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JEE Mains : 60 Important Maths Questions with Solutions

Give your preparation a boost with SUPER-60 series.

In SUPER-60 series is providing 60 Important Questions of JEE Mains Mathematics. The questions presented under the SUPER-60 SERIES have been prepared keeping in mind topic trends and previous year’s question of JEE Mains from past 10 years. Get here professionally-tailored study material, smart tips, tricks and strategies for you to 90+ or Score 90 marks in JEE Mains Math.

The series is particularly focused on the students who have scored more than 40 marks in JEE Mains January and who are appearing in JEE Mains 2019 (April) examinations. As you will download the PDF, you will find that each chapter’s SUPER-60 is further divided into 3 parts, take a look below:

  1. Easy-level question: 30
  2. Moderate-level questions: 15
  3. Semi-moderate to difficult level questions: 15

Super-60 JEE Mains Questions.
Check It Out.. Now!

We have purposefully NOT suggesting you to spend time on HARD questions. Because, if you have a score i.e., below 40 THEN, obviously there is some lack the conceptual clarity. However, no need to feel disheartened over a less than perfect Math score in JEE Mains. Practice at your home with these unit-wise 60 questions and we promise you a guaranteed boost in your JEE Mains score.

It is your key to score 90+ in Mathematics by practicing 60 most important JEE Mains Math Important Questions regularly at your home.


Regular 2 Hours of Practice with Expert’s choice of JEE Mains Important questions with solutions. Practicing Questions will help all the Students to get the idea about the pattern of questions which is asked in JEE Mains exams and this will help them to develop the problem solving skills. To download FREE super-60 PDF you can also install the ‘Doubtnut app’ from Google Play Store. The expert’s from are available 24x7 for you.

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