JEE Main 2021: February 25, Shift 2, Paper Analysis, Difficulty Level & Students Reaction

Published On : 26 February 2021

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has successfully concluded the Day 3 of JEE Main 2021 February 25th exam. As per the students appearing for the exam, they were able to complete the exam in give time slot. In terms of level of difficulty, the math was the toughest followed by chemistry and then physics.

Key Highlights of the exam –

  1. Overall difficulty level: Moderate
  2. Physics section: Easy
  3. Chemistry section: Moderate
  4. Mathematics section: Moderately Tough
  5. Expected Good attempts: 13-16 questions from each section

Here is detailed JEE Main 2021 Paper Analysis February Session along with student’s reaction. If you have taken the JEE Mains - February 25th, Slot 2 examination then, you must go through the given in-depth JEE Main 2021 exam analysis and student’s reaction.

The exam analysis is devised for student to know the expert review of the paper, section-wise level of difficulty and expected number of good attempts from the each section of the paper. It will help students to evaluate their examination performance.

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JEE Main 2021 Paper Analysis February Session, Day 3, Slot 2

In Maths section, higher weightage was given to topics like calculus and algebra, while in Chemistry section more questions were from inorganic part. The physics section has perfect mix of questions from all chapters of classes 11 and 12.

Given below are the topics with highest weightage from each section –

Topics with Highest

Weightage in Maths

Calculus, And Coordinate Geometry,

Probability, 3D and Vector,

Pv&C, Trigonometry, Quadratic,

Differential Equation,

Mathematical Reasoning,

Topics with Highest

Weightage in Chemistry

Inorganic chemistry,

s-block Elements,

Thermo, Equilibrium


Topics with Highest

Weightage in Physics

Electrostatics, Modern Physics,

DC Circuits, Motion, Rotation,

Thermodynamics, SHM,

Waves, Gravitation, Ray Optics

Tabulated below is the exam analysis of the JEE Main February 25th Afternoon session exam –

Level of


JEE Exam 2021



Moderately Tough





Difficulty Level of

Numerical Questions


Shift 1 vs Shift 2

Shift 1 paper was

more difficult

Number of questions


Mathematics – 30

Chemistry – 30

Physics – 30

Total Question – 90

Number of questions

(To be Answered)

Mathematics – 25

Aptitude – 25

Drawing – 25

Total Question – 75

Total Number of

Easy questions

Maths – 3

Chemistry 12

Physics – 17

Total Number of

Moderate Questions

Maths – 10

Chemistry 10

Physics – 8

Total Number of

Difficult Questions

Maths – 3

Chemistry – 8

Physics – 5

Type of Questions

60 (MCQs having 4 options

each with 1 correct option)

+ 30 (Questions for which

answer is a Numerical Value)

Given below is the expected number of good attempts from each section –



Numerical Questions





16 – 17



12 – 14



41 – 46


JEE Main B. Tech Paper 1 – Marking Scheme of the Exam

  1. For MCQs: plus four for each correct response; minus one for each incorrect response; Un-attempted questions will not be marked.
  2. For Non- MCQs: +4 for each correct response, no negative marking for incorrect answers or un-attempted questions.

JEE Main 2021 Shift 2 February 25th – Answer Key and Question Paper Solutions

The answer key will available on the Doubtnut App soon.

JEE Main 2021 Shift 2 February 25th - Student’s Reaction

Team visited the various JEE Main examination centres to know the student’s reaction on the paper. Here is the student’s reaction of JEE Main 2021 Shift 2 February 25th.

Leela Aggarwal, from Noida, said, “The exam was tough. Maths was hardest and Physics and Chemistry were moderate. The COVID-19 precautionary measures and social distancing were very good inside the examination centres.”

Shivani Rana, another candidate from Noida said, "Paper was moderate to tough. All the sections were equally distributed from class 11 and 12 syllabus. Since the Maths is my favorite subject so I attempted most of the questions from Maths section. I’m hoping for good result.”   

Another JEE Main aspirant Madan Chauhan said, the question paper was of average difficulty level. The questions from chemistry were simple and NCERT based. Maths was a bit lengthy tough and Physics was easy. The COVID-19 precautionary measures were good inside the examination hall. 

Shivam Saxena from Delhi said, “This was my first attempt in JEE Main. The question paper was moderate. Maths was easy; Physics paper was tough. Chemistry was moderate. I am looking forward answer key and hope that result is released soon.”

Yug Gupta from Mumbai, Maharashtra said, Chemistry and Physics were moderate. Maths questions were calculative and lengthy. In Maths section, there were questions from the integration, coordination geometry, etc. The overall arrangement regarding COVID-19 inside the exam centre was extremely good.

Heema Das, another JEE aspirant from Noida said, Paper was moderate to tough. Maths section was a bit difficult; however, Physics and chemistry sections were easy to moderate. In the Maths, there were questions from the determinants and integration. The social distancing protocols were followed in the centres.

JEE Main Analysis 2021 of Paper 2 – B. Arch. / B. Planning Exam

The Day 1, JEE Main 2021 Paper 2 for B. Arch and B. Planning exam was concluded on February 23rd. For complete exam analysis, refer to the table below –

JEE Main Analysis 2021 of Paper 1 for B. Tech Admission

For Day 2 of JEE Main paper analysis refer to the table below –

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The JEE Main February 26th Shift 1 and 2 Exam Analysis will be also be updated. Stay tuned with Doubtnut for all the latest updates on JEE Main 2021!

By Aarti Chauhan

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