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Published On : 13 July 2021

Biology is an important subject of class 12 science stream that can work as a stepping stone to build a remarkable career in the field of medicine, if you score well in your board exam.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, most education boards including CBSE and CISCE has changed the examination pattern of the board exams. Therefore, before diving into preparation tips for biology class XII, the foremost thing is to download the latest syllabus. It is vital to know the latest changes introduced in the exam pattern. Most Boards has increased the weightage of the multiple choice questions to almost 50 per cent and reduced the long answer type questions.

To ace the Biology exam, Students must check the latest Class 12th biology syllabus and exam pattern to understand all the changes that have been recently introduced. Students can analyse the latest Biology sample papers to know the latest changes in the exam pattern. It will also give you an idea of what type of questions are most frequently asked in the exam. Now, let us check out some helpful tips for Biology Class XII to effectively prepare for your board exam. Have a look:

How to Prepare for Biology Class XII Board Exams – Best Tips to Score in Exam

Do a lot of written practice and use flash cards

While preparing for biology class XII board exams, it is suggested to note down all the important terminologies, diagrams and key points as per the weightage in the syllabus. Preparing flashcards (short notes) is also a good idea for the same. The flashcards are extremely handy during the last-minute revision. Make sure to do written practice of all the important topics in a detailed manner.

Solve the NCERT miscellaneous and unsolved problems

Solve all the solved as well as the unsolved problems from the NCERT Class 12th Biology textbook. Students are generally advised to first complete the NCERT textbook of biology and only move to other biology reference books.\

Important books for Class 12:

Best books to prepare for Biology

For students to build a strong foundation in Biology, the picking up the right set of textbooks and reference books are crucial. Considering the previous CBSE biology’s question paper, the NCERT textbooks are the best resource to commence with the exam preparation. After covering the NCERT Biology class 12 textbook, you can pick from any of the following reference books –

  1. NCERT Biology class 11 and 12 Textbook
  2. Pradeep’s A Text Book of Biology class 12 by P.S. Dhami
  3. S. Chand’s Biology for class XI and XII by B.P. Pandey
  4. CBSE Biology Chapter-wise Solved Papers class 11th and 12th by Arihant Expert
  5. Trueman’s Elementary Biology for Class 11 and 12 and NEET by K.N. Bhatia and M.P. Tyagi
  6. Together with Biology by S. Chand Biology by Campbell and Reece

For complete details, read – Best Biology Books for CBSE Preparation 2021-2022

 Important Topics of Class 12 Biology

While preparing for biology board exams it is best to move in decreasing order of marks weightage. Students can solve the high weightage questions first and then move towards low weightage ones. Refer to the table below Class 12 Biology unit wise marks distribution –

Name of Unit






Genetics and Evolution



Biology and Human Welfare



Biotechnology and its Applications



Ecology and Environment



Overall marks



Some Example Questions from class 12 Physics: -

Some Example Questions from class 12 Biology: -

Some Example Questions from class 12 Chemistry: -

Solve previous year question papers and sample papers

It is vital to solve previous year question papers and sample papers. Try to complete the sample paper and question papers within 3 hours. It is the best trick to prevent panic at the end of the paper.

By solving the previous year question papers you will get an idea of examination style questions. It will help you practice a variety of questions and you will find it easier to solve tough questions during the time of final exam. Also, while solving the past question papers evaluate your shortcomings carefully and pay more attention to them.

You can download the CBSE Class 12th Biology study material by installing the Doubtnut App.

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By Aarti Chauhan

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