Doubtnut provides Chemistry Solutions for CBSE Class 11 & 12 and IIT-JEE aspirants

Doubtnut offers a fully developed online resource to help the students in learning chemistry. At Doubtnut, we strive to provide quality study material for free to students from different social and economic background. We provide most authentic and highly reliable study materials that are accessible anytime and anywhere. Keeping that in mind, after in-depth review and research, Doubtnut providesChemistry Solutions for CBSE Class 11 & 12 and IIT-JEE aspirant. It is the next big step to reiterate our ambition of offering a holistic and all-round learning platform of students. Now you can enjoy specialized video tutorials and interactive preparatory material on Chemistry. The students can easily adapt to the video tutorials to take full advantage of the comprehensive and engaging study material that we have provided on chemistry. The students can plan their learning strategy by using our study material as a guide. While designing chemistry course, we exclusively focused on clubbing the theoretical concepts with numerical problems based on the changing trends of competitive examination. Be it CBSE board exam preparation, IIT-JEE mains preparation or the student has simply missed his/her last lecture in school - Doubtnut will be the go-to guide. Here is why?

  1. Get pre-recorded video solutions from all the popular books of Chemistry including NCERT textbook and other competitive examination books.

  2. The tutorials are professionally tailored in easy to understand Hindi-English (Hinglish) language. Because we don’t want the language to be a barrier in the learning process.

  3. The video lectures offer the freedom of learning at your own pace. The students can anytime re-open or rewind the tutorial to learn as per their own leisure in the comfort of their own home.

Chemistry Solutions for CBSE Class 11 & 12 and IIT-JEE aspirants

Doubtnut provides meticulously prepared and designed chemistry solutions for class 11th and 12th. The students get access to comprehensive chemistry study material for CBSE board exams and IIT-JEE. The video tutorials encompass detailed answers and alternative methods of solving the questions, smart tricks and special tips to help the students in their academics. These video solutions will help the students in understanding the concepts of chemistry in an effective manner. Students can refer to these solutions before their board and competitive exams as it would help them by providing great guidance. We have covered meticulously covered all the important books, previous year question papers and study material from various reputed institutes. Students can utilize these chemistry solutions as a guideline to prepare for their exams. Here we have provided complete chapter-wise solutions. The solution has been compiled from various sources. We have also kept in mind the requirements of students to prepare for both board and competitive exams. The topics which are unique to both the board exams and competitive exams have also been covered separately.

One Stop Solution for IIT-JEE Preparation

After class 11th and 12th board examination, the ultimate and the most important exam will be the IIT-JEE or medical examinations. So, the CBSE board exams act as a trial run for the competitive exams. Doubtnut has established itself as a leader in offering e-learning solution in IIT-JEE preparation. Our esteemed faculty of IIT-JEE examination experts have put tremendous efforts to bring out a very well-structured study material for IIT JEE preparation, which is available free of cost on our website and app platform. It is our continuous effort to make all preparatory material as comprehensive as possible. Chemistry solutions are arranged chapter-wise and within each chapter they are arranged by topic-wise. Video tutorials are enriched with relevant graphics for ease in understanding. It features appropriate diagrams wherever necessary. Solutions are prepared keeping in mind latest CBSE guidelines for each topic of syllabus. We have logically organized study material into sub-topics for quick & thorough understanding. Doubtnut has done much to elucidate the theoretical concepts through the solutions for an immersive learning experience. We have also provided various Chemistry module papers of prominent coaching institutes (Allen, Bansal, FIIT JEE etc.), sample papers and previous years IIT-JEE question papers for effective IIT-JEE preparation.

You can start learning with chapter-wise video tutorials of Chemistry books mentioned below:

NCERT Textbook of Chemistry, Cengage Chemistry, P Bahadur, A2Z Chemistry, Narendra Awasthi, MS Chouhan, Himanshu Pandey, Dinesh Companion Chemistry etc.

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