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Best Colleges as per JEE Mains & Advanced Rank




Are facing difficulty in making college choices during JoSSA counselling? Or Are you confused while filling preference regarding the best engineering colleges and whether or not it’ll offer you the engineering stream of your choice? Often due to lack of knowledge and righteous tools, students have to settle with lesser priority colleges and branches. The lack of guidance is also one of the major reasons for leaving many students with compromised choice. But, not any longer! Team Doubtnut presents to JEE main college predictor based on rank. Have a college in mind? Is it an IIT, NIT, IIIT, CFTI or any other Govt. Funded engineering college? Use Doubtnut College Predictor now! It is a fully automated tool for every JEE Mains / Advanced qualifier to gauge the prospective colleges. With Doubtnut JEE College predictor it is easy, hassle-free comes on to college preferences. It takes simple inputs such as your JEE mains rank, state, and category and instantly runs them against advanced prediction algorithm and numerous data points based on JOSSA counselling rules and eligibility criterion. This smart and efficient college predictor helps students figure out their best chances of taking admission in the engineering college of their dreams. So what are you waiting for? Fill in some simple details (your JEE mains rank, state, and category) to use JEE mains college predictor and in less than split seconds you’ll arrive at best possible college for pursuing B.Tech.

Doubtnut College Predictor works in Two-step process. Here is How to predict the college through Rank (state-wise)?

Step 1 - Fill in your details:

Feed the tool with our exam result details, state category, etc., so that it can give predictions. Users need to enter below listed key variables in the Doubtnut College Predictor Tool –

  1. Enter your JEE Mains rank 2019
  2. Select the State from the fields given
  3. Select the Category in which you belong from the given field

Step 2 - Hit the Search:

As soon as you have filled all the mandatory fields simply hit the search option. The tool gives error free results in the blink of an eye. It recommends the college choices by logically determining probabilities and possibilities based on your inputs. It is the best resource for every JEE Mains and JEE Advanced qualified student to gauge your individual chances of admission in the college of your choice. You can also vary the inputs as many times as it suits you, however, in general, the inputs remain fixed, as these are your JEE 2019 rank, state, and category. It is an all-encompassing college predictor tool helpful in estimating the shenanigans of filling the engineering college preferences.

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Top Benefits JEE mains college predictor

Make a Well Informed Decision: JEE college predictor recommends & target the right colleges based on your JEE Mains rank, the state to which you belong and your category. It offers a stress-free solution to target the right colleges.

Matching You with the Engineering College of Your Dreams: It effortlessly helps you speculate the engineering seat allocation result and you can know the best courses and colleges matching your preferences.

Easy to Shortlist The College: Use Doubtnut College Predictor to shortlist the right colleges and courses as per your JEE Mains / Advanced rank. Depending on your rank, state and Category it will show the best results where you can get admission based on your exam performance and academics and other inputs.