NCERT Roadmap for 2020-21 Session Released by HRD Ministry

The Ministry of Human Resource and Development, MHRD, has released a new road map for the National Council of Education Research and Training, NCERT, for the upcoming session 2020-21.

An official statement on the announcement also stated that an interim report from subject experts on the NCF will be ready by December 2020. The MHRD has also defined the deadlines for the NCERT to meet the required targets.

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New Syllabus for Classes 1 to 12 based on the Learning Outcomes

The MHRD has released the road map for (NCERT) for the upcoming academic year 2020-21. The new curriculum structure proposed to the NCERT primarily focuses on learning outcomes.

The NCERT has been directed to complete the task of the new curriculum design as well as content by October 2020 for classes 1 to 5. The teachers training for classes 6 to 12 has to be done by June 2021.

The School Education and Literacy Department of HRD Ministry who issued the road map stated that “This will have to be effectively implemented to achieve the motive of ‘Atma-Nirbhar’ or Self-Reliant India. It further added that resources would have to be developed. ‘With this, we can improve the level of learning as well as the level of learning outcome of education in the coming time” – read the release.

The Union HRD Minister Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ also spoke on occasion and said that the format, as well as the system of education in the country, has to be changed. The education should be accessible to every child in any nook and corner of India.

He said that the NCERT will conclude the work as per the road-map released.

The Minister stated that he is confident that general public will be adaptive of the new normal and the education system in India will see a new dimension just as the COVID-19 crisis has been turned into an opportunity.

The HRD minister also took it to Twitter and said –

 “In view of the decision of setting up of Foundational Literacy and Numeracy Mission under AtmaNirbhar Bharat, and in view of the focus of Samagra Shiksha towards a Learning Outcome centric approach, I have advised NCERT to take up tasks on priority.

The new National Curriculum Framework (NCF) for School Education has also been initiated. NCERT will be expected to make changes in the textbooks in accordance with the New NCF.

Subject experts will initiate this process for school education, and give an interim report by December 2020.”

HRD Ministry’s Road-map to NCERT: Major Highlights

For the implementation of the learning outcomes for grades 1-10 prepared by NCERT:

  1. Study Material Based on the Learning Outcomes: Info-graphics/posters/presentations describing each of the Learning Outcomes, for every subject and for each class from classes 1 to 5 should be completed by October 2020. The same should be concluded in March 2021 for classes 6-12.
  2. Online Teacher Training Course: For the teachers of classes 1-5 to be finalized by December 2020, and for the teachers of classes 6-12 by June 2021, in a phased manner.
  3. Design Supplementary / Alternative Educational Material: There are students who do not have access to any kind of internet facility, for such students, NCERT should develop alternative educational material for students of Classes 1 to 5 by December 2020 in a phased manner. The same should be developed for Classes 6 to 12 by June 2021 in phases.
  4. 10 questions on 2-levels of proficiency: Each question should measure each learning outcome for each subject and every class in at-least 2-level of learning outcome. The shall be created at least by November 2020 for Classes 1-5, and the remaining classes by March 2021 to evaluate the learning outcomes of each subject.

The areas of concerns have been identified based on the National Academic Survey, NAS 2017. The curriculum will be designed to address hard spots as identified by the NCERT.

The study material to explain hard spots to be prepared for classes 1 to 5 by December 2020; for other classes by March 2021.

National Curriculum Framework – Textbooks to be Re-modified

As per the information shared by MHRD, the work has already started on the new national curriculum for the school education. NCERT will make the modifications in the text-books as per the NCF for School Education.

The changes proposed would not delete any main text material. Instead, there should be an addition to knowledge-enhancing material and creative thinking.

“While redesigning textbooks, it is to be ensured that nothing but the core content is placed in textbooks.  Also, the cognitive load of the textbooks is too high. Additional areas, such as creative thinking, life skills, Indian ethos, art, and integration, etc. need to be integrated,” as the official release by MHRD.

An interim report from subject matter experts on the NCF will be designed by December 2020.

“The NCERT will also start working on the layout and design of the new textbooks well in advance; however, the new textbooks shall be written based on the new NCF. The new NCF is expected to be ready by March 2021,” as per the statement released by the MHRD.

Under the Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan and PM e-Vidya initiatives, NCERT has been advised to develop the content for Swayam Prabha channels (one class, one channel) for classes 1-12. All channels are expected to begin by August 2020

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