JEE Mains 2019 January Paper 10th Jan Shift 1 :- Students Reactions After Exams!

Student review and Detailed Analysis of JEE Mains 10th Jan 2019 Shift 1 Paper

JEE Mains Day 2 Exams has been successfully conducted by the NTA. The first exam of the January session was held on 9th Jan 2019. The exam paper for 10th Jan shift 1 is over now. The Candidates who have appeared in JEE Mains 10th Jan Shift 1 examinations revealed that the level of the paper was moderately tough. Chemistry was the easiest sections of the shift 1 Paper. In this article, we will discuss the students' reactions of JEE Mains 2019 Exams and Detailed JEE Mains 2019 Shift 1 (Paper 1 ) Analysis. Here you can watch video in which we have a direct conversation with students discussing the difficulty level of the paper, exam pattern and type of questions which comes in JEE Mains 2019 exam.

Students review on JEE Mains 10th Jan 2019 Shift 1 Paper

Some of the Students told that Mathematics section was moderately tough. In 1st Day also Students told that Mathematics was toughest and Chemistry was the easiest sections of the three. We have collected all the information while talking to some of the students who have appeared in the JEE Mains 10th Jan 1nd Shift examinations. And as per the news report the most the students told that Physics was moderate tough that Chemistry and Mathematics. And Chemistry was the easiest section just like yesterday. The Paper 1 is for BTech. The Course which is completely held in Computer Based Mode (CBT) and Paper 2 is for B.Arch Course in which Mathematics , Aptitude is held in CBT mode and Drawing Section is held in offine mode.

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