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RD Sharma Class 7 Chapter 20 Mensuration – I (Perimeter and Area of Rectilinear Figures) Basically, the word ‘Mensuration’ means measurement. It can be the perimeter for a closed plane figure or the area of various plane figures such as triangles, rectangles, circles etc.

The students have learned the concept of perimeter and area of closed plane figures previously. Therefore, in this chapter, we will learn the mathematical concepts related to the perimeter and area of other plane closed figures like quadrilaterals.

We will also look at the problems related to the surface area of solid figures such as cube, cuboid and cylinder. On that note, we are now going to look at the solutions for the unsolved questions of the RD Sharma book class 7 chapter 20, and thus learn more about the chapter Mensuration – I (Perimeter and Area of Rectilinear Figures).

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Just like the previous units, the RD Sharma book can serve as a great reference material for this chapter. Learning the basics from the chapter, ‘Mensuration - I,’ is very important as one can see a lot of aptitude test questions coming from this chapter, in the future exams that the students might have to take up.

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Mensuration - I: Class 7 Maths RD Sharma Solutions Mensuration is a section in Geometry which is a branch of mathematics. Mensuration deals with the study of different geometrical shapes and figures- both plane figures and solid figures, their perimeter, areas, and volumes; in general, it is the measurement of shape, 2-D or 3-D.

Perimeter Perimeter is a summation of all the sides of a figure. It is measured in cm, m. etc. Area The area of any closed figure is the amount of surface enclosed within its boundary lines. The area is measured in a square units like cm^2, m^2, etc.

Volume If an object is solid, then the space occupied by such a solid object is called its volume. Volume is measured in cubic units like cm^3, m^3, etc. The surface area of the solid figure or 3-D figure is defined as the sum of the area of its faces.

Significance of Mensuration in day to day life Below are some daily life applications of Mensuration: 1. While going on a road trip, one checks out the map and calculate the shortest distance to reach his/her destination.

The speed of travelling can be measured by mensuration along with the length of the distance travelled. 2. When you enter any coffee shop or drink shop, the different size of the cups will give you the particular volumes of liquid in those respective cups.

3. One can very easily determine how much wallpaper, paint would be needed to paint or cover the entire wall by knowing the area of the particular wall. 4. Similarly, with the flooring and carpeting, one determines the size of carpet by knowing the area of the room.

5. When one goes for purchasing a plot, the measurement of the plot is determined by calculating the area of that particular plot. Some Important Formulas for Mensuration - I 1. Area of a triangle = ½ x base x height 2.

Area of a rectangle (A) = Length (l) x Breadth (b) 3. Perimeter of a rectangle (P) = 2 x (length + breadth) 4. Area of a square = side x side 5. Perimeter of a square = 4 x length of each side 6. Area of a quadrilateral = ½ x (diagonal x sum of the altitudes on diagonals) 7.

Area of a parallelogram = length x height 8. Perimeter of a parallelogram = 2 x (l + b) 9. Area of a rhombus = breadth x height = ½ diagonal 1 x diagonal 2 10. Area of a trapezium = ½ (sum of the parallel sides) x altitude Why Doubtnut for learning Mensuration – I (Perimeter and Area of Rectilinear Figures)? The video tutorials on doubtnut.

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