Top 5 Best Maths Books for JEE Advanced 2020 Preparation

Published On : 19 November 2019

JEE Advanced is one of the gruelling engineering entrance examinations in the world.  JEE Advanced requires a lot of focus, attention and thorough preparation.  It is a gateway for admission to prestigious engineering institutions like NITs, IIITs and GFTIs.  Every year approximately 2 lakh students qualify for JEE Advanced, and that makes it highly competitive.  Therefore, to succeed in the exam, it is very crucial that a JEE aspirant must follow the right set of books.

There are various reference books available for JEE Advanced mathematics, but the right combination of books provides a perfect base in Mathematics for someone preparing for IIT-JEE

For choosing the correct book, a JEE aspirant must know the features of all such useful maths books so that you can pick the most appropriate one as per your learning pace and preparation levels.  

Without further ado, let us look at the top 5 maths books which you should be studying for IIT-JEE Maths. 

RD Sharma Mathematics

RD Sharma Maths should be the first priority for JEE Advanced preparation because it enables a candidate to possess a basic board-level knowledge of Maths.  It is really essential for students to study RD Sharma books comprehensively.  RD Sharma books for Class 11 and  Class 12 questions must be practiced by all the students who are aiming for the exam. 

Solve the questions of the RD Sharma mathematics book to gain a comprehensive understanding of mathematical concepts.  The books are best for their clarity in explaining the concepts and practical examples.  Practicing RD Sharma maths questions boosts a lot of confidence in JEE aspirants. 

Enough solved examples are provided for a better understanding of the particular topic.  However, candidates need to practice a lot of JEE Advanced level questions and past year question papers to supplement their preparation.

Cengage Mathematics

Cengage series is one of the good publishers for the IIT-JEE Maths. Cengage has published several books for JEE Main and JEE Advanced.   From theoretical explanations to solved exercises, each and everything is mentioned in simple language. 

Some Cengage books contain only questions and solutions for rigorous practice, and there are other Cengage books that explain theory quite easily, with solved examples and unsolved questions.

JEE aspirants who are either in the mode of self-study or do not have adequate coaching material can follow the unit wise Cengage books and can also prepare theory part from it.

The Cengage books are considered suitable for chapters like probability, permutation and combination, calculus, and complex numbers.  Cengage books are a comprehensive package for a candidate aspiring to succeed in IIT-JEE.

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TMH Mathematics

The TMH mathematics book contains questions oriented for JEE Advanced.  TMH may not provide a comprehensive theory for particular mathematical concepts; however, it offers a concise theory paired with solved and unsolved problems.  

The variety of questions that it provides is excellent since there are many questions with different real-life applications about a particular topic in the book.

You might find the questions to be a bit difficult to solve if you do not have basic clarity of concepts or have not done a primary practice from elsewhere.  Therefore, TMH Maths books are more useful for practice during revision or as a reference book for practicing questions before tests in a time-sensitive manner.

Arihant Mathematics

The Arihant Maths book series contains the unit-wise books and the books comprising questions only.  JEE aspirants can choose either of them as per their preparation level.  In general, the Arihant books provide a precise theoretical explanation along with derivations.  

Arihant books provide ample solved examples and alternate methods of solving various questions too.  The concepts are explained in a very lucid manner for a better understanding of students.  There are small tips and tricks given in between the theoretical part.

The Arihant book namely Coordinate Geometry for JEE Main and Advanced 2020 by Dr. S.K. Goyal is one of the finest books for coordinate geometry.  Apart from this, Arihant’s differential calculus and trigonometry unit books are good as well.  In Arihant books, the students can expect the questions of a somewhat better level along with detailed theory. 

A Das Gupta, Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics

As the name “Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics,” suggests the book contains problems starting from a certain difficulty level and not from beginner’s conceptual level.  You will find minimal theory in this book.  The theoretical parts are mentioned in the form of a quick summary or listed in point format.

The particular book has problems with a pretty good level, and they are not intended for beginners.  It contains several solved examples to explain the application of a formula.

Since the questions mentioned in the book have slightly high difficulty level; therefore, it should be practiced only when the basic concepts are profoundly strong otherwise it can discourage a student and could end up losing confidence.  

There are various types of problems in this particular book.  Students can test their learning by attempting the tests at the end of chapters.  This book will be the right choice for the final revision of JEE Advanced level.

By Kishan Mohan

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