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Published On : 9 July 2021

With the rapid growth of the Indian healthcare and pharmaceutical sector over the last decade, there are innumerous career options for biology students today. In general, the priority of most medical aspirants is to pursue either MBBS or BDS, however, there are plentiful other high paying and respectful PCB career options too which you can explore. This blog is intended to make you aware of the best courses in biology after 12th except MBBS such as Veterinary, Biotechnology, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Nutritionists etc. which medical aspirants can pursue. Another key fact here is that most of these courses may or may not require you to qualify for the NEET exam for admission. Delineated are the courses other than MBBS for medical students to choose after class 12 –

Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences

B. V. Sc. Is the study of veterinary medicines and is 5.5 years of course. In this course, the candidates learn the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases in animals. This is a great course in Biology after 12th except MBBS. The admission is based on the NEET course. Also, some of the top universities conduct their B. V. Sc. exams at the state level.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)

The BAMS course is basically under AYUSH courses and is an undergraduate level medical course of 5.5 years of duration. The BAMS graduates work as Ayurvedic doctors. Admission to the BAMS is offered through the NEET exam, while the admission process is organized by the AYUSH Admission Central Counselling Committee (AACCC).

Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS)

BHMS is another undergraduate medical course that comes under the AYUSH courses. The duration of the course is 5.5 years and after its completion, the candidates are recognized as a Homoeopathic Doctor in India. The AACCC offers admission based on the NEET marks.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)

The medical aspirants that pursue physiotherapy are known as physiotherapists. The duration of the course is 4.5 years including a six month of internship. Admission to BPT is granted based on an entrance exam. While some colleges accept the NEET scores for admission, most of the medical institutes conduct their own tests. NEET is not mandatory for admission to BPT courses.

Bachelor of Siddha Medicine and Surgery (BSMS)

BSMS is another AYUSH course and after the completion of this course, the candidates are offered employment as doctors. The admission is granted based on the NEET score and AACCC is the admission conducting body of BSMS.

Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (BUMS)

The BUMS is a UG bachelor’s under the AYUSH courses. The duration of the course is 5.5 years including 1 year of mandatory internship. The BUMS is based on the Unani methods of medical treatment. The admission is also conducted by AACCC.

Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yoga (BNYS)

The Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences course is a 4.5 year long course that encompasses an integrated study of natural medicine along with the modern methods of treatment. Medical aspirants seeking a PCB career option in Ayurveda or Homeopathic medicine can take admission in this course. While some higher education Institutes offer admission in this course based on a NEET score, there are many other institutes that offer direct admission based on merit in class 12 exams.

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy is a four-year UG program. It is a great PCB career option if you want to learn the methods of preparing drugs and how medicine and drugs work. The admission to the B. Pharm. is based on the common entrance examination. While the government and state colleges also conduct their own entrance tests.

Bachelors in Microbiology

B. Sc. Microbiology is another 03 year of duration undergraduate course in Biology after 12th except MBBS. It is the study of the microorganisms with particular emphasis on bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoan parasites.

B. Sc.  Agriculture

B. Sc. Agriculture is an undergraduate (UG) course that can be a great career option for PCB students after 12th. It is a program of 04 year duration. ICAR Entrance Exam (ICAR-AIEEA) is one of the important exams that students need to qualify to take admission in this course, while other higher education instituted also conducts their own entrance exam for the admissions.

B. Sc. Biochemistry

B. Sc. in Biochemistry is a 03 year UG program that can be a good PCB career options except medical courses like MBBS and BDS. Biochemistry is about studying biochemical processes in plants, humans and animals. It also includes the study of immunology, microbiology, human physiology, enzymology etc. The duration of the course is three years. The top entrance exam to get admission in this course is IIT JAM, BHU UET, MP PAT, Aligarh Muslim University Entrance Test (AMUEE) and ICAR AIEEA- UG. Some colleges offer direct admission to the course.

B. Sc. Bioinformatics

BSc Bioinformatics is a 03 year course that specializes in collecting and analyzing complex biological data like genetic codes. Jobs after this course are Software Developer, Research Scientist, Science Technician, Content Editor, Pharmacogenomics, Professor.  Admission to this course is offered based on a merit list followed by an interview. The admission criterion includes 10+2 Exam marks of a 50 per cent aggregate in the field of PCM or PCB and entrance exams such as JEE Main are also considered. The private exams are Delhi University exams and Amity JEE.

B. Sc. Biotechnology

B. Sc. in Biotechnology is a 03 year UG course. It allows a candidate to learn the implementation of technology in the field of biology to create useful products. Top entrance exams for BSc in Biotechnology is JMI Entrance Exam, DUET, KCET, KIITEE, etc., while some colleges also accept the NEET score.

B. Sc. Environmental science

Bachelor in Environmental Science is a UG course that intends to impart knowledge on sustainable development, environmental health, and many more. Most colleges offer direct admission to this course based on the marks obtained in class 12th or equivalent. Some of the top entrance exams for this course are CUCET, LPUNEST, NIMSEE, NMIMS NPAT, KCET.

B. Sc. Food Science

Bachelor’s in Food Sciences is a 03 year UG program that allows the candidates to learn about the nature and changes of food during its processing and handling. Most higher education institutes offer direct admission to this course. The eligibility condition for students is to be class 12th pass with a minimum aggregate of 50% from the PCB stream.

B. Sc. Genetics

B. Sc. in Genetics is a 03 year UG program that covers various subjects related to heredity, evolution, and variation in living beings. DSAT and JET are the popular entrance exam to study this course.

B. Sc. Nursing

B. Sc. in Nursing is a 04 year UG course that trains and produces nurses with the ability to critically think and provide necessary healthcare to patients. The admission to this course is based on merit, which will be calculated using the performance in the entrance exam like AIIMS New Delhi, PGIMER Chandigarh, CMC Vellore, BHU Varanasi etc. Some colleges also accept the NEET score for admissions.

B. Sc. Cardiac or Cardiovascular Technology

B.Sc. in Cardiac Technology is an undergraduate course and is an allied course in medicine. The duration of the course is 03 years full-time. The cardiac technologists assist physicians during invasive cardiovascular testing. Admission to this course doesn’t require a NEET score. Most medical institutes offer admissions based on student’s performance in their own entrance test, followed by a round of Personal Interviews.

B. Tech. in Biotechnology

B. Tech. in Biotechnology is a great course if you are looking for a career option except medical. It is a 04 year long UG level program, which aims to offer knowledge regarding the integration of biology and technology and the application of technology in real life. Admission is based on scores obtained in  JEE Main or JEE Advanced. However, there are various other exams like  MHT CET, WBJEE, OJEE, KCET, MI Entrance Exam (Jamia Millia Islamia), MET (Manipal Institute) etc.

B. Tech. in Food Technology

B. Tech. in Food Technology is a 04 year undergraduate course. In this course, students learn about the various techniques in food processing, preservation, and the applications of food engineering to increase the shelf life of the product. Most institutes grant admission based on the JEE main scores, while some institutes also grant admission based on their internal university-level exam.  

B. Tech. in Genetic Engineering

B.Tech in Genetic Engineering is another 04 year engineering program that is quite popular PCB career options except medical. Candidates with both PCM and PCB are eligible to take admission in this course and have to appear for relevant entrance exams like JEE Main, SUAT or UPSEE.

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Other interesting PCB career options except for medical exams like NEET are mentioned below – 

  1. B. Sc. Geography
  2. B. Sc. Hons. Biology
  3. B. Sc. Nutritional Biology
  4. B. Sc. Physiology
  5. B. Sc. Public Health
  6. B. Sc. Toxicology
  7. Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
  8. Bachelors in Biochemistry and Cell Biology
  9. Bachelors in Biomedical Science
  10. Bachelors in Molecular Bioengineering
  11. Bachelors in Molecular Biology
  12. Bachelors in Neuroscience
  13. Diploma in Pharmacy

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