Bihar Board 2021: BSEB Class 10, 12 Board Exam Datesheet Released

Published On : 9 October 2020

BSEB Board Exam 2020-21 date sheet Released: The Bihar School Examination Board, BSEB, has released the BSEB matric exam date sheet and Bihar Inter exam datesheet. As per the BSEB Board Exam 2020-21 date sheet, the exams are scheduled to be held in February 2021.

The exam datesheet was formally released by Bihar Board Chairman Anand Kishore on 07 October 2020 late evening to media persons.

Kishore while talking to the reporters stated that, “The exam will be conducted in two sittings. Candidates are advised to reach the examination centre at least 10 minutes before the exam. The first sitting of the exam will begin at 9.30 am while the second sitting exam will begin at 1.45 pm. Candidates will get 15 minutes time to read the question paper.”

The complete Bihar board 2021 time-table along with the shift and exam timing details are provided here. Students can note down the BSEB matric exam date sheet and Bihar inter exam datesheet.

Bihar Board Class 12 Date Sheet 2021

The BSEB has scheduled the class 12 board exams from February 2 to February 13. The exams will be held in two sessions.

The morning shift exams will be held from 9:30 am to 12:45 pm and the afternoon shift exams will be held from 1:45 pm to 5:00 pm.

The “cool-off” time of additional 15 minutes will be provided to the students to read the question paper and paper a plan to attempt the paper accordingly.

Tabulated below is the Bihar inter exam datesheet 2020:

Exam dates

Morning Session (9:30 am to 12:45 pm)

Afternoon Session (1:45 pm to 5:00 pm)


I. Sc. 117- Physics

I.A. 322- Political Science


Vocational 401- Hindi


Vocational 401- R.B. Hindi
(Only in old pattern)


I. Sc. 121- Mathematics

I.A. 327- Mathematics

I.A. 323- Geography

Vocational 403- English


I. Sc. 118- Chemistry

I.A. 305- English


I. Sc. 105- English

I.Com 205- English

I.A. 321- History


Vocational Elective Subject

Trade Paper – 1 (From Sub.

Code 404 to 430)


I. Sc. 119- Biology

I.A. 306- Hindi


I. Sc. 106- Hindi

I.Com 206- Hindi

I.A. 326- Economics


Vocational Elective Subject

Trade Paper – 2 (From Sub.

Code 431 to 457)


I. Sc. 120- Agriculture


I.Com 217- Business

I.A. 324- Psychology

I.Com 218- Entrepreneurship


I. Sc. - 107- Urdu, 108-
Maithili, 109- Sanskrit,
110- Prakrit, 111- Magahi,
112- Bhojpuri, 113- Arabic,

114- Persian, 115- Pali,
116- Bangla

I.Com - 207- Urdu, 208-
Maithili, 209- Sanskrit,
210- Prakrit, 211- Magahi,
212- Bhojpuri, 213-

Arabic, 214- Persian, 215-

Pali, 216- Bangla

I.A. - 307- Urdu, 308-

Maithili, 309- Sanskrit,

310- Prakrit, 311- Magahi,

312- Bhojpuri, 313-

Arabic, 314- Persian, 315-
Pali, 316- Bangla

I.A. 320- Philosophy

I.Com 219- Economics


I.Sc 101- N.R.B. (Only in
old pattern)

I.Com 201- N.R.B. (Only in

old pattern)

I.A. 301- N.R.B. (Only in
old pattern)

Vocational - 485-
Physics, 486- Chemistry,
487- Biology, 488-
Mathematics, 489-
Agriculture, 490-
Business Study, 491-
Accountancy, 492-
Entrepreneurship, 493-
History, 494- Political
Science, 495- Sociology,
496-Economics, 497-
Psychology, 498- Home
Science, 499- Geography,

500- Music, 501-

Philosophy, 502-Yoga &

Phy. Education, 503-

Urdu, 504- Maithili, 505-

Sanskrit, 506- Prakrit,

507- Magahi, 508-

Bhojpuri, 509- Arabic,

510- Persian, 511- Pali,

I.A. 318- Music


Vocational 402- Foundation


I.Sc 102- M.B. Alt.Eng.,
103- M.B. Urdu, 104- M.B.
Maithili (Only in old


I.Com 202- M.B. Alt.Eng.,

203- M.B. Urdu, 204- M.B.
Maithili (Only in old



I.A. 302- M.B. Alt.Eng.,

303- M.B. Urdu, 304- M.B.

Maithili (Only in old

I.A. 325- Sociology


Vocational Elective Subject

Trade Paper – 3 (From Sub.

Code 458 to 484) (Only in old


I.Sc 122- Computer
Science, 123- Multi Media
& Web. Tech.


I.Com 221- Computer

Science, 222- Multi Media

& Web. Tech

I.A. 317- Yoga & Phy. Edu.,

328- Computer Science

329- Multi Media & Web.

I.A. 319- Home Science

I.Com 220- Accountancy

BSEB class 12 Practical Exams

As per the official notification released by the Bihar education board, the practical exams will be held from January 9 to 18, 2021.

BSEB class 12 Internal Assessment

There will be internal assessment for science and social science subjects. The internal assessment marks in these subjects will be given on the basis of the project work and literacy activities.

  • Note

Candidates should note that, the BSEB has made a few changes for class 12 student’s exam, which will be applicable from upcoming session.

As per the new BSEB class 12 exam pattern, if any candidates fails in a compulsory subject in Class 12, then his/her additional subject marks will be considered, instead of the marks in the compulsory subject.

This is to ensure a candidate can get aggregate pass marks.

Bihar Board Class 10 Date Sheet 2021

As per the official notification released by the Bihar education board, the Class 10 exams will be held from February 07 to 24, 2021

Here is BSEB matric exam date sheet:

February 17 – Science

February 18 – Mathematics

February 19 – Social Science

February 20 – English

February 22 – Mother tongue

February 23 – Second language

February 24 – Elective subject

BSEB Sent Up Exam

Meanwhile, the BSEB Chairman Anand Kishore has directed the +2 schools and colleges to conduct the ‘sent up exam’, or pre-board, for students appearing in Class 12 board exams from October 14 to November 05 abiding to the COVID-19 guidelines related to health safety.

Previously, BSEB sent up exams were scheduled to be held from October 14 to 21. Furthermore, the schools have been asked to deliver the sent up result of the students in the prescribed format, signed and stamped at their respective education office by November 12.

Earlier this year, when several boards including CBSE, CISCE, and various state boards had postponed their board exam results, the BSEB was the 1st board to declare the result amid the pandemic.

In BSEB class 12 result 2020, the overall pass percentage was 80.44% while for BSEB class 10 result 2020, the overall pass percentage remained 80.59 per cent.

Below are the official Notices Released by the Bihar Education Board:

Bihar education board

Bihar Education board

By Aarti Chauhan

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