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NCERT Class 8 Maths Solutions Chapter 9 Algebraic Expressions and Identities Exploring the world of Algebraic expressions in the right way has been discussed in this chapter. In this chapter, a good amount of information is provided regarding the different topics like expressions, terms, factors, coefficient, monomial, binomial, polynomial, etc.

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All the topics have been explained along with examples and exercises at the end. So, getting all the right details of the subject has become possible in the easiest manner as well. Topics and Subtopics of NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 9 Algebraic Expressions and Identities What are Expressions? We have already learned about what algebraic expressions are Examples of expressions are x+2, 2xy+7, 3y-5 and so on.

Thus it is possible to form several expressions with the help of constants and variables. In the expression 3y-4, ‘y’ is the variable while 3 and 4 are constants. For example: When y = 2, 3y – 5 = 3(2) – 5 = 1; when y = 0, 3y – 5 = 3 × 0 –5 = –5,etc Terms, Factors and Coefficients: If we take an expression of 5x+4 then we can see that it is made of two terms, 5x and 4.

The term 5x is the product of its factors 5 and x. The term 4 is made of just one factor, i. e. 4. If we take the expression 5xy -4x, then the term 5xy is a product of 5, x and y. When it comes to the coefficient of the term 5xy it is 5 and -4 is the coefficient in the term -4x Monomials, Binomials and Polynomials: If we find expressions that have got only one term, it is known as a monomial.

On the other hand, binomials contain expressions with two terms. When it comes to an expression that contains three terms, then it is called trinomial. Variables that contain non-negative exponents are known as polynomials.

Examples of monomials: 3x2, 2xy, –4z, 3xy2, 10y, –9, 82mnp, etc. Examples of binomials: a + c, 5l + 4m, a + 4, 4–3xy, z2 – 3y2, etc. Examples of trinomials: a + b + c, 2x + 4y – 5, x2y – xy2 + y2, etc.

Examples of polynomials: a + b + c + d, 3xy, 7xyz – 10, 3x + 5y + 7z, etc. Like and Unlike Terms: Let’s have a look at the following expressions: 13x, -14x, 5xy, 6x, -7x2, 5xy, 4x2 Expressions like 4x2, 5xy, -7x2, etc are like terms while 13x, 6x, -14x are unlike terms.

Addition and Subtraction of Algebraic Expressions: It is easy to add and subtract algebraic expressions. Let’s take an example: 6x2 – 3x + 5 and 9x – 10 Here, we do: 6x2 – 3x + 5 + 9x – 10 _____________ 6x2 + 6x - 5 When it comes to subtraction, let’s have a look at it: Subtract 4x2 – 3y2 + 5y – 2 from 6x2 – 3xy + 7y2 + 4 x – 2y Solution: 6x2 – 3xy + 7y2 + 4 x – 2y 4x2 – 3y2 + 5y – 2 ( - ) _(+)_______ (-)__(+)__ 2x2 – 3xy + 10y2+ 4x – 7y + 2 Multiplication of Algebraic Expressions: Introduction: When it comes to multiplying algebraic expressions, we need to multiply the expression for the number of rows by the number of columns.

Pattern of dots Total no. of dots. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 x 7. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Multiplying a Monomial by a Monomial: Here, it is to be noted that coefficient of product = coefficient of first monomial × coefficient of second monomial Let us multiply two monomials: 4 × x = x + x + x + x = 4x.

Similarly, 4 × (3x) = 3x + 3x + 3x + 3x = 12x Now, just have a look at it: x × 3y = x × 3 × y = 3 × x × y = 3xy 5x × 3y = 5 × x × 3 × y = 5 × 3 × x × y = 15xy 5x × (–3y) = 5 × x × (–3) × y = 5 × (–3) × x × y = –15xy Now let us multiply three or more monomials: 2x × 5y × 7z = (2 x × 5y) × 7z = 10xy × 7z = 70xyz 4xy × 5x2y2 × 6x3y3 = (4xy × 5x2y2) × 6x3y3 = 20x3y3 × 6x3y3 = 120x3y3 × x3y3 = 120 (x3 × x3) × (y3 × y3) = 120x6 × y6 = 120x6y6 The first two monomials are multiplied first and then the resulting monomial is multiplied by the third monomial.

Thus this method is applicable to find the product of any number of monomials. Multiplying a Monomial by a Polynomial It is important to know how to multiply a monomial by a binomial. Here, let’s take an example: Let us multiply the monomial 2x by the binomial 4y+2, then how to find 2x × ( 4y + 2)? It should be remembered that 2x and (4 y + 2 ) represent numbers.

So, by using distributive law, we get 2x ×(4y + 2 ) = ( 2x × 5y ) + (2x × 2) =10xy + 4x Let’s multiply a monomial by a trinomial: 3p × (4p2 + 5p + 7). ( we use distributive law); 3p × (4p2 + 5p + 7) = (3p × 4p2) + (3p × 5p) + (3p × 7) = 12p3 + 15p2 + 21p Multiplying a Polynomial by a Polynomial: Finding the right solution by multiplying a binomial by a binomial is easy.

Let’s take an example: Multiply one binomial by another binomial, say (3a + 4b). As done in the earlier cases, we need to do this step by step by following the law of application. (3a + 4b) × (2a + 3b) = 3a × (2a + 3b) + 4b × (2a + 3b) = (3a × 2a) + (3a × 3b) + (4b × 2a) + (4b × 3b) = 6a2 + 9ab + 8ba + 12b2 = 6a2 + 17ab + 12b2 (Since ba = ab) Therefore, it is very important to look for like terms when it comes to the multiplication of polynomials with polynomials.

Multiplying a binomial by a trinomial: Here, in this case, each of the three terms needs to be multiplied in the trinomial by each of the two terms in the binomial. Let us consider this: (a + 7) × (a2 + 3a + 5) = a × (a2 + 3a + 5) + 7 × (a2 + 3a + 5) = a3 + 3a2 + 5a + 7a2 + 21a + 35 = a3 + (3a2 + 7a2) + (5a + 21a) + 35 = a3 + 10a2 + 26a + 35 Other topics that are included in the NCERT Class 8 Maths Solutions Chapter 9 are, “What is an Identity?”, “Standard Identities” and “Applying Identities.

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