CUET Paper Analysis: Check Phase 5 August 22 Exam Review

CUET 2022: The National Testing Agency (NTA) has successfully conducted Phase 5, Day 2 of the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) today. The CUET exam is being conducted in two slots; the morning shift from 9:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., while the afternoon shifts are being held from 3:00 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. The CUET phase 5 exam dates are August 21, 22, and 23. This time, a total of 2.01 candidates are expected to appear in CUET 2022 phase 5 exams.

On August 18, NTA released the CUET admit card 2022 for phase 5. Using their login information, candidates can get the CUET UG hall tickets for 2022. In total, 489 testing centres—259 in India and 9 outside the country—are hosting the CUET 2022 exam.

CUET Paper Analysis August 22: English

As per the students, the English section was completed before time. There were some server issues in the middle of the exam too.  

1. Reading comprehension: Three passages; Two long passages and one short passage. There were mostly indirect questions from RC. There were 4-5 questions from the reading and comprehension section.

2. There were 7-8 questions from the synonyms and antonyms

Synonyms: Reluctant, eloquent, Tirade

Antonyms: Transparent

3. One word substation: There were about 4 questions on one word substitution. Walking related; taking long jump; alive; bibliophile; seismography; autobiography; contemporary; critic; documentary; serenity

4. Idioms:  A blessing in disguise; cut the corner; blow off; face the music

5. Figure of speech: Simile; oxymoron; metaphor; personification

6. Match: To cry wolf; once in a blue moon; birds are kept in aviary

7. Analogy (3-4 questions): Group of trucks; Fleet: Faculty; Promise : Fulfill; Freedom : Defeat;  Confession : Crime; Crooked : Bent; Foundation : House; Law : Enforce; Wall : Brush; Copy : Pen; Wall : Paint

8 Fill in the blanks (choose the correct option): This page number ____________ 35. (is, on) preposition; My plane stopped _________ Mumbai ____________ way to Iran. (in / on).

9. Rearrangement of words: Easy; 4-5 questions.

CUET Paper Analysis August 22: General Test

As per the student’s reaction, reasoning part had more weightage. Given below is the analysis of the NTA CUET August 22 exam.

1. Calendars: Easy; 3-4 questions

2. Data interpretation: one question from pie chart

3. Mirror image question

4. How many times in a day hour hand and minute hand forms a straight line on the clock?

5. Time, Speed and Distance:  3 to 4 questions; questions based on trains; Upstream and downstream based questions of boats

6. Percentages: 3-4 questions; X% of X = 20% of what?  

7. Series: 3-4 questions

8. Questions related to Mahatma Gandhi; year of Quit India Movement; year of Dandi march

9. Coding and decoding: Easy level

10. Dictionary based questions: Easy level

11. Simple interest: Easy level question; Sum was invested @15% p.a. in how much time will it get doubled?

12. Time and work: “A” can do a work in 10 days, and “B” can do a work in 15 days and “B” can do a work in 10 days in how many days “A” can do the remaining work

13. Simple Interest on 2000 at 6% for 8 years equal to Simple Interest on 16000 at 3 percent find year

14. 0.4 X 4 +0.004 X 4 =?

15. 81 X 81 + 51 X 51 – 2 X 81 X 51

16. Famous personalities (Physics, Chemistry …….)

17. Kargil day

18. Common wealth athlete: Who won gold medal?

19. Find area of circle “A” and circumstance of circle radius 14 cm

Some Important Concepts for Class 12:

CUET Exam Date Revised

In order to prevent a clash with the CBSE Class 12 exam and other exams, NTA has decided to reschedule the CUET UG exam for August 23. The revised dates for the delayed CUET UG 2022 exam will be announced shortly. The CUET syllabus will remain same.

CUET 2022 Phase 5 Exam: Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Is CUET 2022 phase 5 exam difficult?

Answer: As per the CUET paper analysis, the level of difficulty of the phase 5 exam is easy to moderate.

Question: What is the CUET 2022 exam date for phase 5?

Answer: The CUET exam date for phase 5 is August 21, 22, and 23.

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