JEE Main 2021: February 23, Shift 2, Paper Analysis, Difficulty Level & Students Reaction

Published On : 24 February 2021

The NTA testing agency has successfully concluded the JEE Main 2021 Shift 2 February 23rd. Check the detailed exam analysis of JEE Main 23rd Feb 2021 Shift 2 exam along with memory-based questions, question paper solution and answer key.

JEE Main 2021: Exam Schedule February 23rd - Shift 2

Based on the initial student’s reaction, the overall level of difficulty of the exam was moderate. In subject-wise analysis, the Maths section was tough, the general aptitude and planning based questions were of moderate difficulty level.  

The planning-based questions were on general awareness like government programs/schemes, development issues etc. The questions were based on the critical thinking, comprehension, map reading skills, analytical skills, graphs, simple statistics etc.

The drawing section had questions portraying of scenes and exercises from memory of urban scape, scenes for open spaces, recreational spaces, waterway fronts, wildernesses, etc. Also, drawing of two dimensional and three-dimensional pieces using the provided shapes and structures.

  1. Overall Difficulty Level: Moderate
  2. Expected Good Attempts: 60-70

Tabulated below is the exam analysis of the JEE Main afternoon session exam –

Level of Difficulty

JEE Exam 2021 Analysis



General Aptitude


Planning Based Questions


Topics with Highest Weightage in Maths

  1. Probability
  2. Calculus
  3. Conics

Difficulty Level of Numerical Questions


Number of questions (Asked)

Mathematics – 30

Aptitude – 50

Planning based – 25

Total Question – 105

Number of questions (To be Answered)

Mathematics – 25

Aptitude – 50

Planning Based – 25

Total Question – 100

Type of Questions

Maths- 20 (MCQs) + 10

(Questions for which answer is a Numerical Value) +

Aptitude- 50 MCQ +

Planning based – 25 Multiple Choice  Questions 

Good Attempts

Maths – 10-15 (Numerical questions 5; do any)

Aptitude – 35-42

Planning bases questions – 15-17

JEE Main B. Planning Paper 2B – Marking Scheme of the Exam

  1. For MCQs: plus four for each correct response, minus one for each incorrect response and no marks for any un-attempted questions.
  2. For Non- MCQs: plus four for each correct response, no negative marking for incorrect answers or un-attempted questions

JEE Main 2021 Paper Analysis February Session – Section-wise level of difficulty

The section-wise difficulty level is as follows -









General Aptitude




B. Planning




JEE Main 2021 Shift 2 February 23rd – Answer Key

The answer key will available on the Doubtnut App soon. Given below is the memory based questions and solutions of the paper –




  • If B and C are the square matrix of order n,

and if A=B+C and BC = CB and C2 = 0.

Then for any positive integer P,

AP+1 = Bk [B+(P+1)C] Ans. P


  • The point on the curve y2 + 3x = 12y,

when the tangent is vertical, is (are)?


  • If the circle passes through the point (ab)

and cuts the circle x2+y2=K2 

orthogonally shown, the equation of the centre is.........

2ax + 2by – (a2 + b2 + k2) = 0


  • If f: (1, ∞) (2, ) is given by

f(n) = n + 1/n then f ^ -1 (n) equals?

General Aptitude

  • Who was the designer of the world trade center?

- Ans. Minoru Yamasaki, Emery Roth

  • A person writes letters to 6 friends and

addresses a corresponding envelope.

The number of ways in which 5 letters

can be placed in the wrong envelope is?

Planning Based Questions


JEE Main 2021 Paper Analysis February Session – Student’s Reaction

Here is the student’s feedback on the JEE Main, February 23, shift-2 exam:

Kirti Dhiman, who belonged to Delhi said, “The overall paper was easy and the difficulty level was moderate. Maths had lengthy questions, aptitude was moderate and planning based section was simple. She further told that COVID-19 precautionary measures were very strict The sitting arrangement and movement was staggered.”

Akhith Lambha, from Himachal Pradesh, said, “My paper went well. Maths was a bit tough. The aptitude section was easy and planning based questions were normal. Overall the paper was Moderate.”

Another JEE aspirant Kapil Arora from Uttar Pradesh said, “The question paper was moderate. Maths was lengthy and aptitude was easy comparatively. The precautionary measures regarding COVID-19 were good inside the exam centre.”

Aditya Gautam, from Noida, said, “Paper was overall moderate. It wasn’t tough at all. Maths was lengthy and aptitude was moderate. The planning based questions were also easy.

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JEE Main 2021- February 24, Shift 1 and 2 Analysis

The detailed JEE Main exam analysis for both shift 1 and shift 2 will be updated tomorrow.

Stay tuned with Doubtnut for all the latest updates related Exam Analysis of JEE Main 2021!

By Aarti Chauhan

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