Model Paper 2017

Model Paper 2018

Mary Immacualte Girls School Paper

K.u.experimental High School Paper

Kotalpur School Paper

Howrah Rabindra Deshbandhu Paper

Ghoranash High School Paper

Govt. Model School Mejia Paper

Ghoom Boys School Paper

Etore Santal Sikshaniketa Paper

Dhalpal High School Paper

Dhaka Ncl Vidhyamandir Paper

Dum Dum Sree Vidyamnandir Paper

Its Resources And Their Conservation

Evolution And Adaptation

Heredity And Common Genetic Diseases

Continuity Of Life

Control And Coordination In Living Organisms

Begum Rokeya Smriti Balika Vidyalaya

Begunkodar High School Paper

Self Assessment Paper 1

Sample Paper 2018

Sample Paper 2017

Sample Paper 2016

Sample Paper 2015

Sample Paper 2014

Sample Paper 2013

Sample Paper 2012

Sample Paper 2011

Sample Question Paper -5

Sample Question Paper 4

Sample Question Paper 3

Sample Question Paper 2

Sample Question Paper 1

Circulatory System

Sense Organs

Excretory System


Human Evolution

Human Population (Growth And Distribution)

Reproductive System

Endocrine System

Chemical Coordination In Plants


Cell Cycle, Cell Division And Structure Of Chromosome

Question Paper 2020

Control And Co-ordination

Environment, Its Resources And Their Conservation

Evolution And Adaption

Contiunity Of Life

Control And Coordination In Living Organism

Life Processes In Living Organisms Part - 1

Life Processes In Living Organism Part-2

Model Question Paper 1

Life Processes In Living Organisms -2

Sustainable Managementof Natural Resources

Life Process

Sources Of Energy

Sustainable Management Of Natural Resoureces

Question Paper-2 (March,2020 - Board's Questions Paper)

X Boards

Exam Revision Series

Heredity And Evolution

Miscellaneous Questions

Natural Resources And Their Management

Diversity In Living Organisms

Structure Of A Cell

Reproduction And Growth

Excretion And Locomotion

Transportation And Respiration

New Style Model Test Paper - 2

Model Test Paper -1

Board Question Paper (Solved) - 2019

Mbd Most Expected Model Test Paper

Visual Communication

Breeding And Biotechnology

Reproduction In Plants And Animals

Transportation In Plants And Circulation In Animals

Practice Question Paper -12

March - 2019 Question Paper - 10

Most Likely Question Paper - 9

Most Likely Question Paper- 8

Most Likely Question Paper- 7

Cpc Model Question Paper 6

Cpc Model Question Paper-4

Cpc Model Question Paper -3

Departmental Model Question Paper - 1

Departmental Model Question Paper - 2

Control And Coordiantion

Conservation Of Water Resources

The Light Of Ragpickers

Over Use Of Groundwater-it's Consequences

Impact Of Low- Cost Materials On Environment

Reproduction The Generating System

Excretion- The Wastage Disposing System

Neural Control And Coordination

Excretory Products And Their Elimination

Body Fluids And Circulation

Breathing And Exchange Of Gases

Digestion And Absorption

Plant Growth And Development

Cell Cycle And Cell Division

Cell: The Unit Of Life

Plant Kingdom

The Living World

Weekly Test Questions


Quarterly Model Question Paper

Model Question Paper Higher Level

Half Yearly Model Question Paper

Self-evaluation 7 Marks

Self-evaluation Test 4 Marks

Self-evaluation Test 2 Marks

Self-evaluation 1 Marks

Question Paper 2017

Question Paper 2015

Let's Keep Our Domestic Environment Healthy

Depletion Of Natural Resources

Education For All - Everybody's Concern

Impact Assessment Of Developmental Projects

Nature, Culture, People And Their Relationships

Household Wastes

Plenty Of Water - Still We Are Thirsty !

Do We Need Zoos

Urbanization - Employment Oppertunities

Conserving Natural Resources

Pollination-an Interaction Of Plants And Insects

Use Solar Energy - Save Electricity

Observing 4 'r' S

Changes In Surroudings And Their Effect

Fossil Fuels

Mosquitoes - Woes

Estimation Of Particulate Pollutants In Air

New Model Paper ,paper - II Biological Science

Our Environment-our Concern

Haredity -from Parent To Progeny

Coordination - The Linking System


Physiological Process Of Life

Heredity And Common Genetic Disease

Life Processes In Living Organisms : Part-1


Test Paper 3

Test Paper 1

Mcq Section

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