Delhi Government Survey - Impact of COVID on School Children

Published On : 22 January 2022

The COVID pandemic has impacted students’ academic performance severely. The cumulative effect of the pandemic may potentially have a long-term impact on an entire generation of school children. Therefore, to study the impact of the COVID on school children, Delhi Government will hold a survey on the psychological and emotional behaviour of school children.

Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia said on Friday that the past 2 years have been extremely tough and stressful for school children. Due to lockdown imposed school closure students have been restricted to their homes, which is steered a situation of fear and stress among them. “It is important to understand their mental state, to bring them back to the normal situation. Given this, we have decided to conduct the study on a large-scale to understand the changes in the mental and emotional state of school children in the past two years and what steps can be taken for their well-being,” Mr Sisoida, said.

He further mentioned that along with school children, the survey will also focus on evaluating the “changes in parenting style, psychological and emotional state of parents, as children have spent most of their time during lockdown with them, in the past two years”.

Also, school teachers have witnessed different changes in their everyday routine and teaching methods, the Minister mentioned. “This survey will analyse this aspect too. Since happiness is a holistic process, it is important to understand the mental state of every person in students’ lives,” he added. Mr Sisodia stated that the ‘Happiness Curriculum’ has played a pivotal role in preserving the mental as well as the emotional well-being of school students in AAP government schools.

“With the help of this study and help from experts, we will modify the 'Happiness Curriculum' by introducing new chapters, stories and activities, so that students can learn to be stress-free in challenging situations like a pandemic,” he stated.

Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia Reviews Online Teaching Process in Delhi

Earlier on January 20, 2022, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia reviewed the online teaching process in Delhi government schools due to their continuous school closures due to the pandemic. During his review meeting, the Delhi Deputy Chief Minister was apprised by the Directorate of Education of students’ attendance in offline and online mode classes in addition to their access to course study materials in both modes.

Manish Sisodia was informed that through offline and online modes, worksheets are reaching 99.2% of students from KG to Class 2, 99.1% of candidates from Classes 3 to 5, 94.21% of students of Class 6, 97.2% of class 7, 98% of class 8, 98.7% of class 9 and 98.4% of class 10. He was also stated that 98.2% of Class 11 candidates and 98.6% of Class 12 are participating in online classes being organized by the schools, the DoE informed.

“Due to the repetitive closures of schools during the COVID pandemic, there has been a loss of education for the students. The health of students is very important for us but it is also important that the children's education does not stop,” Sisodia told DoE officials during the review meeting.

He further added, “The COVID pandemic has posed new challenges in front of us but the Team Education is working diligently to ensure that every child has access to education in these times.”

Impact of COVID on School Children – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Is Delhi Government surveying the impact of COVID on school children?

Answer: Yes, Delhi Government will hold a survey on the psychological and emotional behaviour of school children to study the impact of the COVID on school children.

Question: What is the impact of COVID on school children?

Answer: School closure, exam postponement and lack of e-learning resources are some of the immediate impacts of COVID on school children. AAP government will be conducting a survey to study the COVID pandemic impact on school children.

Question: How many Omicron cases are in India?

Answer: There are a total of 10,050 Omicron cases in India as per the latest record.

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By Aarti Chauhan

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