Free Solutions to chapter LINEAR EQUATIONS IN ONE VARIABLE of RD SHARMA MATHS (ENGLISH) of Class 7 book with complete answers and questions

Linear Equation in One Variable Class 7 Maths RD Sharma Solutions Learning the linear equation in one variable is a basic step that further paves the way into learning the operations on complex level problems that include the more variables and terms.

Algebra plays an important role in mathematics as the other parts of mathematics like geometry, trigonometry, the study of matrix, etc deal with quite a lot of solving equations. Understanding algebraic equations are very important as its applications are but not limited to just mathematics.

The applications also extend to other subjects like physics, engineering, computer programming, etc. Coming to the linear equations, linear literally means a straight line. Hence a linear equation is the one which has only one variable and has an order of one.

The Linear Equation in one Variable is the simplest form of expressing an algebraic equation. Mathematically, the Linear Equation in One Variable is applicable when solving age-related problems, ratio and proportion-related problems, work and time-related ones, etc.

This kind of problems of higher complexity would be required to be solved by the students in the future. Hence, learning the linear equation expressed in one single variable forms the basis for solving equations in two, three variables.

In general, linear equations in a single variable is expressed of the form, ax + b = 0. Here, a and b are co-efficient that doesn’t equal to zero. The problems in this unit cover the concepts of equating LHS (Left Hand Side) to the RHS (Right Hand Side) in an equation.

This way of equating LHS and RHS is nothing but the process of solving an equation. Solving equations, starting from now, is going to become a part and parcel of any student’s life. So, it is essential to pay the utmost concentration when learning to solve the equations and working out the related problems.

Learning a lesson with concentration calls for zero distractions. For the students, in order to devote utmost attention when learning, there arises the requirement of a proper study material that serves as a guide when approaching the problems.

The RD Sharma solutions on Doubtnut serve as a guide that covers all the important points from the chapter and ensures that the students are following the right method when solving the problems. Our solutions that are of the video format serve as the best option for students as the videos are not just self-explanatory but also keep the students engaged throughout the learning process thus ensuring they study with an undistracted concentration.

Topics and sub-topics of RD Sharma class 7 Maths Chapter 8 Linear Equation in One Variable Linear Equation in One Variable, as already mentioned, is an important chapter to understand in order to explore further through the algebra and equations.

Before jumping on to the content of the chapter given in the textbook, it is good for the students to be aware of the topics covered too. The knowledge of the topics and sub-topics in a unit gives an idea about how to go about approaching the unit.

It gives way to plan a timetable by allotting specific time to cover all topics, one by one. Looking at the topics and sub-topics of RD Sharma class 7 maths chapter 8 linear equation in one variable prescribed by the NCERT, based on which our solutions are rolled out.

Introduction The recollection of the previous unit of algebraic expressions is done here. Also, a brief about equating the LHS and RHS in order to solve an equation is covered. Solving equations which have linear expressions on one side and numbers on the other side Solving such equations means to find the value of the unknown variable by the means of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division of a particular number on both sides of the equation so that the equation is reduced further.

Such problems also include transporting of variables from one side to another in the process of simplifying the linear equation. Solving equations having the variable on both Sides This again involves reducing the equation on both the sides and verifying LHS = RHS.

The equations would have the same variable expressed on both sides of the equation. The problems involving grouping the like variables to one side with their coefficients and performing the relevant operations in order to solve the equations can be seen here.

The utility of linear equations The utility of the linear equations can be seen in many real-life applications. Problems that can be related to such applications are covered. Some of the examples include geometrical applications, time and work-related applications, age-related applications, etc.

The above gives the gist of the concepts from the linear equation in one variable based on which the exercise problems in RD Sharma’s books are framed. And hence, our solutions to these problems also revolve around these concepts that are communicated through the videos in a student-friendly manner.

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Students, after learning the maths concepts through our solutions are sure to gain enough confidence to face the questions that appear in the examination without any fret or fear, too!.