JEE Main 2021: February 26, Shift 2, Paper Analysis, Difficulty Level & Students Reaction

Published On : 27 February 2021

The Fourth and Final day of nation-wide Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) Main 2021 for B. Tech. \ B. E. Paper – 1 has been concluded now. As per the candidates, the overall difficulty level of the exam was moderate. The Maths and Physics sections were of moderate difficulty level, whereas, the Chemistry section was difficult in nature. Here is the detailed Exam Analysis of JEE Main 2021 Shift 2 February 26th.

Key Highlights of the exam –

  1. Overall difficulty level: Moderate
  2. Physics section: Moderate
  3. Chemistry section: Difficult
  4. Mathematics section: Moderate
  5. Expected Good attempts: 14-16 questions from each section

Scroll down to know the complete exam analysis of JEE Main 2021 Paper Analysis February Session for Day 4, Slot 2.

JEE Main 2021 Paper Analysis February Session, Day 4, Slot 2

The Maths and Physics section was moderate in level of difficulty. The Chemistry section was reviewed to be difficult. The inorganic chemistry part was given higher weightage compared to organic and physical chemistry. The numerical based questions were calculative.

Given below are the topics with highest weightage from each section –

Topics with Highest

Weightage in Maths

Vectors, Matrices, Probability, 3D Geometry,

Complex Numbers In Algebra,

Coordinate Geometry, Calculus,

Dominant, Vector 3D,

Differential equation

Topics with Highest

Weightage in Chemistry

Organic Compounds containing,

Oxygen, p-Block Elements,

Classification of Elements and Periodic table,

Hydrocarbons, Hydrogen,

Chemical Thermodynamics, Chemical kinetics,

Coordination Compounds, Equilibrium

Atomic Structure, Principles Related to Practical Chemistry

Topics with Highest

Weightage in Physics

Current electricity, Equations of motion of SHM ,

Oscillations and Waves, Energy level for Hydrogen,

Atoms And Nuclei, Beats, Oscillations and Waves,

Application of Dimensional analysis (I)-

To find dimension of physical constant,

Physics and Measurement

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Tabulated below is the exam analysis of the JEE Main February 26th Afternoon session exam –

Level of


JEE Exam 2021







Easy to Moderate

Difficulty Level of

Numerical Questions

Moderate to Tough

Shift 1 vs Shift 2

Shift 2 paper was

comparatively easy

Number of questions


Mathematics – 30

Chemistry – 30

Physics – 30

Total Question – 90

Number of questions

(To be Answered)

Mathematics – 25

Aptitude – 25

Drawing – 25

Total Question – 75

Total Number of

Easy questions

Maths – 4

Chemistry 12

Physics – 17

Total Number of

Moderate Questions

Maths – 9

Chemistry 9

Physics – 8

Total Number of

Difficult Questions

Maths – 3

Chemistry – 9

Physics – 5

Type of Questions

60 (MCQs having 4 options

each with 1 correct option) +

30 (Questions for which

answer is a Numerical Value)

Given below is the expected number of good attempts from each section –



Numerical Questions





16 – 17



12 – 14



41 – 46


JEE Main B. Tech Paper 1 – Marking Scheme of the Exam

  1. For MCQs: plus four for each correct response; minus one for each incorrect response; Un-attempted questions will not be marked.
  2. For Non- MCQs: +4 for each correct response, no negative marking for incorrect answers or un-attempted questions.

JEE Main 2021 Shift 2 February 26th – Answer Key and Question Paper Solutions

The answer key will available on the Doubtnut App soon. Given below are memory based questions and answer –

Question: Velocity versus displacement graphs looks _____ Answer. Eclipse

Question: CH2CH2CH2CH3 – Hybridistaion of all carbon

Question: 4x2 + 9y2 = 36 and 2x2 + 2y2 = 31. Find the Slope of common tangent.

Question: The recoil speed of a hydrogen atom after it emits a photon in going from n=5 state to n=1 state is

Answer: 4.178m/sec

JEE Main 2021 Shift 2 February 26th - Student’s Reaction

Team visited the various JEE Main examination centres to know the student’s reaction on the paper. Here is the student’s reaction of JEE Main 2021 Shift 2 February 26th.

Anisha Chauhan, a JEE aspirant from Noida said that “My exam went well. The difficulty level of the paper was moderate. The physics and chemistry sections were a bit tough. The Maths section was time-taking and lengthy. There were no technical errors in the exam.”

As per Jeevan Sigh, “I was able to finish the exam on time. The Paper was a bit tough although, the Chemistry section was easy and doable. Most questions were NCERT based. The Maths section was difficult for me, while, the Physics was time-consuming. Overall, the exam was of moderate to tough difficulty level.”

JEE Main Analysis 2021 of Paper 2 – B. Arch. / B. Planning Exam

JEE Main 2021 Paper 2 for B. Arch and B. Planning exam was concluded on February 23rd. For complete exam analysis, refer to –

JEE Main Analysis 2021 of Paper 1 for B. Tech Admission

For Day 2 and Day 3 analysis of the JEE Main paper refer to the table below –

JEE Main 2021 – Response Sheet to be Available Soon

The National Testing Agency, NTA, will release JEE Main 2021 response sheet on its official website i.e. jeemain (dot) nta (dot) nic (dot) in. The response sheet is basically a copy of candidate’s responses during the exam.

Using the response sheet, candidates can calculate their expected JEE Main 2021 score as NTA will simultaneously release the JEE Main Answer Key too. Candidates can match their responses with the answer key can easy predict their marks in the exam. The response sheet can be really useful to self-evaluate your performance in the exam. 

Delineated are steps to Download the JEE Main 2021 Response Sheet –

Step 1: Go to jeemain (dot) nta (dot) nic (dot) in

Step 2: Ta on the link for JEE Main 2021 Response Sheet (to be available soon)

Step 3: Login using the JEE Main Application Number and Password

Step 4: Download the Response Sheet

Step 5: Save it for future reference

JEE Main 2021 – Official Answer Key

The NTA will first release the JEE Main provisional answer keys for each slot of the exam. The answer key for both Paper 1 and Paper 2 will be released in the online mode at jeemain (dot) nta (dot) nic (dot) in.  

After this, candidates can raise their objections on the provisional answer key. The NTA will then release the final answer key for JEE Main exam after considering the student’s objections if any.

JEE Main Result 2021

The JEE Main result 2021 online is likely to be released by March 7, 2021. The result will be released on the official website of the NTA JEE Main i.e. jeemain (dot) nta (dot) nic (dot) in.

JEE Main 2021 – Upcoming Sessions

The JEE Main 2021 exam dates of the remaining three sessions are tabulated below:

JEE Main 2021 Sessions

Exam Dates

JEE Main 2021 - Session 2

March 15-18

JEE Main 2021 - Session 3

April 27-30

JEE Main 2021 - Session 4

May 24-28

Stay tuned with Doubtnut for all the latest updates on JEE Main 2021!

By Aarti Chauhan

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