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Free Solutions to chapter CIRCLES of NCERT MATHEMATICS(ENGLISH) of Class 10 book with complete answers and questions

Topics and subtopics included in NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths Chapter 10 Circles Introduction You have learned about circles and other various terms such as segment, chord, sector, etc. Now let us consider a circle and a line PQ.

Tangent to a Circle In order to get the right knowledge on the existence of the tangent to a circle at a point, let’s have a look at the activity below: Take a paper and draw a circle along with secant PQ of the circle.

Next, try to draw various lines parallel to the secant where it should be on the both sides of it. You will find that after some steps, the length of the chord cut by the lines will gradually decrease, i.

e. , the two points of intersection of the line and the circle are coming closer and closer. In one case, you can find that it has become zero on one side of the secant while in another case, you can find that it has becomes zero on the other side of the secant.

See the positions P′Q′ and P′′Q′′ of the secant. These are tangents. Thus, a tangent is a secant when both of the end points of the corresponding chord coincide. When it comes to the term, point of contact’, it is the common point of the tangent and the circle.

Number of Tangents from a Point on a Circle Another activity is needed so as to get an idea of the number of tangents from a point on a circle. Draw a circle on a paper. Take a point P inside it. Is it possible to draw a tangent to the circle through this point? It can be seen that the point intersect the circle in two points.

So, it is not possible to draw any tangent to a circle through a point inside it. Next, take a point P on the circle and draw tangents through this point. You have already observed that there is only one tangent to the circle at such a point So, now you need to take a point P outside the circle and then make your best effort in trying to draw tangents to the circle from this point.

What do you observe? You will find that you can draw exactly two tangents to the circle through this point. We can summarise these facts as follows: Case 1: There is no visible tangent to a circle that is seen passing through a point lying inside the circle.

Case 2: There is presence of one and only one tangent to a circle that is seen passing through a point lying on the circle. Case 3: There are exactly two tangents to a circle through a point lying outside the circle.

The segment length from the external point P to the tangent and the point of contact with the circle is called the length of the tangent from the point P to the circle. Role of Doubtnut for Class 10 students Subject matter experts of Doubtnut have really made it possible to provide the right idea to the students as to how to come up with the right solutions for even complex problems.

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