Google to Train Over 1 Million CBSE Teachers on e-learning Tools

Published On : 14 July 2020

Google’s Chief Executive Officer, CEO, Sundar Pichai

At the “Google for India” event, the technology giant, Google, on Monday announced to train more than 1 million, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) teachers by the end of 2020.

Also, Google’s Chief Executive Officer, CEO, Sundar Pichai announced a major investment plan of INR 75,000 crore in India to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies in India.

Training of 1 Million CBSE Teachers

Google announced a partnership with CBSE to train close to 1 million CBSE teachers in 22,000 different schools all across India by the end of 2020.

The partnership aims to deliver amalgamated learning that combines the classroom-teaching approach with the e-learning.

Google would be using free tools like G-suite for education, Google classroom, and YouTube.

The announcement came during the annual ‘Google for India” event.

Addressing the event, Union Human Resource Development, HRD Minister, Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank said:

“Google’s efforts to bring technology and thereby, knowledge and learning to students in every part of the country is commendable. The internet has emerged as a lifeline during the pandemic, which needs to be strengthened and we welcome Google’s initiatives like free access to learning resources, as well as their collaboration with CBSE to train 1 million teachers on tech-enabled education."

“There's no question we are facing a difficult moment today, in India and around the world. The dual challenges to our health and our economies have forced us to rethink how we work and how we live. But times of challenge can lead to incredible moments of innovation,” Pichai stated.

The company is committed to ensuring that India not only benefits from the next wave of innovation but leads it, he said.

Today, I'm excited to announce the Google for India Digitization Fund. Through this effort, we will invest Rs 75,000 crore, or approximately USD 10 billion, into India over the next 5-7 years. We'll do this through a mix of equity investments, partnerships, and operational, infrastructure and ecosystem investments,” Pichai said.

During the Event, Pokhriyal said –              

“I welcome Google’s commitment to invest in India over the next 5 years, and we look forward to Google’s partnership in transforming India into a global knowledge superpower, with a focus on science and research.”

Addressing 'Google for India' event, Pichai said India digital journey is far from complete.

“There's still more work to do to make the internet affordable and useful for a billion Indians...from improving voice input and computing for all of India's languages, to inspiring and supporting a whole new generation of entrepreneurs," he said.

Pichai shared digitization of small businesses as one of the most exciting success stories, and noted 26 million SMBs (small to medium-sized businesses) are now easily available on the search engine and Google maps, thus connecting more than 150 million users every month.

“Moreover, small merchants across the country are now equipped to accept digital payments," said Pichai.

The global COVID-19 outbreak has “supercharged” the acceptance of digital tools.

A noteworthy case, he said, is online payments, that have enabled families from every nook and corner of India to access services during the nationwide shutdown.

“For them, grocery delivery services have been invaluable," Pichai said, adding on a lighter note that, he is sure, though, that his grandmother misses haggling over the price of her vegetables in person. Lauding Digital India's success, Pichai said the country has made huge progress in getting a billion Indians online.

Affordable smartphones combined with cheap data and robust telecom infrastructure have ushered new opportunities, Pichai said.

Building products and services exclusively for India has helped Google build superior products for users around the globe, said Google’s top executive.

Google to Launch Edutainment Series with Prasar Bharati

Google will also be launching a brand new edutainment series on Doordarshan.

The series will primarily focus on how small businesses can adopt digital tools and adjust to the ongoing situation, through real-life examples of Indian businesses.

investing india's digital future

Google for India Digitalization Fund - INR 75,000 Crore

Over the next five to seven years, the tech giant has also announced the INR 75,000 crore investments in India through ‘Google for India Digitization Fund’.

India born, Sundar Pichai alleged that the investment plan is a reflection of Google's confidence in the future of India and its flourishing digital economy.

Pichai said a new tech generation is happening in India, and people in India no longer have to wait for technology to visit them.

Uplifting the Underserved at the Same Time

To support the low-income groups, Google has also announced a new grant of USD 1 million to Kaivalya Education Foundation, KEF, as part of the Global Distance Learning Fund.

Social Media Exchange from Modi – Pichai Virtual Meeting

Sundar Pichai also held a virtual meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday morning announced at annual ‘Google for India’ event via a video conference.

Later on, the Prime Minister tweeted –

“This morning, had an extremely fruitful interaction with @sundarpichai.

We spoke on a wide range of subjects, particularly leveraging the power of technology to transform the lives of India's farmers, youngsters, and entrepreneurs”.  

Pichai responded –

“Thank you for your time, PM @narendramodi - very optimistic about your vision for Digital India and excited to continue our work towards it”.

Investment in Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Investment by Google will focus on four areas crucial to make India digitalized, alongside facilitating an affordable access to information in every Indian language, be it Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil or any other,
Pichai said.

Other key areas will be fostering new products and services tailored specifically for India's unique needs and encouraging businesses as they continue to grow on their digital transformation, utilizing technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), in areas such as education, health, and agriculture.

Meanwhile, Social Media Giant, Facebook, also recently announced its partnership with the CBSE to launch a certified curriculum on ‘online well-being’ and ‘digital safety’, along with the Augmented Reality (AR) for students and teachers in India.

It aims to teach at least a total of 40,000 students.

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By Aarti Chauhan

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