Free Solutions to chapter PROPERTIES OF TRIANGLES of RD SHARMA MATHS (ENGLISH) of Class 7 book with complete answers and questions

RD Sharma Class 7 Maths Chapter 15 Properties of Triangles Through the previous unit of Lines and Angles from RD Sharma’s book, the students must now have a good idea about the underlying concepts of the angles and lines that are essential in understanding the further geometry.

Thus, moving on to the next level chapter called the Properties of Triangles, from RD Sharma’s book, one can learn about the formation of triangles. As the name suggests, triangles are shapes that are made up of 3 lines.

Each of the three lines meet the other two to form three different or same angles inside a triangle. Thus, the triangles are the perfect interpretations that show the intersection of lines and formation of angles.

The triangles are classified into different types based on the angle formation by the intersection of sides. The RD Sharma book has covered all the important details and properties of the triangles in chapter 15 of the book, Mathematics for Class 7 maths by RD Sharma.

All the basics have been well covered in the book that helps the students to adapt to the related higher-level concepts in the future classes. RD Sharma’s books have been trusted upon by CBSE students and educators from all across India for reference.

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As it is known, the RD Sharma books provide with ample exercise questions for the practice of the students. These questions can be attempted by the students to practise and understand the conceptual theories better.

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Now, moving on to see what precisely the current unit covers whilst getting an idea about the properties of triangles. Triangles: Class 7 Maths RD Sharma Solutions One of the very first shapes, which is always introduced to a child, would be the triangle for sure.

It can be noticed that the triangles come in different forms and sizes. Talking of triangles, all that is generally known is that it is a shape that has three sides. But a triangle also has three angles and three vertices apart from the three-line segments that form the sides.

There are many associated properties, theorems and parameters that constitute the formation of a triangle. This chapter takes the learner into the depth of the formation of triangles, associated properties, its types and associated theorems.

The students would get to learn terms associated with triangles such as medians, altitude, sides, vertices, interior angles, and exterior angles, etc. Thus, a lot of times it can be noticed that some of the major academic exams comprise of questions from the chapter, Properties of Triangles and hence it forms another important chapter in geometry.

The form of a triangle changes depending on the angle formations resulting due to the intersection of the sides. Triangle is something whose formation is more complicated than the other simple shapes like the square or rectangle.

Yes, the angle formation inside is very important and the three interior angles of a triangle must add up to 180. And these details are well covered in the textbook in the form of sum property of triangles.

Each interior angle and exterior angles can be measured by the means of an instrument called protractor. We’re sure the students by now would be more familiar with using protractors after learning to measure the angles from the previous unit, Lines and Angles.

There are a few properties that relate to the interior and the exterior angles which are covered and are very important. This chapter also enables students to learn a thing or two about the different types of triangles.

That’s right, the triangles of different shapes and types do have names! The classification of triangles is done mainly based on the lengths of their sides and the formation of the angles. A few popular types include the isosceles triangle, equilateral triangle, right angle triangle, obtuse-angled triangle, etc.

Talking of the types, there is a bit more covered about the right-angled triangles and the Pythagoras theorem associated with it. The students can find a lot of problems coming from the types of triangles and properties, along with the problems associated with Pythagoras Theorem standing out as the most important ones from the exam point of view.

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The students start to enjoy learning geometry with the help of a virtual teacher who makes things really simple for them. Topics and Subtopics of RD Sharma Class 7 Maths Chapter 15 Having seen the brief about the unit properties of triangles, it is now essential to know all the topics and subtopics of the chapter, that is covered in RD Sharma’s textbook.

RD Sharma Class 7 Maths Chapter 15 Properties of Triangles on Doubtnut presents all the solutions worked out in a methodical way. All the solutions worked out on doubtnut. com are based upon the topics from the RD Sharma book.

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Now, listing out all the topics and subtopics of RD Sharma class 7 Maths Chapter 15: Introduction Here the identification of the elements of triangles such as vertices, sides and angles are covered. Medians and altitudes of triangles Content covers drawing the medians and identifying the altitude and angle formations in the triangles.

Exterior angle of a triangle and its property Concepts that are associated with the formation of exterior and interior angles are introduced here. One can find quite a number of problems based on these concepts.

Angle sum property of triangle The sum property that the formation of a triangle depends on is covered here. Types of triangles The types of triangles such as isosceles, scalene, equilateral etc. Are introduced here.

Sum of the lengths of two sides of a triangle The theory that the sum of two sides of a triangle always being greater than the third side is demonstrated here. Pythagoras theorem The right-angled triangles are covered under this topic along with the associated terms such as hypotenuse and the legs of the triangle, and the theorem called Pythagoras theorem.

The construction of the right-angled triangle and calculation based on the theorem are included here. Thus, concluding that the topics and subtopics listed here would be enough detail for the students to go ahead with their study preparations in a more planned manner.

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