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Ratio and Proportions: Class 7 Maths RD Sharma Solutions: The ratio and proportions form an important unit in the study of mathematics. The ratio indicates a comparison between two numbers, separated by the symbol ‘:’.

For e. g. , the ratio of x to y is written as x: y or x/y, where x and y can be any values. The ratio can also be expressed as a division form or fractional form. And proportion states the two fractions or ratios are equivalent.

The symbol ‘::’ or ‘ =’ is used to represent the proportionality between four quantities. A lot of strategies are involved in solving proportions. Solving proportions includes concepts like cross multiplications, taking LCM, etc that we had previously learnt in the chapter, fractions.

It is appropriate to mention here that a lot of concepts from the previously learnt chapters like the fractions are involved in solving problems related to Ratio and Proportions. The mathematical applications of ratio and proportions are many as this is one of the finest ways to understand the comparisons between the parts of a number, comparing the numbers in general, understanding the comparisons between two rations by solving the proportions, etc.

These are some of the concepts that demand strong attention from the students when learning. The usage of ratio and proportion is not just limited to class 7 but extend throughout the school education and beyond.

The chapter, ratio and proportions, finds an important place when it comes to preparing for other competitive exams too. The students would find a lot of application-level questions from this unit as a part of quantitative aptitude tests in the future competitive exams.

Hence, it is better if the basics of this unit are learnt strong and this is the right time to do so! Ratio plays a very important role in our everyday lives too! Even a simple measurement process during the process of cooking involves ratio.

Say for example, when cooking rice, the rice to the water ratio would be 1:4, meaning one cup of rice requires 4 cups of water in order to cook. This is a very simple example. Let us now take a look at a few applications of ratio and proportions in order to understand the importance of learning this unit.

Take an example of a pizza cut into 8 slices. There are two people x and y. x consumed 5 slices and y consumed 3 slices. The ratio of parts between x and y would be 5:3. Now, assuming there is just one-person x who consumes 5 slices out of 8, the part to the whole ratio can be represented as 5:8.

These are the basics of representing the values in the format of ratio that is further utilized for the calculations. Coming to the proportions, they are applicable when the ratios are to be compared. As already mentioned, the proportions are denoted by ‘::’ or ‘=”.

Let us see how the ratios p:q and x:y are represented as proportions. Here assuming, p/q = x/y, this expression can be written in the form of proportions as p: q:: x:y. Let us now take an example to have an idea about the proportions.

Let us consider two games a and b. The ratio of the number of children who liked the game ‘a’ over the game ‘b’ would be 3:2 and the ratio of adults who liked more the game ‘a’ over the game ‘b’ would be 5:1.

Let us compare the ratio of the children to the adults, which can be expressed as 3: 2:: 5:1. This unit would see problems that revolve around reduction of the ratios into their lowest forms, application level problems, using algebraic equations to perform certain operations on the ratios, arrangement of the ratios in ascending and descending orders by the method of LCM, finding if the set of numbers are in proportion or not, etc.

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Topics and Subtopics of RD Sharma Class 7 Maths Chapter 9: Before directly jumping onto the subject content, it is always important to know the topics and sub-topics of the chapter. It helps the students to plan their timings and study each topic accordingly.

Let us now look into the topics and subtopics of RD Sharma class 7 maths chapter 9, ratio and proportions. The solutions in Doubtnut are based upon these topics mentioned here: 1) Ratio: The concept of the ratio is introduced and one can see the problems pertaining to part to part ratio, part to whole ratio, problems involving comparison made between two quantities using ratio, comparison of ratios by the method of taking LCM, problems that include solving of equations, etc.

2) Proportions: The problems revolving around equating the ratios, problems that involve equating product of extremes to the product of means, various other application-level problems that involve equating the ratios, etc are covered here.

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