JEE Main 2021: February 24, Shift 1, Paper Analysis, Difficulty Level & Students Reaction

Published On : 24 February 2021

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has successfully conducted the Day 2, Shift 1 exam of the Joint Entrance Exam, JEE Main 2021 for B. Tech admissions (Paper 1). As JEE Main 2021 Shift 1 February 24th exam is over, candidates are provided here the complete JEE Main 2021 Paper Analysis February Session for Paper 1.

The JEE Main Analysis 2021will help the candidates to have a general idea of the exam’s level of difficulty, what type of questions asked, student’s reaction, and much more. Go through the complete blog to read the detailed Exam Analysis of JEE Main 2021 Shift 1 February 24th

JEE Main 2021 Paper Analysis February Session

Based on the initial student’s reaction, the overall level of difficulty of the exam was moderate. In subject-wise analysis, the Maths section was tricky and a bit lengthy. The Chemistry section was moderate and had NCERT based questions.

The Physics section was of tough difficulty level and there were more questions from class 12th syllabus than class 11th syllabus.

Given below are the topics with highest weightage from each section –

Topics with Highest

Weightage in Maths

Coordinate Geometry ,

Calculus, Matrices And Determinant,

Vectors And 3D

Topics with Highest

Weightage in Chemistry

Periodic Table, Chemical Bonding,

Equilibrium, Solutions And

Organic Concepts.

Topics with Highest

Weightage in Physics

Semiconductors, Units &Amp; Measurement,

Modern Physics, Current Electricity

And Thermodynamics.

As per the student’s feedback, all the guidelines related to COVID-19 were followed at the examination centres.  

JEE Main 2021 Exam Schedule:

  1. Exam Date: February 24, 2021; Slot 1
  2. JEE Main Paper 1 timings: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  3. Reporting time: 8:00 AM
  4. Entry starts at the inside exam hall: 8:00  AM to 8:30 AM     
  5. Exit from exam centre: 12:00 PM

Overall Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

Student’s Feedback on JEE Main February 24, 2021; Slot 1 Exam

  1. Most of the questions were based on NCERT Textbooks & NCERT Exemplar.
  2. The chemistry section questions were conceptual.
  3. The Numerical problems in the Physics section were tough.
  4. The Maths questions were time-consuming.
  5. The overall difficulty level of the exam was moderate to difficult.

Tabulated below is the exam analysis of the JEE Main February 24th Morning session exam –

Level of


JEE Exam 2021



Tricky and lengthy




Moderate to Difficult  

Difficulty Level of

Numerical Questions


Number of questions


Mathematics – 30

Chemistry – 30

Physics – 30

Total Question – 90

Number of questions

(To be Answered)

Mathematics – 25

Aptitude – 25

Drawing – 25

Total Question – 75

Type of Questions

60 (MCQs having 4 options each with 1 correct option) +

30 (Questions for which answer is a Numerical Value)

JEE Main B. Tech Paper 1 – Marking Scheme of the Exam

  1. For MCQs: plus four for each correct response; minus one for each incorrect response; Un-attempted questions will not be marked.
  2. For Non- MCQs: +4 for each correct response, no negative marking for incorrect answers or un-attempted questions.

JEE Main 2021 Shift 1 February 24th – Answer Key and Question Paper Solutions

The answer key will available on the Doubtnut App soon. Given below is the memory based questions from the paper –

  1. Question: If a dice is rolled n times. If the probability of getting even number and odd number is equal then find n.
  2. Question Calculate the ionization energy of all third period elements.
  3. Question: Two capacitors are given. Find the series and parallel resistant and their ratio.
  4. Question: Find the work done by the cyclic process.

JEE Main 2021 Paper Analysis February Session: Student’s Reaction

Naina Mehta, a JEE Main aspirant who appeared for morning shift said that, “It was my first attempt in the JEE Main paper and exam was as expected. The level of difficulty of the exam was moderate. In maths, questions from vectors were lengthy, chemistry was also a bit time-consuming and physics section was relatively easier, as per Olu.”

Kishan Kumar Chauhan, from Chennai, another JEE examination aspirant stated paper 1 as moderate. The physics section had more questions stressed on gravitational motion and laws of motion, while maths and chemistry section was comparatively easier than other sections.

JEE Main Analysis 2021: Exam Analysis of Paper 2

JEE Main 2021 Paper 2 for B. Arch and B. Planning exam was concluded yesterday. For complete exam analysis, refer to –

JEE Main 2021- February 23, Shift 2

The shift 2 will start from 03:00 pm and will end at 6:00 pm. The detailed exam analysis for February 23, Shift 2 will also be updated.

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Stay tuned with Doubtnut for all the latest updates related Exam Analysis of JEE Main 2021!

By Aarti Chauhan

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