ISC Class 12 Biology Term 1 Exam 2021: Answer Key Released, Download now

Published On : 4 December 2021

The Council of Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) has successfully conducted the ISC (Class 12th) biology term 1 exam on December 3, 2021. The examination was held for 90 minutes in the afternoon shift from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm. As per the student's review, the difficulty level of the questions asked in the paper was moderate. The Paper included questions from only three key chapters namely Genetics and Evolution, Biology and Human Welfare – Microbes in Human Welfare and Reproduction. Students who attempted the paper said that all questions were from the prescribed syllabus only. It also included image-based questions which had five sub-questions each. “This time the council has tweaked the paper and they have to simply tick mark the correct answer out of all the available options,” a report reads.

ISC Biology Semester 1 Answer Keys

1 - A (The Inducer)

2 - B (Hershey and Chase)

3 - D (UAA, UAG, UGA)

4 - B (50%)

5 - A (Test Cross)

6 - D (Birds)

7 - C (Four Months)

8 - A (Frog)

9 - C (100)

10 - A (57)

11 - B (Pectocellulose)

12 - A (Zona pellucida)

13 - D (In spermiogenesis, spermatozoa are formed; while in spermiation, spermatozoa are released from the Sertoli cells)

14 - B (Amniocentesis)

15 - D (Cervical cap)

16 - D (Streptokinase)

17 - B (Dragonfly)

18 - C (2pq)

19 - A (small isolated population)

20 - D (Eyelids)

21 - B (Heterogeneous nuclear Ribonucleic acid)

22 - A (Intrauterine contraceptive device)

23 - C (Ernst Haeckel)

24 - D (Henking)

25 - C (Senescence)

26 - B (Special proteins)

27 - A (Ovary to the uterus)

28 - B (16)

29 - C (Progesterone)

30 - C (Klinefelter’s syndrome)

31 - B (3 billion) –

32 - C (Gene flow)

33 - B (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) –

34 - C (Mycorrhiza) –

35 - D (Perisperm represents the persistent endosperm)

36 - C (Use and disuse of organs)

37 - C (A – (ii), B – (iii), C – (i), D – (iv))

38 - D (A – (iii), B – (i), C – (ii))

39 - D (Apes)

40 - A (Ladybird beetles)

41 - C (Assertion is true but the reason is false)

42 - C (Assertion is true but the reason is false)

43 - A (Both assertion and reason are true, and the reason is the correct explanation of the assertion)

44 - C (Assertion is true but the reason is false)

45 - C (Assertion is true but the reason is false.)

46 –

1 - A (Leading strand)

2 - C (DNA ligase)

3 - D (Semi-discontinuous)

4 - C (Okazaki fragments)

5 - C (cause the polymerisation of the complementary daughter strand)

47 –

 1 - A (Spermatogonia)

2 - C (FSH and LH)

3 - B (P-primary spermatocytes, R- spermatids)

4 - A (Mitochondria)

5 - B (At the onset of puberty)

48 –

1 - B (Municipal wastewater)

2 - A (mechanical removal of grit)

3 - C (Masses of bacteria associated with fungal filaments)

4 - B (Decreases)

5 - D (Methane)

49 –

 1 - A (Assisted reproductive technology)

2 - C (Fertilization of the ovum with sperms in a petri dish)

3 - A (ZIFT)

4 - A (Irregular or no ovulation)

5 - D (It does not need hospitalisation)

50 –

1 - A (A symbol of a square and a circle joined by a horizontal line)

2 - B (Recessive trait)

3 - D (An X-linked recessive trait)

4 - A (Autosomal dominant)

5 - B (Autosomal recessive trait)

ISC Class 12 Biology Answer Key 2021-22 – Steps to download

Candidates can download the answer in a few simple steps. Given below are the general steps to download the ISC answer key for biology subject from the official website –

Step 1: Visit the official website CISCE i.e. cisce(dot)org

Step 2: On the website Home, click on the ‘News Section’ option to see the ‘ISC Class 12 answer key’

Step 3: Now, you will be directed to a new page for Class 12 ISC answer keys

Step 4: Click on the link for ISC Class 12 Biology Semester 1 answer key 2021-22

Step 5: Download the ISC answer key in PDF format.

Some Important Concepts from class 12: -

How to use the ISC Class 12 Biology Answer key?

Candidates can use the answer key in multiple ways, more than just matching the answers. Delineated are the tips to use the ISC Biology answer key in the best possible way –

1. Answer key can be utilized to understand the exam pattern of the paper. It will also allow candidates to understand the weightage that a particular section carries.

2. Understanding of marking scheme is a key parameter to ace the examination. From the ISC biology answer, students can go through the marking scheme of the paper to develop a better understanding of the paper.

3. Students can use the answer key to understand the difficulty level of the various sections as per the answer key.

4.  Students can use the answer key to simply understand what level of subject matter’s understanding the Board expects from the candidates. 

5. Last but not least, students need an answer key to match their attempts with the correct answers to guesstimate their probable score.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on ISC Class 12 Biology Exam

Question: Has ISC Class 12 answer key been released?

Answer: Yes, the CISCE has released the ISC Class 12 answer key.

Question: How can I check the ISC Class 12 answer key?

Answer: Candidates can pen down the ISC Class 12 answer key from this page. Alternatively, candidates can visit the official website of CISCE i.e., cisce.org to check the answer key.

Question: When is the ISC Biology Semester 1 exam 2021-22?

Answer: The ISC Biology Term 1 exam was conducted on December 3, 2021.

Question: What is the weightage for ISC Biology Semester 1 exam?

Answer: The CISCE Class 12 Biology Semester 1 exam covers 35 marks which are 50 per cent of the overall weightage which is 70 marks.

Question: What is the weightage for CISCE Class 12 Biology Practical examination?

Answer: The CISCE class 12 practical exam is taken by an external invigilator and students are allotted marks out of 30.

Question: What are passing marks for CISCE Class 12 Biology exam?

Answer: The CISCE have kept the passing criteria of thirty-three per cent for all subjects.

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