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IIT JEE Previous Year Solutions for Chemistry

Class 12 Chapterwise Solutions

Chapter 1

some basic concepts of chemistry

Chapter 2

periodic classification and periodic properties

Chapter 3

chemical bonding

Chapter 4

states of matter

Chapter 5

chemical and ionic equilibrium

Chapter 6

thermodynamics and thermochemistry

Chapter 7

solutions and colligative properties

Chapter 8


Chapter 9

chemical kinetics

Chapter 10

nuclear chemistry

Chapter 11

surface chemistry

Chapter 12

s block elements

Chapter 13

p block elements

Chapter 14

d & f block elements

Chapter 15

coordination compounds

Chapter 16

extraction of metals

Chapter 17

qualitative analysis

Chapter 18

organic chemistry basics

Chapter 19

alkyl halides

Chapter 20

alcohols and ethers

Chapter 21

aldehydes and ketones

Chapter 22

carboxylic acid and their derivatives

Chapter 23

aliphatic compounds containing nitrogen

Chapter 24

benzene and alkyl benzene

Chapter 25

aromatic compounds containing nitrogen

Chapter 26

aryl halide and phenols

Chapter 27

aromatic aldehydes, ketones and acid

Chapter 28

biomolecules and chemistry in daily life

Chapter 29

atomic structure

Chapter 30

solid state